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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Anonymous, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    hey guys, I'm an ex-scio and I'm currently working on a website that will quickly educate general public of the core dangers of scientology. Although there is a wealth of info online it is, as the scios would say, "dispersed". I'm thinking about people who have no interest in the subject but who are "intimately connected" to someone who does - and I'm also thinking of that noob who is showing interest.

    This website will break it all down for general public and depart info in a clear and concise manner, well guided and well formatted. It's going to take me many months to compile, curate, condense and develop (based on my always-hectic schedule).

    Once the website is finished - hopefully before Chrimbo - I'll post all the files here and welcome feedback / input.

    The 'catch' - what I need - is someone to look after the hosting and DNR. I've researched some domains that are available and which would be ideal. (I don't want to disclose now and have fucking OSA snap them up). I also don't want to book hosting and DNR under my name and draw legal hassle from the corporation.

    So, help from more technically-talented peeps on this would be amazing.

    I'll post up a zipped folder of all web files so it can be translated and adjusted for other countries and regions.

    Look forward to your input, and help if possible.
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  2. pedrofcuk Member

    There are ways of getting what you want, Slappyness. Someone will be in touch. ;)
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