Audrie Pott Suicide: New Girl Blamed In Teen Bullying Death

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    The new defendant was added in June with the Pott family alleging the teenage girl was present in the room when the assault occurred and encouraged the boys "to expose and/or photograph and/or draw on Audrie's body," according to the amended lawsuit.
    The girl, identified only as Jane C. because she is a minor, then buttoned and zipped Audrie Pott's shorts, covered her with a blanket and left her alone, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit claims that Jane C. lied about her involvement to cover up the assault.
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    A New Jersey-based expert in the area of cyberbullying, Parry Aftab said children were increasingly looking for online audiences before whom they could display their reality-tv style films.
    “We’re seeing a huge growth in offline assaults connected to online provocation or publication,” Ms. Aftab says.
    When she says “provocation,” Aftab is referring to cases such as a girl who created a fake Facebook page in the name of another girl and put up sexual images to provoke harassment and gang attacks against her.
    The Audrey Pott case will certainly push the law makers further towards creating something akin to an “Audrie’s Law”.
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    Rape culture is supported by women as well as men.
    This is good example, much like the 2 girls that threatened the girl from Steubenville got arrested tried and convicted. Our culture has to change before girls recognize it is not in their self interest to do this shit.
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