Aug 20, 2016 - Enturbulating the Atlanta Org on a budget

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by AquaMan, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. AquaMan Member

    Yesterday me and Gunplay stopped by the Org for a few hours, and managed to tweak a few Scilons. Pics to come later, as I actually have to do some processing on them this time. I had forgotten my normal camera, so I only had my cell phone camera to work with, and it's not really suited to one-handed photography (sign being held with the other) if taking clear pictures is a concern.

    Anyway, bunch of honks, including one from a delivery service truck driver which I presume was hauling a load for Big Pharma, and almost as many waves while we were hanging out in front of the Org during one of their "open house" days (which I hear from other sources is a daily thing for them)..

    I didn't get much "up close" attention, but given he was closer to the org Gunplay did get a few hits. I'll let him speak for himself, though, after I tag him on this thread.

    We both, though, got flipped off by one of the Scilons leaving the org, which of course we found amusing. Another satisfied customer. :)

    Also, I don't know why, but apparently protesting Scientology is hard on shoes for me. The soles started to separate from the uppers of my sorta-dressy shoes. Fortunately the local Walmart had some shoe glue, so I can hopefully salvage the shoes. $5 tube of goo vs $20+ new shoes? Yeah, tough decision, I know. :p
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  2. I dont ever post but I had a unique interaction with what seemed to be one of the security guys for the church. He initially walked out onto the sidewalk but down about a block and stared at us for a bit, then he mustered up the courage to come talk to me.

    Generally, I let Raven or Aqua take the reigns on this, but seeing as I was closest to the entrance I decided, "eh why not." At first glance, he was about 5'10 very skinny dark skinned man. He had a pretty bright smile and demeanor about himself. He starts off by asking why I would I held a sign that said the church was a cult. He goes on to explain how 10 years ago the church saved his life, and he has witnessed it save many others. I generically asked him if he knew of Lisa McPherson, seeing as he mentioned he never knew the church to do no harm. He immediately stated that I only knew twisted facts. Which I replied with that if my facts are to be considered wrong because they are one sided, the same could be said for his side. He was a pretty agreeing fellow, as he agreed that was a fair statement. I suggested we talk about personal experiences then. I informed him of a couple times in the past where their people had put hands on me, and wrongfully try to convince us to come inside to talk, just to have the cops show up claiming they called us on trespassing charges.

    He seemed confused, as he mentioned he couldn't imagine anyone doing it. But I stated that's why I could never personally support a religion of violence and hate. He countered by offering a "peace treaty" in that he would show me the facility and listen to what he had to say. I said I would gladly like to talk with him in the future, but seeing as I was there to protest, that he could potentially be luring me into a trap to call the cops. He agreed and said, yes another time would be better. I have no intention of going back mind you, but I did welcome him to come talk to me anytime he saw me outside.

    I did find it strange, and maybe they didn't hold much of a hold on him, but he was very open with cursing and my dark humor. I found that odd, considering the others I had talked to in the past. But none the less Aqua asked that I share my experience. He was an interesting person to talk to for 20min. I could imagine him as a very smart, very independent, successful person if he left the church. Which I did mention to him. He said the church made him better, but I think even he doubted that. Or at least I hope he does now.
  3. amaX Member

    i love you guys for going out in this oppressing heat to protest the cult. y'all are truly awesome. <3

    Aqua, I am laughing at the thought of them flipping you off because I know how very little that affects you. LOL

    Gun, it looks like they are going to start working on you. Just remember that they will lie about anything and everything. Conversation with them means nothing.

    well done, men!
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  4. AquaMan Member

    Gun, you forgot to mention the KKK thing. :p

    And yeah, being flipped off is pretty much a non-event as far as I'm concerned. Other than my "satisfied customer" thought my reaction was pretty much "I must be doin' it rite".

    Anyway, still going to be a bit on pix. RL's being pissy. :(
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  5. RightOn Member

    Way to go!
  6. ravenanon Member

    This is the second gentleman to come to the entrance and come see protesters. I'm always hoping something will sink in. You guys did magnificent

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