Assault - Nashville: Part 2 (April 25 2009)

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anonymous, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    $$ still has to file a complaint against the security people, if he doesn't he will be screwed.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    I'm not trying to tell 44 how to run his shit, but surely, you'd agree that filing a criminal complaint against the security company would only strengthen your case, not weaken it, correct? So what's the problem with a stronger case again?
  3. Vir Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Nashville anons have been doing it so right. Seuring evidence. Waiting to disclose it until conferring with lawyer. Talking to the police. Talking to the media at the right time. Having 40 to 50 anons raid on the week after.

    As for filing the criminal complaint, 44 shouldn't be dragging his arse on it, but waiting until the court date for himself isn't dragging his ass as far as I see it. The crime was reported through 911 immediately, so any question about the timeliness (regarding victim assistance etc.) should be OK through that.

    I probably would have tried talking to the DA ahead of the case going to court, due to how obvious it is, but the FAQ on the Nashville DA says that they don't speak to defendants, probably to avoid tainting the case in some way. Once the charges are dropped, the DA can switch sides.

    And there's also the PR angle: When the case goes to court, it becomes more newsworthy, and there are other lawyers, defendants, and victims in the court room who get to see how badly Scientology is acting. Scientology is safepointing against themselves by doing these kinds of things. Anon is just making sure that their footbullets are well lit and documented for the world to see.

    Nashville: Ideal anons.
  4. AceOfSpades Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    No, really, the LAWYER has taken care of that which needs to be taken care of and planned the appropriate steps.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Okay, good, so the lawyer is handling a criminal case against the security company/cult, not just working on defending 44 at his court date?
  6. LilDebbie Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    apparently you don't understand how our legal system works. you can't overturn a charge and then go on to convict the person who brought it against you. now i'm willing to bet there's nothing on that trespassing citation about 44 getting pwned by the rent-a-cops, which is what he wants to get them thrown in prison for. ergo, the citation is only a PITA for him.

    he needs to go down to the police station, file a report alleging kidnapping and assault by aforementioned rent-a-cops along with a sworn statement so the city prosecutor's office has something to work with when you motion to put the $cilon guards in PMITA prison. future defense attorneys will ask why you didn't file sooner, and you'll want a better answer than "well i thought we could get that dealt with when we did the trespassing citation."
  7. AceOfSpades Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    He's handling everything and advising 44 and the rest of us on how to handle things. Not just for defense but offense as well.

    I don't know if he's handled things like this before, or if he's just that good or what, but he's been very helpful in letting us all know what steps to take and the appropriate avenues in which to explore them.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    The situation is under control, but thank you so much for spouting more crap we already know for the tenth time after we already explained that it has been handled.
  9. AceOfSpades Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Apparently you don't understand either.

    911 was called and a report made.

    THE LAWYER has handled offensive strategery AFAIK.

    It's being handled.

    Humble pie, have a slice?


    And since I haven't actually said it yet....

    ROCK ON 44!
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

  11. AceOfSpades Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate



    Well played......... clerks!
  12. LilDebbie Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    you are the first person in all the threads i've read through - four that i'm aware of - to say a report was made. y'see, from what i read, i understand an attempt was made to file a report with the slowpoke cop that showed up from the 911 call but was rejected. hence why i keep asking.

    and you'll forgive me if i doubt a lawyer working off a $750 retainer is going to defend a trespassing charge and persue charges against the rent-a-cops. in fact, i think he's professionally barred from doing so.
  13. AceOfSpades Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Anon friendly lawyer is friendly.

    He dramatically lowered his usual cost of retainer to take this case.

    Don't judge with lack of all facts.

    There's a reason we need to withhold certain information. Though I think I'm not overstepping my bounds on this one.

    And regardless if I'm the first or the tenth, MANY of us NashAnons have, repeatedly, said


    So, I think, if I know my internet right, this is where I say lrn2read?
  14. LilDebbie Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    withhold certain information? they posted the best evidence they have for the whole world to see. on top of that, a police report is part of the public domain. no hiding that. the reason i keep harping on about it over and over and over again is because it's something that needs to get done if we want to fuck the rent-a-cops and by extension the cult. lawfag's first and primary concern is keeping 44's ass out of jail. that's not my interest nor most anons', i'll venture to guess. and given the lack of results from previous incidents (AO excluded), you'll forgive me for taking excessive interest in making sure the necessary shit gets done. i'm sorry you had to see my comments. i'm sure it was very taxing.

    and finally, saying LAWFAG IS TAKING CARE OF EVERYTHING is the rhetorical equivalent of SCIENTOLOGY WORKS AND IT HELPS PEOPLE.
  15. AceOfSpades Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    It is?

    Here I thought having our hands legally tied and trying to protect the case as much as possible to prevent OSA leaks and shit was the right thing to do.

    Oops, I guess I'll just spoil everything we have and let the Scilons get their hands on it.

    Sounds like a plan....

    Come here, lean closer, and while I'm at it, I'll spill the 11 Secret Herbs and Spices in the Colonel's chicken.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    You are suggesting that the lawyer has a conflict of interest because he's more interested in getting 44 off than he is interested in getting justice.
    There is a possibility for that, but until we know more I think there's no harm in assuming that they are doing it right. They've been doing it right until now.

    If that changes, other anons can maybe get on it. After all, the victim's cooperation is not needed to prosecute felonies in Tennessee.

    I'll agree that they did say a bit more online in the beginning than I wish they had, but since they didn't incriminate themselves, and had reported the assault/kidnapping through 911, the only thing they might have spoiled was the moment where a police officer could ask

    "So where did you arrest the guy?"
    "Here, he went inside the barriers here."
    "OK. " <shows tape> "You want to change your bullshit story, sir?"
  17. Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Lol, Nashville is for the most part, pretty smart even though we all know they're inbred mountain hicks of no value to humanity. Trust 'em to handle it, they're doing sexcellently.
  18. NotMike Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    I know it's a very unsatisfying answer. They seem to think they are better off keeping quiet &amp; managing things on their own. I'd like to know all the dirt too. But I'm just going to have to trust them.

    Delayed gratification. Deal with it.

  19. Anonymous Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Delayed lulz are some of the best lulz.
    Because of the lightning speed of the internet, it might seem like we're swimming in molasses here, but Nashanons have actually been acting as fast as they should, and this case is progressing pretty rapidly.
  20. Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Yes. Please trust us when we say we have an excellent Lawyer who knows the legal system. Whatever has not been released, will be when the time is right. No point telling someone they're walking right into your Artillery practice range till the cannons go off eh?
  21. AceOfSpades Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    God, please if you don't listen to anyone else, PLEASE listen to him?!?!?

    It's HIS damned case after all?

    K LilDebbie?
  22. LilDebbie Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    did you miss the part where i pointed out police reports are public domain? i never asked about "the case" (lol $cispeak), evidence, or any of that. in fact, when i first recommended they file a police report (different thread), i specifically stated they should not include any evidence in what they gave to the police. personally, i thought posting the video was a bad idea. hell, even mentioning Elby had video was a bad idea. all i asked is whether or not a police report was filed. that's it. simple yes or no would've sufficed. i can call MPD and find out anyway, but i'm sure if i did, discovered one wasn't, and brought this to your attention, you would fallback on LAWFAG'S HANDLING IT and wonder why months later "the case" is insufficient to put those bastards in jail where they belong.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Excellent news. Sorry you Nash Anons are still dealing with this ridiculous rash of lawyer wanna-be's, after Graham Berry was consulted and a real Tennessee lawyer has taken the case. You wanna-be's need to get your JD and pass your state's bar exam or STFU.
  24. rummychick99 Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Debbie, this isn't your case. Each victim in the incident needs to decide what is right for them.

    The owner of the security firm has to be worried. She probably isn't worried as much about this particular case (insurance pays, rates go up) as she is about the damage to her firm's reputation and loss of business .

    The more exposure this gets the more her firm is damaged by the egregious acts of her security guards. Add to that the exposure that her guards were working as puppets for the outlandish Scientology group.

    It would behoove her to settle this quietly.

    The longer it goes on....the more information comes out...interrogatories, depositions, discovery....after discovery..after discovery......

    For the greater cause...the cause wants a full blown extravaganza...but the victims might do well to settle for a HUGE settlement and a non-disclosure agreement.

    Think about THAT... Security Guard Owner. This is a LOSING CASE FOR YOU AND YOU DAMN WELL KNOW IT.

    And that goes for Scientology as well...Scientology will be part of the discovery. DM was there...DM ..calling DM TO THE STAND, PLEASE. HAHAHAHAHAAHA
  25. AceOfSpades Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    "The case" is $cilon speak? Here I thought it was, oh, I dunno, LEGAL speak? Tinfoil paranoia douchebaggery much?

    Best of my knowledge, the MPD has none of the evidence (at least not unless they got it off of here), and the Lawyer has it.

    As did we, which is why there was NO video posted until THE LAWYER gave us the ok to proceed.

    Then why continue to ask? If NashAnon's answer isn't as satisfying as a Snickers, then call them yourself!

    <Jack Nicholson>You're goddamned right I would!</Jack Nicholson> And why? Because I am NOT a lawyer, and because we, as a collective hivemind, are trusting this lawyer to do the right thing.

    You know, like smart people would.
  26. AceOfSpades Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Better be careful saying "The Case." You'll be outed as OSA apparently.
  27. LilDebbie Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    the only people who use "case" in the legal sense are detectives, not lawyers. $cilons use it to describe all the bad shit in their lives they're trying to cure with $cientology.

    because the MPD doesn't have access to yt.

    while i wouldn't bother doing this if i were you as it only serves to validate my opinion, ask the lawfag his reasoning for going ahead with the video. my guess is it goes something like, "well, they already know you have the video so we won't be able to fuck 'em on the stand for perjury. may as well whip up a media frenzy."

    i got an answer just a bit ago, from 44 himself no less, and thus stopped asking. these back and forths between you and i are about the validity of my question, which you seem to think is crap. i'm trying to correct your misunderstanding.
  28. LilDebbie Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    thanks! hope the interview went well. looking forward to it.
  29. rummychick99 Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Oh come on Debbie. Pray tell, what word do they use? This comment from you is downright bizarre.
  30. LilDebbie Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    what word do lawyers use? well for something closish to the detective meaning, i'd go with "charges" and "trial", depending on which side of the arraignment you're on.
  31. rummychick99 Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Debbie, your comment is laughable. Even the court calls a CASE..a CASE -Case Number

    Go to Lexis.

    What do they call it?

    Case law.

    You said lawyers don't use the word case. That is ridiculous.
  32. Vir Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    I hope you're not right, though I suspect you might have been. The moment they said &quot;we have video&quot; might have been too late. But all is not lost on the lying: We do have a statement from PWD saying that they were lying to PWD after the fact, and we may have testimony from the police officer saying that they said they had taken 44 inside the barrier.

    And the lying isn't the only point of the case, so we're still good.
  33. TypingChimp Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    FFS, LilDebbie. I wasn't there. I'm not a lawyer. I am reasonably certain both are also true of you. So, beyond the occasional bit of encouRAGEment, and doing what you can to make this shit go viral, I can't think of anything to do. Oh wait, there is ONE more thing you can do.

  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Completely and utterly false. You obviously haven't spent much time in courtrooms or law offices. "Case" and "The Case" are used 1,00's if not 1,000's of times a day all across America by attorneys, judges and their staffs, and it has nothing to do with $cientology. That term was in common legal use long before $cientology stole it and warped it, like they do all their $ci-speak. Attorney's decide whether or not they will "take a case", which is often referred to as "case in chief" in a court room, just to give two very specific examples.
  35. Vir Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    ^^ The &quot;case&quot; in Scientology comes from psychiatry's use of the word &quot;case&quot;. After all, Scientology is amateur psychiatry without the accountability and without the science. Apart from that, you're right.

  36. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Ya forgot to add quit being so damned anoying...........

  37. twistedpuppet Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    Bah! Please stop posting. Your name is makin the fat kids hungry! X(
  38. lothar Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    LilDebbie, please please (PLEASE) STFU. Just SHUT THE FUCK UP.
    You kept repeating yourself over and over and over and over again, and yet never learned anything. Quit making noise and trolling people into responding to stupid claims of ur-doing-it-wrong.

    FACT: 44 has a CRIMINAL charge against him. Until that is dismissed, no one on this board or anywhere but himself and his lawyer can tell him what he should/shouldn't do.

    The best thing is for 44 to keep mouth shut on what he's up to until those charges are dropped. And I'm gonna be really pissed if I see anyone resembling 44 posting on the internet because it can only hurt your case. (It also hurts any future civil cases when your motives can be questioned based on your posting here, especially if discovery attempts to secure records proving the poster on here is linked to you IRL). Yes your words and motivation factor into a civil case.

    Anyone not satisfied is welcome to go to Davidson county and request whatever public records you think are important. Go to Metro PD and ask for the service records for MPD car at the Church function. Find out which officers from MPD were present and if they were paid by the city or reimbursed through Public Works for traffic control / event security or if the Security Firm paid the city for the off-duty police. Or were they on-duty. At any rates the local media might be looking into this now.

    And it is really dumb to say you have to sue the Security Firm before the charges are dropped. You can't go to a judge and claim false arrest when someone is charged with crimes you detained/'arrested' them for.

    Go somewhere else with your internet lawyering.

    And so help me.. no more direct updates from 44.. You are stupidly jeopardizing civil case.
  39. Vir Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    After the charges are dropped I know some reasons why he shouldn't, and some reasons why he should. Some of those also speak to whether or not it should be broadcast on TV. I don't want to elaborate on this except to say that 44 should follow advice from his lawyer and any investigating agency in this regard.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: 44 on Nashville NBC affiliate

    I see. So in your mind the activity on this thread has nothing to do with the OP and the pending news broadcast? It's all a result of your amazingly insightful contributions? How silly of us all.

    Showing your ignorance by giving uneducated, unsolicited and downright laughable legal opinions seems to be your idea of doing your part in this particular thread. I won't even go in to how the word "viral" doesn't seem to mean what you think it does.

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