[Aug 18, 2012] Anonymous Vs. Scientology (Washington, DC)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by MrAnonization, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. MrAnonization Member

    Early planning gets the clam.
    Also I'd like to maybe get more people onto the new site It can help with planning flash raids, mega raids, and other things in the future.

    Anyway this being the third Saturday of the week seems the most logical for us to protest plus putting this up now will make it easier for everyone to make planning. Also let's maybe get some more peoples out to this one since the last one was kinda small we needs more for the lolz, and trolling of the Scillons who pass by. (I just need to dry out the mailbag since the last rally O_O )

    The time for the rally can always be changed.
  2. Awesome... I'm down if I can get a new radiator for my car by then :)
  3. fathertony Member

    didnt you mean Malebag??
  4. Anonymous Member

    Wow - Washington DC anons are unstoppable!
  5. angelicarmy Member

    no car. ill figure something out, just lost everything i own, im your soldier now. =]
  6. MrAnonization Member

    Nope. My Mailbag is what I meant
  7. MrAnonization Member

  8. MrAnonization Member

    Metro is a good option since Dupont Circle metro is pretty close to the building. If you want I'm sure someone could even meet you there
  9. MrAnonization Member

  10. kitfisto Member

    Alright . The 18th looks to be a go .
  11. anonsoldier Member

    You bitches know I'm down to party. I've still got a giant stack of fliers to get rid of and this will probably be my last protest in DC before I depart to parts elsewhere.

    Train up the morning of and then spending the night at a hostel. It's gonna be fun on a bun!

    I'll be bringing more flyers and some signs to better mark our affiliation NOT with the cult! Also, the giant memory cards for my camera so I don't run out of storage space after a half hour of video.
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  12. :( ((hugs))
  13. anonsoldier Member

    This is gonna be rinse and repeat for me. Same hostel, same train rides in/out. All that's different is I'm gonna go straight to the protest and not bring a suitcase. Everything in the backpack!!
  14. anonsoldier Member

    I picked up some signs today for the protest. I plan on using tape to make a triangle stand out of two signs to prop them up so we can write "Cult Zone" on them. Using bags as weights to anchor them will help also.

    Gonna finish folding all these lovely flyers tonight and get them cut in the morning at Kinkos. Really excited, looking forward to tomorrow. Hope you all are ready too!
  15. Have fun, D.C.! Take some pics for us!
  16. Anonymous Member

  17. anonsoldier Member

    Suit is on, bag is packed. I'm breaking with tradition and going with a non-black tie because I do so love my many other ties and rarely get to wear them. :)
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  18. RightOn Member

    go you glorious bastards!
  19. anonsoldier Member

    Last time, I forgot my shower shoes and belt. This time, I damn near forgot the signs, tape, and Sharpies I purchased and had to double back, nearly being late for my train (which is itself late, thanks Xenu!). How I could forget the giant yellow, green, and white poster board that was sitting right in the middle of my living idea.

    Anyways, I'm just waiting for my train now and then it's straight to the protest from Union Station. Everybody better be there ready and waiting because we are gonna rock this joint and harass them about hamburgers.
  20. anonsoldier Member

    I haven't even left Union Station and I've already handed out a flyer. Two very friendly young ladies asked me why I was dressed so nice. So I told them and they said "Oh you should definitely protest them." So I gave them a flyer with a cat on it, which made them happy.

    I gave those bitches a protest flyer with a cat on it. Bitches love protest flyers with a cat on them.
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  21. anonsoldier Member

    Where the fuck are you faggots. It is 1:30, I just got here, no one else.
  22. anonsoldier Member

    3:10. Still solo raiding. I am not happy with you guys.
  23. Sonichu Moderator

    I'm likin the reference, but not the solo raiding. Sorry to hear that Anon
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  24. anonsoldier Member

    It's a good thing this is my last protest here because DC is now dead to me. Seriously, DIAF. Three people besides myself were either yes or maybe to show and all failed to appear. I even had people approaching me about wanting to join up, but what the hell can I tell them when I'm the lone fucker there? "oh yeah, we totally have other people but they're super flaky and don't show up for the shit they plan."

    I've been raiding since March 2008. I solo raided my university, crossed the country and raided with DC back when they had people who did stuff, then raided with the French Anons when one of their members got assaulted. I'm not afraid of the cult and had no fear about solo raiding. I'm pissed that people didn't show without having the common fucking courtesy to post here "last minute change of plans". I rode the train three hours with flyers and signs to do this, I AM GOING TO FUCKING PROTEST. I don't care if I have to do it solo, I just like to know that I can count on my fellow Anons.

    Which in DC, you can't. I raided the shit out of DC today, handing out all but three of my remaining flyers and there were several hundred when I started. I got maybe three or four more people actively looking into how Scientology is a criminal organization and not just a bunch of weirdos. I even made signs with the WWP URL on one side, and phone number on the other and walked around with that when flyers got low.

    DC is fucking welcome because I was the only thing today keeping this from being an epic fail. Now I'm gonna go drink heavily at a number of fine establishments.
  25. anonsoldier Member

  26. MrAnonization Member

    Sorry about the no-show a family member ended up in the hospital Friday, they just got out about an hour ago. Was HOPING to swing by but no go.
  27. anonsparrow Member

    Hey AS. Thanks alot for getting out there and protesting today!! Solo no less - noice.
  28. anonsoldier Member

    Coming from the great Sparrow, that means a lot.

    Anonization, sorry to hear about the family emergency,

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