Ashlee Shaner - Gold Base - Memorial

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by exOT8Michael, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. muldrake Member

    Re: Ashlee Shaner - Gold Base - Memorial

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    This is the bulk of the Shaner litigation, which appears to have gone up on the Riverside County court system some time recently. The long and short. The contractors got the shaft, or at least their insurer did, to the max policy limits of $1,000,000 apiece, for $2,000,000 for the family over the course of a long payout period. The cult got off the hook with a nuisance value settlement of $10,000 by threatening to inundate the plaintiffs in a "blizzard" of frivolous motions.

    The reason they were driving the vehicles on the road, unlit, on the wrong side of the road, at night, with no warning lights or flagmen or anything, is that the dwarf was screaming and demanding the work be done immediately. Or, as they said, "Golden Era" was insisting.

    The lawyer representing the Shaners was probably correct about the economics of the situation in settling for a little over $2,000,000 and not doubling down to gamble on what would have probably cost $2,000,000 or so, and several years, to prosecute with no guarantee of victory.

    Disappointing but typical.
  2. Herro Member

    Re: Ashlee Shaner - Gold Base - Memorial

    This thread would suggest otherwise.

    That's exactly why it is exploitative. If the purpose of the memorial is not to serve as a reminder of the woman's life but rather to "plead the case of why we think scientology is harmful," you are exploiting her death for your own ends.

    A for effort, D+ for execution.
  3. 33755 Member

    Re: Ashlee Shaner - Gold Base - Memorial

    The family of the girl wouldn't be the first people to put up a memorial as a "thumb the nose at" the real culprit in the wrongful death suit.

    Scientologists are adept at exploiting people who seek assistance from CCHR, who use their case in the Scientology platform against psychiatry. The person calling thinks they will get legal help, when in fact scientologists answering the phone are only interested in using the new case as yet another black eye to psychiatry by publishing another story (usually exaggerated). Talk about exploitative!

    Why is it so hard to image that there's an evil tyrant called David Miscavige who runs an empire of stupid dolts who do his evil bidding?

    Are the evil act thus committed done "in the name of Scientology" or are they simply "in the name of David Miscavige"?

    When your MAA puts the thumb screws to you in an injust way, do you grant him the right to do so, or write him up to RTC? Have you ever gotten in trouble for writing a knowledge report?
  4. King Nerd Member

    Re: Ashlee Shaner - Gold Base - Memorial

    Blah blah blah... did I miss anything?
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Ashlee Shaner - Gold Base - Memorial

    You where to busy telling her you were b/


    King Troll is more like it.
  6. King Nerd Member

    Re: Ashlee Shaner - Gold Base - Memorial

    That was totally Hulk. And I never said I was /b/... she inferred it after talking to UA and Hulk.
  7. xenubarb Member

    Re: Gameday 3/3 - Ordinance #884

    It's her fault for not having mighty OT night vision. Dark road, a curve, whoa, skiploader without lights in the highway!

    She should have seen it. Which she might have, had she been coming back from an auditing session instead of Bible study.
  8. King Nerd Member

    Re: Ashlee Shaner - Gold Base - Memorial

    OMG! A small thing we can whine about!

    Take your fanaticism to ARS or something.
  9. Herro Member

    Re: Ashlee Shaner - Gold Base - Memorial

    what are you talking about?
  10. azonymous Member

    Re: Ashlee Shaner - Gold Base - Memorial

    write out of elron's demented brain...always attack...cos is foul and this shite needs to come to an end
    $10,000, oooh, that really hurt
  11. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Ashlee Shaner - Gold Base - Memorial

    Thx 4 the info muldrake.
    Typical indeed of this scam cult.
  12. We (friends & family) have tried so many times to put up crosses for Ashlee there and "someone" continues to take them down. It's very frustrating.

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  13. Why not drop a little Open Letter asking why they keep taking the memorials down to Mr Miscavige (COB RTC, Small Person) and post it to Mr Tony Ortega (Editor-in-chief at the Village Voice)?

    Why should the death of a loved one in such tragic circumstances not have a suitable memorial in situ?
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Stupid wogs. All enturbulated over one EOC. She's probably already back by now; you should go find her if you really care so much.
  15. anon walker Moderator

    Roadside memorials for people who died in car wrecks aren't unusual. What's Scientology got to do with it?
  16. anon walker Moderator

    We KNOW where the fucking public property begins! The whole AO thing, that was the VFP. Property lines. In fact, remember after all the surveys and stuff AO found out the cult had enclosed about 10 feet of public land behind their fence? And because it'd been that way for so long, they were trying to do some sort of grab, but the paper reported it and one night, they had an 'all hands' to move the fence back to their own damn property!

    This entailed unhooking all the security systems, removing the security blades, disassembling and reassembling the fence, reinstalling security devices.

    We were Cause. At Int Base. That's kind of a big deal.
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  17. Random guy Member

  18. anon walker Moderator

    We were discussing a roadside memorial for a young woman who died on that road. Herro was the one who brought Scientology into it.
  19. anon walker Moderator

    Actually, it was a CONTRACTOR working for Scientology. He was pressured to complete the job that night, and negligently left the bucket of a skip loader in the road for Ashlee to run into.
  20. anon walker Moderator

    Her mother was in the car behind hers. What a lovely way to end an evening of bible study!
    (gotta ask, where's yer god now?)
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  21. anon walker Moderator

    He was under orders to finish the job. It was his negligence and Scientology, Inc. insistence that it be completed that night that led to this tragedy.

    Both were culpable.
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