Atlanta, GA - 7-9-11: Operation Sea Arrrgh 4

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by AquaMan, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. AquaMan Member

    Avast, mateys!

    Eh, screw that. Talk Like A Pirate Day isn't for another 3 months. :p

    Anyway, this last Saturday we showed up to let the Scientologists know that we still care about them, if only as a source of fail to laugh at. Pulling into a nearby gas station for a last minute ice run, we saw they had a tent set up in the back. Apparently, July 9th was the ATL org's Golden Voyage anniversary.

    Unfortunately, the way things are set up we couldn't really get a good view of what was going on, with ATL anon policy of keeping some distance between them, and not going into low-visibility areas where they can get away with shit more easily. We did see a lot more Scilons there today than seen at every other protest at that site combined, even if they scurried away into the front doors to flee from our evil entheta and SPness.

    We even had our own Sea Ogre lurking off to the side, ducking behind cover whenever I tried to get a pic of her, though her van (kinda hidden by a tree, but roughly in the middle of the image) was still there. While I know there are SOs at the org, that's the first one I've actually seen since the move to the new location.

    When snapping various photos, before my camera battery died (forgot to make sure it was charged beforehand), I noticed something about the grass, in this pic:


    It's not as clear from the photo (even the raw version, let alone this edited and shrunk-down one), but where it's circled in red there's a line in the grass. To the left of the line is nice and neatly mowed, but to the right it's unmowed, and kinda shaggy looking. Just like with the half-ass painted wall on the shopping center next to them, I'm guessing they started on it, then got bored and never finished it off, in spite of having a get-together planned.

    There wasn't any caek, unfortunately, but later we did retire for lots of drinking and noshing elsewhere, afterward.

    Oh, and y'all remember the guy with the convertible having the "TONE 40" license plate that hasn't been seen for months now, going back to before the move to the current location?

    He's baaaaack...


    Anyway, for a change we all were costumed up for the theme, even if one of us just got lazy and bought a pre-made costume (um, guilty as charged :p ). Fortunately, for most of the time there was a nice breeze going on, so we didn't all melt and stuff.

    I'm sure there's more to cover, but I'm drawing blanks on what it could be, so I'll just leave y'all with a link to the image album for this month:

    my phail photos for July 9
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  2. i'mglib Member

    Nice job, guys. The pirate theme is always appropriate.
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  3. AquaMan Member

    Oh, and no sign of the red Expedition mentioned in the last ATL postgame thread, even though you'd think one of their big events would have everyone and their brother in Scientology coming. We hadn't even done anything since my post about the subject, but apparently that and the replies on that specific issue were enough.

    Anonymous works and it helps people. :D
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  4. Lorelei Member

    Good jerb, 'Nons!

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