[Aug 13, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Washington D.C., DC)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by MrAnonization, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. MrAnonization Member

    Okay planning start, any questions comments/concerns? I think a longer raid means more people thats why i said the time as is, and the date is best for me. Also Maid can you mayhaps get a hold on that party bus, and a driver i has idea :3
  2. MaidOfWin Member

    We're not going to get enough people to fill a party bus on short notice but thanks for reminding me the option exists

    Also my party bus contact doesn't know I'm anon so I wouldn't exactly blow my cover for anything less than a super-amazing epic event
  3. MaidOfWin Member

    Also srsly dude nobody is going to be out there for seven goddamn hours...people might come early or stay late if they want to but setting the time like it's expected is kind of intimidating to newbs
  4. MaidOfWin Member

  5. 3rdMan Member

    I just deleted it. No point in merging two tiny topics. Anyways. IF we are going to set the time until 8pm, does that mean certain Anons can actually be present until 8pm? Cause I can and would rather go from 4pm to 8pm and not burn up in the smoldering heat around noontime. Could others do that time?

    If so, I recommend a lazy raid. Lawn chairs, an Anons at work sign, and just sitting around with signs. You can also use your umbrellas as shades by using a clamp onto your chair. But I highly recommend we get a permit making it clear its a "sitting" raid.
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  6. (insert random cheering for D.C. anons here)

    Edit: here we go:

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  7. MaidOfWin Member

    I'm going to abstain from helping to decide a time for this raid due to the fact that there's only like a 30% chance I'll be able to attend anyway. But if I can, I'll show up whenever you guys decide to show up.
  8. 3rdMan Member

    Final check-in! Who is coming and what time? I would prefer 4 to 8pm to avoid burning up!
  9. MaidOfWin Member

    I don't think I'm going to be able to make it. We should discuss how to get the trollcannon & signs to the raid.
  10. gagglemore Member

    checking in 4-8 works for me.
  11. 3rdMan Member

    Can anyone bring a portable speaker system we can plug an IPOD into? Remember, lazy raid will be lazy.
  12. MaidOfWin Member

    That's what the trollcannon is for
  13. 3rdMan Member

    Just fyi, faggots, the weather appears to be improving. If we want to go for a 1 till 5 lazy raid, then I'm for it as long as it isn't above 80 downtown.
  14. 3rdMan Member

    Changed my RSVP status. Waiting for confirmation from others.
  15. 3rdMan Member

    We have yet to receive a protesting permit from Schumin. Hopefully will get one tomorrow.
  16. 3rdMan Member

    Welp, no permit unless Schumin shows up with one conveniently. So....our numbers are still too small to actually require one technically, but we usually require one just for records. I will be bringing a chair and a small sound system for music. Gonna be lazy.
  17. Anonymous Member

    be safe y'all :)
  18. 3rdMan Member

    Well shit. Guys I might have to bow out. Construction workers at my place just turned off our water and up and left without a word of when its getting turned on. Me and the landlord are now bringing a dispute about them not giving us notice or a timeframe (like they are supposed to in the contract) so I don't think I can make it. Sorry about this.
  19. gagglemore Member

    Hey guys just checking in one last time. I may be a few minutes late (4:15 ish) but I my girlfriend is going to be joining us.
  20. 3rdMan Member

    thanks for showing gagglemore. Make sure you have a camera handy at all times. Even if its a droid or iphone camera, either way its for safety concerns.
  21. gagglemore Member

    I am here no one else showed up. There is a guy handing out fliers for iq tests from the church. I did not study up on the issues I am pretty much useless here so we are leaving. Next time it would be nice if at least the organizer showed up. But ill at least bring some fliers out.
  22. new guy Member

    You did well.
  23. gagglemore Member

    Oh and I brought cookies to share so sad I will be eating them alone =(
  24. Good effort, gagglemore! Hopefully next month, some of the D.C. regulars can join you for cookie-eating, or there's also a big event coming up in October there.

    As far as this month goes, someone went ahead and made a postgame thread for this event. Usually it's tradition that, after the event, people drop their photos, comments, etc. in a separate thread. I copied the stuff over. Not sure if there's anything else to add to that one, but hey, it might get comments etc. from the other D.C. locals (or whoever), so you may want to keep an eye on that for a while.

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