Atlanta, GA, Oct 15 2011 - ATL Anons don't sparkle

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by AquaMan, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. AquaMan Member

    Pics will have to wait until I get home, but dox exist to prove the thread title. :p

    There was a bit more traffic than usual at the org, but still pretty failtacular for "the worlds fastest growing religion". We really got more action from chasing down signs being blown around by the pretty gusty wind than mocking passing Scilons.

    Again, dox will have to wait, but they finally got around to starting to sand down the kinda natty looking doors, but they've done a kinda half-assed job of it, with parts of one door still using the old varnish (or whatever, I'm not a home builder :p ). There was a sign on the door window, but none of us had enough zoom on our cameras to get any details. What little I could tell from zooming in on the pic I took (this laptop can do image manipulation, but it's a pain on this small screen, hence the wait till I get to my normal computer) showed that it was a kinda longish paragraph in the middle, with a title in larger font at the top.

    Anyway, laughs and caek were had, along with more than a few honks, and quite a few odd looks at Raven's banana costume.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    GREAT JOB, Atlanta-GA !
  3. ravenanon Member

    ok so ATLAnons are lax in posting post game stuff as of late. We've had some other cult busting stuff to do. Details coming soon on that.

    Anyway this month we dressed up and looked goofy cause its Halloween and fun.

    I'm thrilled the cult keeps making themselves look bad to the neighborhood around them so I've not posted many and then they did this stuff. When we mention someones odd behavior we never see them again and the cult adapts. I guess ATLAnon is their gauge of normal lol

    Last month the cults parking lot and lawn was trashed. It had garbage all over it including a tire. It all set there until a culty pulled into the their parking lot and started picking it up. We had been there for several hours before he did this. The yard also looked a bit over grown.

    This month the cult had everything all picked up and at times their parking lot looked almost full instead of its usual baroness. We noticed for 3 months in a row the cult has a tent up in the back too. I'm guessing some sort of money raising was going on in side.

    pics below:
    VampireAnon Does NOT Sparkle
    Oct 2011 Protest by ravenanon, on Flickr

    Oct 2011 Protest by ravenanon, on Flickr

    Oct 2011 Protest by ravenanon, on Flickr

    caek tombtone

    Oct 2011 protest by ravenanon, on Flickr

    The cult seems unable to afford a coffee machine. During the day groups zip out to grab qt coffee and food.

    coffee run return:
    Oct 2011 Protest by ravenanon, on Flickr

    These are all pretty bad pics from my cheap cell. I left my video camera at home again sigh. Hopefully aqua will post pics I know he has better ones.

    The dirty yard and the guy picking it up from last month:

    September 2011 Protest by ravenanon, on Flickr

    notice the guy cant figure out to roll the tire and instead carries it

    September 2011 Protest by ravenanon, on Flickr
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  4. AquaMan Member

    Sorry I was so late in getting the pics up. Fail anon is fail. :(


    And proof of thread subject:

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  5. amaX Member

    AWESOME as always, AtlantAnons! Love and miss y'all so much! The caek is perfect! <3
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  6. ravenanon Member

    TY Hot MomAnon! I miss you! come see me and bring sexy sixy too!

    I forgot ATL has a twitter:!/StopTheCon

    and a new website with content getting added to it. The site is and the redirect is
    The old ning was fun, but just cost too much money.
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  7. AquaMan Member

    And BTW, because I know some smartass out there (yeah, pretty much all y'all :p ) is going to ask about vampires in the sun:

    Smartass answer: Sunblock. Lots and lots of sunblock.

    Serious answer: Old school vampire. Dracula just lost some of his powers in daylight, the whole "burn up" thing came later.

    (And I did have a set of fangs in the form of those cheapy rings that bend in the middle to fake a set of vampire chompers, but they were too uncomfortable to wear and interfered with talking.)
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