Austin May Protest

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by AUSTINANONYMOUSnetwork, Apr 19, 2009.

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  1. Austin May Protest

    May 16th We Protest the Cult
  2. expletive Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    where is the austin CO$ located?
  3. victory84 Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    I'm in for this if I can get a mask by then.
  4. victory84 Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    Yeah, I just moved back to the city, so I need a job first >.<
  5. Re: Austin May Protest

    welcome back
    i'll tell you what
    i am ordering you a mask right now i am ordering 4 more mask as well
    and i will hand them out to the first 4 protesters who show up......on the 16th
  6. Re: Austin May Protest

    I'll try to make it. But I probably will have to work. I can't ask off anymore because I did too weeks in a row and my hours suffered terribly. =/ I'll see what Dallanon can do.
  7. Icarus012 Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    I can get probably get a few people here from San Antonio. I'm not going to lie, I'm new to this. Do we just meet up there? But no matter what, count us in...
  8. Icarus012 Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    By the way, we already have our masks. We may have a couple extra too, if need be. We have a shop here that sells them for like 6 bucks. Just let me know...
  9. Re: Austin May Protest

    well hello my new friend
    that would be epic to have you join us
    we just meet in front and start doing are thing
  10. Icarus012 Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    Nice. Well, I'll be there for sure, probably my wife too. I'll get more if I can. I set up an email account and started dropping cards and fliers everywhere. It's depressing how little San Antonio is in this. Thanks for welcoming me too.
  11. Re: Austin May Protest

    hell ya thats epic
    we had two protesters from S.A before it was Epic
    i cant wait for the 16th
  12. Icarus012 Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    I forgot. What time? I may have missed it, but I didn't see that on here...
  13. Anonymous Member

  14. NoScope Member

  15. Re: Austin May Protest

    we meet at 11am
    some come at noon
  16. stapleclip Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    A future protest at the capitol building would be, well, capitol.
  17. Re: Austin May Protest

    [ame=]YouTube - Call to Arms[/ame]
  18. Icarus012 Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    Nice. By the way, te Today show is going to be filming here in san antonio next week. I think there is operation silent presence or something like that. Im gonna try to go where they are filming and stand behind them if i can.
  19. Re: Austin May Protest

  20. Icarus012 Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    Hey. Maybe a stupid question, but you have let the cops know we're coming, right?
  21. Re: Austin May Protest

    they will be called the day of
  22. Re: Austin May Protest

    My last raid I didn't call the police force and nothing happened. Idk the rules in Dallas, or Austin but it was fine for me. The Los Colinas police patrol even gave me a thumbs up when driving by.
  23. Re: Austin May Protest

    We Are Anonymous
  24. Sammy Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    I might be able to come down for this one. I can carry up to 3 other people if any DallasAnons want to join me but I need to be back in Dallas by 6pm.
  25. Re: Austin May Protest

    Samm, I might be interested depending on my work schedule. I can't ask off work, because I've already asked off too much for this month, but if I'm off by chance I'm totally game. I'll know by May 8th for sure if I'll be off or not.
  26. Fumei Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    I might request the day off from work, doesn't hurt me I need a day off to have fun. I will try and recruit some friends to see if there interested.
  27. Re: Austin May Protest

    It would great to have some back up here in Austin
    i will bring radio that plugs in to mp'3 so if then one has a good play list bring your i-pod i also have mine
    also i will bring water for every one
    this next two weeks im going to start posting fliers every where in tow to get more anons
  28. Fumei Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    I tried to make a Google Maps layout of the area somewhat.

    Also being a bit paranoid but, changing spots anyone? Does anyone know any truly public bathrooms we can walk into normally for a bit and come out ready to go? Or a business that won't mind us changing inside, one with a bathroom close to the entrance at least. Also a place where people won't freak out if masked people suddenly came out of the bathroom.

    Link To Map

    Edited: Scilons infiltrated my mind >.> <.<
  29. Re: Austin May Protest

    Oooh, sweetheart, we don't talk about parking on the boards. You can pm someone about parking ideas though. Like pm's are generally pretty safe, but everyone has access to the board so scilons know where to find where you parked.

    Last protest I changed
    -behind a dumpster
    -behind a tree and some bushes

    I wouldn't recommend a public area because what if you get followed. . or a scilon casually asks someone oh hey do you remember if a anonfag walked in there with a goofy mask? to someone who is an honest person

    most company's won't care anyways. I was surprised too that most people seem to just be curious than freaked out with people in masks. esp because the GF mask is well known so people either recognize its anonymous, or its V for Vendetta.
  30. Fumei Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    Thanks for the note, all the information is kind of spread out on this site and it is somewhat hard to locate everything.

    Anyways ignore the parking lot I found the most awesome spot to park, on the Scilon roof XP. And I don't know if that is sweatheart as in I am a girl or a swearheart as in your a girl...
  31. Re: Austin May Protest

    i like the map
    it good idea
    when im going to protest i park far away so i can see if im being followed also i bring a bag with my mask in so i can put it on and hide it if i need to
    also i wear jacket and shirt so if it gets to hot you can take it off
    or when you get back to the car i can take it off and it confuses them

    [ame=]YouTube - Austin 4/23/09 Cult Raid[/ame]

    this last video when i was followed i changed and followed the man that was following me he never knew until now

    also C.J if you see this video P.m me please
    i know you know this Co$ name
  32. Re: Austin May Protest

    I call everyone sweetheart, babe, etc. Pet names= win.
    I would definitely NOT advise parking on top of the Co$!! And don't tell us where you're parking!! For all you know, we're scilons.
  33. Fumei Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    That was a joke just so you know >.> I don't know how you can park on top of it unless you had a helicopter.
  34. Re: Austin May Protest

    Oh trust me. There are ways :p you could grapling hook your way down the side, mission impossible style. like the great tom cruise himself.
    last time, sombreranon claims he saw a man standing on top of the cos last time i think with burnoculars, idk bout that, but i dont remember seeing him apparently he says there was though
  35. Fumei Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    I do have a grappling hook and I am an actual true ninja. >.> <.< Though I think in public the cops would see my carrying a 10 lbs grappling hook and a 30 ft ropes as a weapon.
  36. Re: Austin May Protest

    "these arent the droids your looking for"

    works every time

    are you coming to dallas next sat with austin?
  37. Fumei Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    I normally work Saturdays which is a problem. I either have to know in advance so I can request off or I just have to not be working that day. Still need to make my money! I am trying to find a new job that is more normal, if I do get it then my Saturdays shall be forever free.
  38. Re: Austin May Protest

    I work almost every Saturday. I know what you mean. Tits, we work at the same place. You're that asshole that always parks in my spot.
  39. Fumei Member

    Re: Austin May Protest

    :confused:? Is your parking space out in the middle of a parking lot where no one parks?
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