August 17th - Manchester, UK - Post Game

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, Aug 26, 2013.

  1. strobe Member

    Awesome raid.


    Despite an abysmal weather forecast we had a strong turnout and some new recruits - and it seems the current incarnation of Manchester Anon is unusually capable of actually being on time. Trollcannon armed, we made the familiar march to the cult, receiving the familiar looks of bewilderment in return.

    Just as we were getting started, a man in a black car parked up on the opposite side of the street and got out a video camera. The good news was this man was Tony Leigh, or 'getbeckyout', the Mancunian father who's been protesting with us and trying to protect his daughter from Scientology for more than five years - his car as epic as ever.


    The trollcannon was muted at first so that we could talk Scientology with some of the public, and record this update from Tony outside the Org:

    (if you don't know about Tony's story already, this is from when he first met Anonymous in Manchester.)

    But after that we fired up the music and the raid got into full swing. There was plenty of flyering, dancing (including some of the South Korean variety), sign thrusting, honk whoring and generally Anon doing what we do best.


    Flag waving.

    and getting our message across...

    ... in style.

    Also Pikachu.


    That was until the heavens opened. And I mean properly opened. Manchester style. This was the worst rain on raid day since November 2009. So we had to do the only logical thing...

    ... clingfilm up the signs and party on.


    (For obvious reasons I wasn't toting my camera during the downpour, so all photos are from the beginning or towards the end of the raid.)

    If anything, the rain just energised us, and the decrease in footfall did nothing to put us off determinedly thrusting soggy fliers at the Mancunian public. I'd say we had even better support from members of the public than usual - plenty "keep up the good work guys", "you're doing a great job" - even recruiting an extra protester on the day. We got a lot of honks from passing cars, all of which were completely legitimate.



    There seemed to be a fraction of the comings and goings from the cult that we usually see, but that was probably down to the weather. OTs clearly not as waterproof as Anonymous.

    The time hit 3pm and was declared pub o'clock, so we packed up and got on our way. The outdoor burger place wasn't doing brilliant business that day, but was still taking up our usual post-raid photo location and apparently needs two security guards - we got one of them to take this.


    More photos to follow. See you all on September 14th.

    P.S. Apologies for the late thread. Nothing to stop someone else starting one in future. Maybe we'll write the next one from the pub.

    P.P.S. The police were entirely cool this month, and understanding that even though someone in a V mask had been naughty in Manchester recently, it had nothing to do with us.
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  2. strobe Member

    Crossposting from the planning thread. Photos by mece leornere
    208583-b24b700a25882c8068440cfe7146ef28.jpg 208584-09a9ecb280a7c26f6e88cf4b458f999c.jpg 208585-6b236b962bb06fbb34b9fc84108dab28.jpg 208586-470952f38911275a017f42b4f6cf5c3f.jpg 208587-2f150968462ac4c032dbfebb7595a276.jpg 208582-2b1b52a22fcd486013e090ece408fef5.jpg 208591-dfb8f7987048adbab063d8cfb4dc795b.jpg 208590-b0d8f75fed1d2410818dd085dafef1bd.jpg 208589-e91d61bec5a97b779efd4560cffb31f8.jpg 208588-ff3dadf6420ea7eec980eca7b0a358cf.jpg 208587-2f150968462ac4c032dbfebb7595a276.jpg 208586-470952f38911275a017f42b4f6cf5c3f.jpg [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG] [IMG]

    Video by getbeckyout:
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  3. Sneak Moderator

    Excellent raid, guys! I heard there was something about a pigeon, though?
  4. novu Member

    Nice work everyone. Was it seriously wetter than this raid in 2011?

    Also, Scientology made it personal by trying to dox me on their twitter account, so it looks like I'll be raiding again soon!
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  5. Fuck, I overslept for the meet in June, what've I missed?
  6. strobe Member

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  7. strobe Member

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