Article on hacking North Korea. Bad idea, folks!

Discussion in 'Planning' started by exOT8Michael, Apr 11, 2013.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    No, pile in.

    At least that's what this memo from Cyber Command says.
  3. So.... You're saying that possible DPRK conspiratorial fears would be accurate?
  4. Keep this in mind: Not every war starts like WWII or Vietnam or Iraq. A lot of wars start accidentally through miscalculation.
  5. exOT8Michael Member

    U got a leader now?? LOL
  6. This is potentially a major admission. Are you sure about this?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Yes I typed it myself.
  8. exOT8Michael Member

    I firmly believe that hacking North Korea is EPIC FAIL. Something like stirring up a hornets nest while you and all your loved ones are naked and chained to a tree. Yes, something a bit like happened to the dorks in Hunger Games. Nuclear hornet stirring is just retarded and could blow back at you horribly even in your basement computer lair.
    Protesting Scientology is much more fun, and relevant to our interests (meme). HACKING NORTH KOREA IS: Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 3.56.45 PM.png
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Belief based on what? Please provide a list of wars caused by skiddies in the blank space below:
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  10. Reasons for why wars start are as old as the hills and not subject to technological change. Just because skiddies are new, doesn't mean that they won't start wars or precipitate the conditions for war.

    Look at WWI. No one wanted that war to start. All the conditions had been arranged for a long time to defend against an outbreak of war, which was perceived in neighboring countries as preparation for war. Finally, a relatively minor incident in Sarajevo, which otherwise wouldn't have had much of any significance, prompted reactions in capitals in Europe that eventually cascaded into a brutal war. This should sound familiar.

    The 1967 war is another case of escalation that could have been avoided. The Kargil War could have gotten out of control, and gone nuclear by accident. I'm sure I could dig up a bunch of other cases...
  11. Anonymous Member

    So what you're saying is, hackers have never started a nuclear war or a world war or any kind of war.
  12. It's pretty clear that what I'm saying is that that is irrelevant. And this underscores what I said in my initial Facebook message: this is something with major consequences and it sounds to me like you are not considering what could happen.

    If you are indeed involved in these acts, then what are your goals? What evidence do you have that a new, insecure, unproven leader (or any North Korean leader, for that matter) will back down from a foreign provocation? Do you have a clear, face-saving path toward optimal behavior for the DPRK? Do you know, or have you been told, what kind of a future you're looking for in this? How can you be confident that your involvement won't disrupt a delicate situation?
  13. "Cyber Command" what bullshit! WTF!? Whens the Action Figure coming out!
    Fuck Off!

    That's fucking's a few words for Ian Bremmer .. Too Late - Back door-ed & Fuck Off
  14. The Wrong Guy Member

    Anonymous hacks North Korean websites for a second time

    By Warwick Ashford, April 15, 2013

    Members of the Anonymous hacktivist collective claim to have hacked several prominent North Korean websites for a second time in less than two weeks as part of the group’s Operation Free Korea.

    Just over a week ago, the group claimed to have launched its first strikes days after it threatened North Korea with cyber war if the country’s leader Kim Jong-un did not resign and install democracy.

    Anonymous is also demanding that North Korea abandon its nuclear ambitions and give universal and uncensored internet access to its citizens.

    North Korea’s government-run @Uriminzok Twitter account has remained in the hacktivist group’s control since 4 April, and a fresh series of messages claim that four North Korean websites, including news site, have been hacked or taken offline, according to US reports.

    The main Uriminzokkiri website is reportedly offline, while manipulated images of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have been placed on three hacked English language news sites.

    Continued at
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  15. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh fucking bawwwww, most Anons couldn't be bothered even, and this is the last place to go warnings AFAIK, wrong anons.
    NK hasn't yet figured out that crashing their systems is child's-play, and their biggest, and pretty much only ally, China, is poised to stomp them severely should they start to fuck with their economy. I have a feeling that China has been waiting for the opportunity to take them over for a long while, and Lil Kim just may be presenting an opening, am pretty sure there'd be a huge 'surrender-monkey' factor happening too. Just a thought, its kind of like, hmmmm, start a war, surrender, get foreign aides from UN etc.=win, leader go live in a mansion in? 'Nother hmm, where would the little fuck go? Who would have him? You think he'd make a good drum skin? You know, for all those festive Korean occasions.
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  16. grebe Member

    OP I think you might be on the wrong forum. A successful hacking effort of North Korean government computer systems is likely going to require a fair amount of cultural and linguistic competence. But we haz only Gagnam style and kimchi.

    Quick without Googling: how many here know the name of the president of South Korea?

    Since "Anonymous" is anything you want it to be, it is not a specific threat.
  17. The Wrong Guy Member

    North Korea’s hidden internet, and hacking warriors ‘unit 121′

    ‘Hacktivist for good’ @th3j35t3r casts speculation on the real danger

    By James Allen on April 27, 2013

    As the Korean peninsula braces for war, the first conflicts have already begun as underground hacker groups race to gain access to North Korean networks, both military and public access.

    In this article, I interview a notorious hacker, known only as “Jester”, and contactable only through his twitter account @JΞSTΞR™. He casts speculation on the danger of North Korea’s government run “Unit 121” hacking squad and reveals his own personal efforts behind the attacks on North Korean cables.

    On April the 16th, the hacker collective Anonymous claimed responsibility for hacking 5 North Korean sites which usually broadcast propaganda. The hacks took place on the 101st birthday of North Korea’s founder, an extremely important day in North Korea, also known as “The day of sun.”

    Anonymous claims it was able to plant defamatory images on the sites, depicting Kim Jong Un complete with pig ears and nose, with the text “Wanted. Kim Jong Un.” sprawled at either end of the image.

    However, the lone wolf hacker ‘Jester’ has a different story to tell. After a few attempts to interview him about his work, he agreed through a direct message on his Twitter account to a short interview. I was keen to see just what he made of the ongoing conflict and his involvement in the recent hacks.

    @jjamieallen: So what do you make of the recent anonymous hacks of North Korean websites? Do you feel there is a genuine intent behind them or is it just a sporadic uncoordinated attack?

    @JΞSTΞR™: I was quick to highlight on my blog that I started these attacks and provided the foundation for the hacks. Anonymous ‘hi-jacked’ my efforts, and whereas is started out as a genuine attempt to gain an insight into North Korea, it ended up being a media showcase, a chance for Anonymous to claim the spotlight.

    Continued at
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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    OP is Michael "Stay on Target" Pattinson. Good to see him and personally, I like this thread.
    Interest. Other than that, I agree with you. I do not know the president of sk
  20. Shemale animal porn.
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  21. Ah I thought this was google.

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  22. Anonymous Member

    I think that may have been a joke about "Cyber Command" there, Michael.

    Park Jae-Sang.
  23. Anonymous Member

    'Ultra' SIGINT played a major part in winning WWII. (Apropos of nothing).

    You don't think you might be being a wee bit self-important here?

    Who put you in charge of foreign policy?

    What's your own experience and qualifications for the job of leader?
  24. You should answer, Anonymous. Yes, he was a little self important. However, one wrong move, and you may have a nuclear war on your hands. While I agree with your actions so far, I definitely see people's points of view- Nobody wants a nuclear war! Thank you for your efforts, but be carefull!
  25. Anonymous, you are messing with lives here- Billions of lives. NEVER forget that- and since you do not forget, don't push it to the back of your minds either!
  26. Anonymous Member

    Can you people fuck off.

    This has nothing to do with us.
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. I support Anonymous! They are only trying to help! I don't see you doing anything!
  29. billybob Member

    Respect to Michael Pattinson, but I think we're not the Anonymous he is looking for.

    The Anonymous who are haxing NK are not reading WWP.

    Anonymous starting WWIII?
    If Global Nuclear War broke out because of Anonymous hijinks,
    then we'd truly be the Epic Fail Guy.

    Get's funnier the more I think about it!
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  30. Obligatory WarGames reference incoming
    [IMG] GIFSoup

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