Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by LolitaTrap, Apr 13, 2008.

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  1. LolitaTrap Member

    Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest

    This event is CANCELLED

    I'm an old fag, and have been trolling /b/ since before Rei Penis was a meme... This April 12 bullshit pissed me off. If we want to call ourselves anon, then why do we need to do away with anon's most sacred of holidays? If we can protest at Hal Turner's house on 4/20 then we can protest these $cien-fags on 4/20 too. I will be at the Atlanta Co$ on 4/20, even if I'm alone, because Anon delivers under all circumstances. Screw enturb and partyvan, the people who wanted to avoid 4/20 to avoid the stigma of that date weren't acting in the lawless spirit of anon.

    I'll be delivering on 4/20. The rest of you can either enjoy your fail at home or come and deliver with me.

    For anyone who wishes to be /b/lackup to this event, here's how it's going down:

    We will meet at the NEW Co$ in Atlanta, the so-called Ideal Org. The new place is located at:
    5395 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342

    Here's an Aerial view:

    The Org is the big fat building in the top right. I'm thinking we could protest at one of the two islands just south of the building, for flyer distribution to stopped traffic, or if they've got one of their Free Stress Test tables going, we could picket directly across the street from wherever they're doing that. We shouldn't picket on their side of the road because we don't know where their property line is, and they'll probably try to arrest us for trespassing.

    Immediately to the south on the east side of Roswell Road is an Awful House:

    I propose we gather there, and then walk north about ΒΌ of a mile to the org.

    Here's a cool interactive map thing from google:
    5395 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342, USA - Google Maps

    For more info regarding the new location, see This Thread.

    We will meet on April 20th at Awful House @ 1:00 P.M. and walk to the protest site around 1:30. We will protest on the traffic island thing nearest the org unless we see a stress test table, in which case we will picket on the street directly opposite of it.


    - Enturb & Party Van need to start acting like Anon and do shit on 4/20 as dictated by our lord and savior Raptor Jesus.
    - 4/20 ATL protest will be at the NEW location: 5395 Roswell Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30342
    - Meet at Waffle House @ 1:00, head up to protest @ 1:30
    - We will protest at a traffic island for maximum vehicle visibility, and potential flyer distribution to stopped vehicles.
    - If we see a stress test table, we'll protest on the street directly opposite of it instead to scare off potential victims.
    - Anon WILL deliver even if Enturb and Partyvan don't think we should. Pansies.

    This event is CANCELLED
  2. xenucam Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest

    xenucam will see you there!
    but i will leave my hemp caeks at home...
  3. ultrapoet Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest

    Sunday's aren't usually good for me, but I'll see if I can drop by.

    I'll have to be careful, though, since I don't live far!

    At the very least, I'll explain to my neighbors what's up so they don't freak out.
  4. AthlAnon88 Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest

    Put me down as MAYBE. I want to do this but I'm currently juggling a lot of RL stuff right now.

    I don't know what kind of area of faggotry you want to file me (Longtime SA goon, never hopped on the /b/train but know Richard Mongler quite well, certainly not a newfag; Anonymous existed well before the chans), but I do say "THIS PLEASE". Atlanta is 4chan capital, and as far as I'm concerned, LULZ ARE NEEDED.

    In fact, I hope to see LULZ increase tenfold for 5/10!! Yeah, Fair Game is my SERIUS BUZINESS issue, but... that's exactly why I hope to see some oldfaggotry in effect.
  5. Yawgmoth Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest

    [strike]Put Epic Chicken Bucket Man and I down for a definite MAYBE as well. I'll most likely be talking to him later today and I'll see what we can conjure up in terms of willingness to go.[/strike]

    Edit: I talked to ECBM and we're CONFIRMED FOR BRAWL! RAWR!
    Another Edit: Just got off the phone with another Anon who has off of work on Sunday, so he's confirmed for brawl too.
  6. LolitaTrap Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest


    I'll see if I can get face paint to come too.

    This new location is in Fulton County, so are there any weird laws we will need to know? Can we rick roll and wear masks? I don't know where to research this kind of stuff.
  7. ravenanon Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest

    I can come, but.......I'm going to be the pain in the but here.......has anyone talked nicely to the cops yet? I don't look good in orange!
  8. Lanternjim Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest

    Come on guys, let's think tank this shit. We have 5 days to do something to bring the lulz. I think this is a great opportunity to do something different, but as we're limited on space what could that be? We could make this one silent or something perhaps, just throwing out a possible thought.

    Feel free to tell me to GTFO if you want to keep doing the same thing though.
  9. Voice Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest

    I hate to rain on the lulz guys, but there might be a slight problem here. Ethercat looked through the laws/statutes/whatever for Sandy Springs, which is where the Ideal Org is located and they evidently have a ton of rules regarding protests and gatherings, among which is that a permit (the kind with a real name on it) is required for any sort of gathering. This permit has to be submitted no less than 15 days before the planned event. Unless there's some sort of loophole here, you might not be able to celebrate the natal day of Our Lord Raptor Jesus in front of the new locale.
    I do have an alternate suggestion though. If it proves that Sandy Springs will not be available for the event, you could possibly do one last gathering in front of the Dunwoody mission, sort of a goodbye send-off sort of thing. Anyway, feel free to look for yourselves, ether's post is in the Atlanta Ideal Org Recon thread. I wish I could join you guys, but I shall have to celebrate the birthday of Raptor Jesus in my own small and not so epic way. Have fun though, whatever you do!
  10. ethercat Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest

    never mind... Voice covered it.
  11. HorkyPorky Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest

    AND I'M ABOUT FIVE MINUTES TOO LATE! At least my paragraph is pretty.

    Not to put a damper on the excitement, but ethercat seems to have found some regulations which might prevent anyone from doing anything for the 20th. I'm not saying anything definite, as these laws may not apply to what we're doing, but it is certainly something that needs to be checked into very soon if anyone plans on doing anything. We don't want any unnecessary arrests. Perhaps they would be lenient on the supposed 15 day period if we talk to them ASAP.

    Follow to ethercat's actual post if you want to see the excerpt that she posted in the recon thread.

  12. LolitaTrap Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest

    Them Sandy Springs sons of a bitches... Now I've got another reason to hate that shitty excuse for a town. First they put cops all over the 400, then they give them laser guns which are actually accurate, and now they pull this bullshit? Who the hell let them motherfuckers incorporate in the first place?

    Guess we'll have to call this thing off then. Epic fail, and another win for Sandy Springs. I hated that stupid town enough as it is, but now this? Wtf...
  13. Randomness Member

    Re: Atlanta 4/20 Mini-Protest

    Locked, no point.
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