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  1. If Scientology wasn't an abusive mind controlling group/business; I might find the ''unsolicited" testimonials humorous. By the way, everyone has to write a ''success story'' at the end of every course or auditing in order to finish and get those pretty certificates. I have been out of Scientology for over 30 years and those testimonials are almost word for word exactly the same as the ones I used to see when I was in Scientology. It wouldn't surprise me if some were exactly the same. There are only so many ways you can say the same dumb thing.

    Now I am sure than those individuals feel that they got something good from all this. If I spent all that money I am sure that I would feel the same way. But there is something about those stories that reminds me of the ''confessions'' that American prisoners of war would be forced to say to reporters while their captors looked on. The POWs all sounded similar using the same old clich├ęs and words.

    I remember writing those success testimonials too. At the time, I didn't really mind it but it felt a little like writing to a relative that you didn't really like all that much. What I mean is that nothing came out easily or naturally. It was more like trying to find a way to fill in a blank page of paper with enough ink so that it looked good. I don't think that those people were that much different than me. Somewhere deep down inside I think they felt the same way about this. It may not be enough to make one realize that this is a scam and an abusive cult though.

    A big subject and there is more to say on this but I will end here.
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