Austin May Protest

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by AUSTINANONYMOUSnetwork, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. Re: Austin May Protest

  2. Sammy Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    Just letting you know I'm just about 100% sure I can come and I should be bringing at least one other with me. :D
  3. Re: Austin May Protest

    hell ya Sammy that's great i cant wait
    who else is coming?
  4. Re: Austin May Protest

    Just to let you guys know I definitely won't be there! I'm actually really disappointed. Sumbreranon might still go though. . :( I have to work all week. so I can't switch a shift because i work every day
  5. Re: Austin May Protest

    Who will be there
  6. anon2771 Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    I will be there! If we got enough people we can really focus our SP powers, combing them maybe? Or just PARTY HARD, do mass flash photography, chant in unison. Just throwing out some ideas of what to do that mix in with the sign holding and flier handing out because many know some still though flat out don't know. LEts do this ppl, anonbots roll out!
  7. anon2771 Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    I was thinking this is what should be the new strategy. Not everyone can spend the whole day but many, many of us want to and would and I would hardly say no can at least spare an hour or less or just a little more just to show our numbers hopefully breaking the belief in lies feed to members, like those living in the Hemet Goldbase, which convince them out fear never to leave or think of leaving the 'church'.
  8. Sammy Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    What time do yall usually start? Looks like it's just me coming from Dallas.
  9. Re: Austin May Protest

    11am we start
  10. ravenanon Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    Good Luck Guys!
  11. Re: Austin May Protest

    I'm sorry I can't make it. =(
    Sammy I do want to go with you sometime. Its just I gotsta work.
  12. Fumei Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    Anyways, tomorrow is going to be my first raid. Yay for me! I plan on getting there early (11 am and such), handing out fliers and dvds (I got 50 dvds burned and ready to go). And going to test out my poster board raid sign and hopefully get some better ideas on getting it functioning.

    My original idea was to get a big white board and cut it down in 4 equal sizes big enough to fit in a backpack, then add some things on the back to hook them together and have fun with a board I can hold and change as I please. But the white boards that size are $100! ACK!

    Anyways don't forget the masks!
  13. Sammy Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    It's cool. I look forward to the epicness when you get a chance to come to Austin.
  14. Re: Austin May Protest

    Ill join you gais, should be there by 11 with water and some signs.
  15. Re: Austin May Protest


    I may or may not be there, but I know EXACTLY how to piss off Cathy Norman. WHO WANTS IN?

    AnonHouston, talk to _her_ - _she_ has my new cell number, drop by for a drink after it's all said and done.
  16. Re: Austin May Protest

    You're sweet. You're well aware of how I love to enturbulative dance. Its like interpretive dance, but with win all over it.

    newfags are soooo cute =) you have so much heart, little one.

    Dude I wish she had my number, shiiiiiiiiiiit. That be muh garl right thur.
  17. Re: Austin May Protest

    Man that was Epic
  18. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    Yay! Looking forward to reportz/vids/pics as always Austinanon!

  19. Re: Austin May Protest

    full report is in the works

    7 anons old and new
    and a lot of rain
    a lot people walk by and giving us support
  20. Fumei Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    Man that was Epic, it was raining the whole time. But it goes and shows that Anons don't stop for anything, while the Scilions where to scared to come out in the rain. At one point there was a loud rumble from thunder and all the Scilions inside jumped.

    Also I think there might of been a new person getting into Scientology there or an undercover Anon, he gave us a thumbs up sign from inside the building and then once he came out he went right to us asking what he should know. It looked like he was just picking up pamphlets there also.
  21. Gary Pariani Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

  22. Mallack Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    Damn, sorry I missed this, in the past month I've just been so swamped with School I've had no chance to get out there.
  23. anon7 Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    i seen a protest about 2 weeks ago and you guys where protesting in the thats so epic i can go to the next one when is it?
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