Art Spiegelman: creator of Maus

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonimosity, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Anonimosity Member

  2. moose Member

    Re: Art Spiegelman: creator of Maus

    it would be kinda against the idea of being Anonymous.
    If they tell their name, then they are not anonymous (except for these few who have been identified by CoS perhaps...)

    If he wants to join, ok. but please stay anonymous.
  3. Anonimosity Member

    Re: Art Spiegelman: creator of Maus

    Not everyone who protests is Anonymous...and there wouldn't be much point to recruit celebs if they won't throw their name behind the anti-Co$ movement.
  4. moose Member

    Re: Art Spiegelman: creator of Maus

    true, therefore recruiting celebs is a bad idea imo.

    It would turn this event into a boring everyday protest.
    The media would turn their camera's to the celebs, and is that what you want?

    Celebs would try to become spokespeople because that is what their A&R manager thinks is best for their career.... :/

    Anonymous or GTFO
  5. Anonimosity Member

    Re: Art Spiegelman: creator of Maus

    Do you want to take down Scientology or dick around in a Guy Fawkes mask?
    It seems like the latter to me.
    Anonymous is not the original critic or protestor.
    Any publicity is good publicity for us, and bad for them.
    No matter how much you'd like to think this your fun little war with the Co$, its not.
  6. moose Member

    Re: Art Spiegelman: creator of Maus

    o right, lets all drop the masks.
    And lets wear buttons with our names too !

    that would be lots of fun! yay!

  7. twelve Member

    Re: Art Spiegelman: creator of Maus

    In case you didn't notice, he didn't suggest dropping the masks. What he suggested was getting additional support. Which is, you know, a good idea and all.

    Lol. Get a real argument.
  8. Gisman Member

    Re: Art Spiegelman: creator of Maus

    Cease your nonesense.


    It's a good idea but I'm not exactly sure how much weight he carries and how practical his support will be.

    It's certainly worth a go though

  9. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Art Spiegelman: creator of Maus

    Considering his stance on censorship, I would be interested in hearing his take on Scientology's abuses - and Anonymous' efforts. And considering his more creative nature, who knows? We could be just as inspirational to him as he has been to many others.

    Anyone know how to drop him a line?

    Oh yes, and one more thing -

  10. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Art Spiegelman: creator of Maus

    IMHO, having support from "celebs" is not a bad thing, but we should not try to generate it.

    If people manage, when they have the opportunity, to say something nice about us, that's a win, but you cannot ask them to become PTS/SP.

    Everyone has a personal perception of risk and chance. I am quite convinced that we will get support when people feel comfortable to do it.
  11. Gunslinger Member

    Re: Art Spiegelman: creator of Maus

    You make a good point, but this isn't as much about getting the open support of a "Celebrity" as having someone who has a history of being against Censorship and supporting Free Speech to join the throng. (These are 2 issues close to the heart of Anonymous)

    Spiegelman's input would have weight (in his own circles, at least) because of his reputation with these issues. It's different than from trying to get someone like Rachel Ray to pipe up and lend a hand. Sure, she's got a fan-base, but absolutely no "street-cred" in this kind of rumble.

    I believe while we need to be wary of "electing" any Leaders among the celebs, we do need to start getting away from this inherent fear that names and faces are bad things to have and that famous names and faces are worse. Don't get me wrong - I'm staying Anonymous. But not because I think I'm some kind of Internet ubermensch by saying I'm "Anonymous" - I resevere the right to keep the OSA from butt-raping my reputation right now.

    But I see it being very, very hard for the CoS to go after someone like Stephen King or Barbara Bush if they were to give their opinion on the matter. Their opinions won't make our Cause any more valid, but considering all the Celebrity Zombies the CoS utilizes, I say fight fire with fire with the help of some intelligent "non-brainwashed" people with reputations in the fields of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Expression, Human Rights and good old fashioned "Coolness." If the Foo Fighters came out against the CoS and supporting Anonymous, you bet your ass I'd be happy to hear it.

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