ATOS, DWP and the UK genocide against the sick and disabled

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stuwyatt, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. stuwyatt Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm not sure if you are aware, but there is a major purge of the disabled and sick that is happening in the UK at the moment.

    [source: ]

    The cuts have already caused deaths through suicide, and will cause many more through neglect, starvation and homlessness.

    So yesterday, I made a call to ATOS (the private company hired to assess medical claimants) to ask them what euthanasia options were available to the sick and disabled, in preference to dying from starvation, neglect or homelessness.

    I then submitted a freedom of information request with the Deparment of Works and Pensions:

    While my call and FOI was satire (admittedly a very dark and cold satire), this is a serious issue. The government is basically planning a genocide of the sick and disabled. Those who are unable to work or cope on their own will have no option but to die.

    So please help spread the word. The video is already going semi-viral...

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. stuwyatt Member

    It saddens me that the plight of the disabled and the sick of the UK hasn't garnered any interest here. But I suppose that it is easier for the majority of the population to bury their heads in denial rather than address the issue head-on. It is what I would have probably done had I not become ill myself.

    I've been trolling the government to try and highlight the issue that many disabled people will find themselves deemed as 'fit for work' despite being very clearly unfit for work. We have seen people with severe Parkinsons, MS, MND and even paralysed people being declared fit for work. They are now on Job Seekers Allowance, and many just do not have the health to adhere to the strict guidelines of JSA. They will miss their signing on times. They will not be able to attend interviews etc.

    My call to the Department of Works and Pensions:

    My call to the Department of Health

    My call to the Houses of Parliament

    Also, a friend of mine who used to work for the civil service has produce these:



    Many sick and disabled people are filling these out and sending them to the DWP as a form of protest.

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  4. xenubarb Member

    Seems to me you could send a message by getting everyone to fill those out and send them in. One copy to the health dept. One copy to the Telegraph, or paper of your choice.
    (don't mention it's a joke form. ignorance can work for you. If they think it's real, they'll at least start researching the new euthanasia laws that don't exist.)
  5. Herro Member

    Genocide stu? Really dude? Fuck off with that bullshit. You're better than that.
  6. A Challenger Member

    speaking of the disabled, what's W. Bush been up to?
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  7. stuwyatt Member

    In what way is it not a planned genocide? A large percentage of severely sick and disabled people are going to lose their mobility and carer's benefits and will be placed on Job Seeker's Allowance - and many of them will not be able to adhere to the strict guidelines of JSA. There are huge cuts to front-line services for the disabled, so there is no social safety net to pick these people up.

    I'm not comparing sizes, as in 'my genocide is bigger than your genocide', but come on. You're better than that Herro ;)
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  8. AnonyVix Member

    There is definitely a problem in the UK with the way the long term sick and disabled are being treated right now. Originally the idea was to make it harder for the scroungers however even the creator of the current system thinks that it is swung too far in the opposite direction. Here are a couple of extreme examples that while extreme do typify what has been happening recently.

    1. A woman who worked for the civil service became ill after a lengthy period of service. She was referred to a a private health care company ATOS by her employer and ATOS said she had an underlying medical condition and was unlikely to be able to return to work any time in the foreseeable future, as a result her employer (the Government) let her go. A few weeks later, now claiming benefits as a long term sick she was referred to ATOS again, this time by the benefits department, and ATOS said she was 100% fit for work and could therefore not claim disability benefit or receive any rehabilitation treatment to help her recover in to work; she was told she had to claim basic job seekers allowance (a much smaller amount).

    2. Another woman became ill with stomach problems and shortness of breath so was unable to work. The benefits people referred her to ATOS after she lost her job and again they marked her as 100% fit for work. The woman appealed this however she died five weeks later from lung cancer that had spread to her stomach. She had been seeing her doctor and was undergoing tests etc. She would have been entitled to the maximum benefit for the last few weeks of her life but didn't receive more than the basic because ATOS.

    3. Another person was referred to ATOS and was also declared fit for work however before receiving the letter from the benefits office he received news from the hospital that he had cancer.

    The current successful appeals rate for benefit claims cases is 45% meaning almost half those reviewed in greater detail are found to qualify for benefits, this also suggests there is something wrong with the system.

    I wouldn't go so far as to say "planned" genocide however given the circumstances it is fair to say that far more vulnerable people are being put under far more pressure than should occur. It is also fair to say such vulnerable people, sick or mentally impaired, are not necessarily capable for fighting for their rights as it seems they need to at the moment. There have been a number of suicides related to this matter over the past few years. Genocide, perhaps not, but a failing system definitely.

    That said I believe the USA is perhaps worse but then I've always said that just because someone else's plight is worse than yours doesn't make yours right. (The look over there argument is typical scilon).
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  9. Herro Member

    Stu, you're dealing with a bureaucratic decision to shift definitions in an effort to cut costs. When I think Genocide, I usually think of a systematic campaign to erradicate an entire race of people. I'm not saying that these proposals might not result in needy individuals falling through the cracks and unjustly suffering. But that's a far cry from genocide and when you decide to adopt that language you do two unfortunate things: first, you insult the memory of the victims of real genocides; second, you come off as a lunatic ranting about impending doom and thus severely compromise your ability to sway people to your cause. Passion is great so long as you don't allow it to drive you over the edge.
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  10. stuwyatt Member

    Herro, you know I actually like and respect you, so I'm going to explain why I am calling this a genocide in the making.

    When Hitler first came into power in 1933, one of the things he first targeted was the disabled (or the 'workshy' as he called them). He cut their welfare payments and also removed funding for their front-line services. Many disabled people simply died in their own homes or on the streets. It was really only those disabled people who had family connections or support from family and friends who survived this initial purge. The 'lucky' ones without immediate support were able to move into hospitals whereby they were dispatched a few years later. At the same time, there was a huge propaganda campaign where the public were conditioned to believe that the disabled and the long-term sick were workshy, and an unnecessary drain on society. We are seeing similar such propaganda in the UK (example - ), and people are believing it.

    Lets compare the Nazi's and the DWP:

    The Nazis
    The Nazis invented a process which involved three alleged Doctors. Each alleged Doctor was given a single sheet of paper containing the smallest amount of information relating to an individual as possible. The alleged Doctors then read the documents and marked those they had selected with a red pen in a small box at the bottom of the form. The forms from all three were then correlated and the majority score devcided the fate of the individual. None of the alleged doctors met to discuss their findings. A single person or decision maker was responsible for the final outcome. The individual in question was not seen by either the alleged Doctors or the Decision maker, but was simply shipped away to be murdered.

    Sound familiar?

    The DWP
    The DWP use a process which involves one alleged Doctor. Each alleged Doctor is given a copy of the IB50 containing detailed information relating to the individual. The alleged Doctor then reads the documents, questions the individual about random entries, make up their own answers, feed this into a computer and enter their conclusion in a small box at the bottom of the form. The form is passed to a ‘decision maker’ to decide the fate of the individual. Neither meet to discuss their findings. A single person or decision maker is responsible for the final outcome. The individual in question is seen by the alleged Doctor but not the ‘decision maker’, the claimant is not asked for their input, neither is their GP. The decision maker then stops the claimants benefits causing sever stress and hardship.

    With the cuts in front-line services taking effect, there is no safety net out there to catch the genuinely sick and disabled people who are removed off of benefits.

    As for insulting people by referring to this as a genocide, this isn't a 'my genocide is bigger than your genocide' competition. I'm insulted by people who claim they are insulted tbh. By claiming such an insult, it just displays that they are having knee-jerk denial reactions, and it allows many people to use this excuse to bury their heads in the sand regarding this issue.

    The term genocide means ' the deliberate and systematic killing of a racial or cultural group'. While the disabled are not a race or a culture as such, they are a major sub-section of society, and this is a carefully planned cull by a very evil and corrupt government.

    By removing benefits from severely disabled people and also removing funding to the front-line services that they so depend on, this is going to cause, and has caused death and misery for those concerned. This is a systematic and deliberate attempted killing, and I stand by my use of the word genocide, as do many sick and disabled people along with their supporters.
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  11. *likes*
    This whole b/s just makes me so angry.
    Niggers need to go pick their cotton and stop discriminating on us sick/disabled peeps.
    Our lives are hard enough already damnit.

    Stu, keep figting the good fight ol'chap.
    For all of us.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Very funny form - well done Stu
  13. Anonymous Member

    The wrong decision was to try think that they could save a few bob by contracting to a private health care company what should have remained the responsibility of the government.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Obviously, Stu, you are unfit to work because you're mentally insane.

    Damn, even you should know that Godwins is an automatic lose.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Hang in there Stu, but I think everyone here has their hands full with Scientology, FOI, WikiLeaks and Egypt. If you posted a list of emails of people or agencies, I'm sure others would fire off a round of poons to help you out. Just don't have time to dig up details on another cause. Point us in the right direction and some of us will help. :)

    Is there any way to connect this effort to the other GB protests over budget cuts, etc.? Not familiar enough to know how it all fits together.
  16. Perikles Member

    As it happens I was speaking to the head of Mencap last week about this very issue.

    there are currently a group of charities co-ordinating a response. so far they are jsut focusing on the removal of the DLA.

    For details:

    As well as providing poonage:

    I smell fun.

    Apparently I'm being kept in touch with about developments. Will add as and when.
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  17. Nice one Periwinkle. Keep me updated too.
    My desire to not starve to death makes this issue more pertinent to myself than COS/FOI issues.
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  18. Mind, I do question the tongue of any of the national charities. They're paid by the very people their purporting to be arguing with after-all.
  19. Herro Member

    Stu, if you think this is an attempt by the British Government to kill disabled people, then you have gone full retard and you need to take a break for a bit and get your mind right. Lay off the weed too. It will help.
  20. AnonyVix Member

    Forget the semantics, the system as it stands is wrong because there are far too many serious cases of it failing. A recent official report even branded it not fit for purpose. To be fair to Stu the use of inappropriate emotive words when trying to make a case for action is something the Government do all the time.
  21. Herro Member

    No. This is not just semantics. When you use the word "genocide, " you are evoking something extremely powerful and trying to claim a unique position for your cause. Casting something as a genocide completley changes the discourse and re-frames the entire issue. Maybe it's because I'm an American and our social support net is so threadbare and ragged that I have a hard time identifying with this, but I still know that calling this a genocide is absurd and insulting. I like Stu, I really do. And that's the reason I'm calling him out on this.
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  22. AnonyVix Member

    I understand what you're saying but the situation is fundamentally wrong, and to be fair to Stu (again) the Government do this kind of thing all the time (use extremely powerful words to claim a unique position for [their] cause) so it's fighting fire with fire.
  23. wolfyrik Member

    I agree that the phrasing is a bit strong.......freaky...agreeing with Herro...I feel dirty...

    Seriously though, Stu has a point. There's a broader view that you don't get just from this thread. The government is also cutting off funds to advice services, debt advice, disability advice, housing advice, legal advice. People who find themselves without an income have very little chance of getting any help or information. They're unlikely to find work either because of their health or the fact that the government is causing the closures of far more jobs than are being or likely to be created.
    Unemployment benefits get cut off if a person can't show that they're trying to find work or if they turn work down, even if the job is impossible for them to take.
    We're seeing a trend of people being unable to claim ESA/DLA (the disability benefits) because of ATOS and the DWP and then being told that they're not eligable for unemployment benefits because they're too ill to work and so not eligable for unemployment benefits.

    Anyone who finds themselves on the wrong side of this axeing will have no means of survival. The only saving grace is that you can continue to claim the disability benefit you were on while awaiting appeal, not usually at full rate though. I'm just wondering how long before the republic...sorry, Tories, cut this off too.

    They haven't learned from Thatcher either, they're trying to make money through privatisation again. Bastards.
  24. Anonymous Member

    I think that there are reasons to raise awareness of these upcoming cuts, but I really feel like the actual facts of the matter are severely undermined by all of the emotional rhetoric thrown in there. Honestly, when I clicked on the thread, I expected to read a moonbat conspiracy theory and was surprised to realize it's actually someone not known for extreme claims. A more appropriate title might be 'ATOS, DWP and the UK impending neglect of the sick and disabled.' I also feel like a lot of these cuts have been deliberately placed under a lens in order to sway people to support the cause -- when people should really be supporting this cause on its own merit (which it has a lot of). You need a hell of a lot more dox for these claims, since not even the statistics match up (you claim only 45% of cases re-reviewed were deemed eligible, while the blog you posted claims 70% are.) It would be nice to see these planned cuts discussed in their original context, too, instead of having to take everything with a grain of salt from bloggers and obviously biased news websites. (Even being in favor of left leaning as I am, naming your website 'liberal conspiracy' doesn't exactly scream "FACT OVER POLITICS.")

    Sorry if it seems like an attack -- I actually support what you're trying to do here, but I honestly feel like the message is being waaaaay undermined by unnecessarily extreme rhetoric and not enough backup. Gimme a few places to aim for and I'll happily man the harpoons with you.
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  25. Herro Member

    Let me be clear, I'm criticizing the emotional, loaded rhetoric that stu is using- I am not saying that people shouldn't care about this.
  26. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Godwin's law... laws are meant to be broken. And anyone using 'Godwins Law' to allow themselves to ignore the true plight of the disabled are just living in denial.

    Re: The words that I use to compare what is happening now, if anyone has a better way to describe what the government is doing to the disabled, then please share. There are many disabled and sick people and their supporters who are using the nazi analogy, and as to date, we haven't found a better and more realistic way to describe what is going on.

    In other news, yet another person I know committed suicide today after having their disability benefits removed. The government is aiming to reassess 4000 incapacity claimants per week by next month, and accelerate that to 11,000 per week in April, so we can expect the suicide rates to increase. Counting the people who die from simple neglect or starvation will take a little bit longer, as it won't be until the smell of their decaying corpses affects their neighbours that anyone will bother to check up on them.
  27. stuwyatt Member

    Its cool. To be quite honest, it is very hard to get exact facts and figures, as the government is changing the goalposts all the time. It was only a few months ago that the government were aiming to remove 20% of people off of DLA. Now it is 25%. The speed at which Incapacity Benefit claimants are being reassessed has been rapidly increased. I am primarily focussed on helping those (when I can) who have been unfairly reassessed.

    I actually don't have the energy to keep up to date with all of the info... but one good place to keep abreast of the situation is the Black Triangle group on facebook -
  28. Herro Member

  29. Anonymous Member

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  30. Anonymous Member

    So Stu, any updates on the genocidal death toll? Got any good recommendations for euthanising yourself yet?
  31. OhSah Member


    It's perfectly natural for people to want to know if you're faking. I point to the case of U.S vs Strangelove wherein Doctor Strangelove claimed he was unable to walk and at the end of the film clearly was - but was still receiving his benefits. This was disconcerting to me both as a German-American and as an American. Prove you can't walk and are good for nothing, receive money.
  32. eddieVroom Member

    I think the TeaBaggers have the same agenda here in the States. Eugenics is making a comeback.
  33. Anonymous Member

    lol @ tag cloud
  34. Anonymous Member

    This sucks, who can we DDOS?
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  35. timthephoto Member

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  36. Jodiq Member


    That is an incredibly stupid thing to post. Do you have any idea how many people who self-harm that will find that image triggering? ( I've been self-harming for 15 years and I'm just recently getting it under control. Having images like that pop up unexpectedly is frankly terrifying. I realise that this is the internet and anything goes, blah blah blah, but I have to point out that having seen this tonight, I will spend the rest of the night unable to sleep and fighting the urge to find a razor blade. Thanks asshat.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous is not your friend.
  38. Herro Member

  39. orig-191661.jpg

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  40. Perikles Member

    ^^ Does it count if I just kill everyone else?

    BTW Trap, you look hawt in that photo.
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