Assange under house arrest "'excessive and dehumanising'

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    UK court backs Assange extradition request

    Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, will be extradited from the UK to Sweden to face questioning over rape allegations. Britain's High Court has decided that there is enough evidence against the Australian citizen to grant the request.

    Both Assange and the Swedish prosecutors have the right to take the case to the Supreme Court.

    If it does go to the Supreme Court, it is likely that the entire basis of the European arrest warrant, under which people can be extradited to other EU countries to face questions with very little evidence, will be put under scrutiny. Many in the UK would welcome that.

    If the judge rules out further appeals one of two things will happen. Assange could be set free immediately after 11 months living under strict bail conditions. Or his feet might not touch the ground as he could be extradited to Sweden within 14 days.

    Either way, his life’s work is under threat. WikiLeaks is in crippling financial trouble and may be forced to close in the New Year.

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    Well he is a little bitch, but in his defense he is being hounded by powerful enemies who control the courts and a lot of their problems would be solved if he were to die in a terrible accident. So. Yeah.
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