Assange Loses Fight Against Extradition to Sweden Today

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by nailinpalinnow, Nov 3, 2011.

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    He has two weeks to appeal, has been arrested for 332 days. The appeal will be to the same judges that decided he should be extradited.

    His lawyers and mother are appealing to Australia to intervene in the extradition.
    "As far as Julian Assange is concerned, Sweden doesn't have bail, doesn't have money bail for foreigners, so he's likely to be held in custody." Robertson added that he does not believe the WikiLeaks founder, who has previously blasted Canberra for not doing enough to protect him amid the fallout from the leaks, will face a fair trial in Sweden.

    "He's going to be tried in secret, and this is outrageous by our standards and by any standards," he said.

    Assange has strongly denied the rape allegations, claiming they are politically motivated and linked to the activities of WikiLeaks. He has been under virtual house arrest since he was first detained in December.He has expressed fears that his extradition to Sweden would lead to his transfer to the United States to face charges of spying linked to the leaking of classified military documents by US soldier Bradley Manning."
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    I think its clear that Assange has made some powerful enemy's simply by trying to show the truth to the world.
    I wish all the best for him but i can see things ending poorly for him
    May or thought be with him
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    Speaker is looking for Britain to be able to decline extradition. Talking about the "McKinnon Case" a boy searching/hacking for UFOs apparently.

    The European Arrest Warrant he finds even more problematic. Fast Track EU extradition he is calling a "fraud, sham" - the assumption that each country conducts it's law enforcement in the same manner. A English prisoner was mistreated after 2 years being held in ??? Greece? not sure on scanty evidence. Fast track extradition can happen on tainted or scant evidence. Andrew Samao, Simeo.

    On another note, it appears that this season men's tie knots are much wider.

    Baker Report remains blind to the human injustice that is occurring under current policy. Losing sight of innocent until proven guilty in Britain, the gentleman says.

    They seem to be in agreement, but can't vote today. They say let's kick it up to the Chamber so it can be put to a vote.

    British parliamentarians seem to be infinitely more dapper, younger and well spoken than gnarly and mean old US Congressmen and Senators.

    He is calling the current system Kafkaesque. Some poor old lady Debra Dark who was found not guilty on drug charges in France 20 years ago was arrested AND STRIPPED on holiday in Turkey at gunpoint b/c she was still "wanted". Another dude was convicted of a murder in Italy when he could prove he wasn't there.

    The EAW blindly assumes mutual trust in other members, and innocent citizens are denied Geneva convention human rights.

    Now 11 members will speak on individual cases. Assange's rep will probably come up here.

    Julian Assange is being brought up, and apparently there are thousands of cases. He is proposing mutual withdrawal - if one EU state refuses to enforce a bad arrest warrent, all states must recognize the refusal and follow suit.

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