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  1. CuppyCake Member


    I haven't seen many posts from Argentina after 2009, what is going on?? :(

    Can any Porteños tell me what is going on currently? I am more than happy to help with issues back in my own country (US)... but since I am here for a little while, I would like to know what is going down in S.A. as well.

    Hope to get good news! I got an Anon itch that needs to be scratched. :p
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Argentina???

    COREarg has been in recently. He might be a good one to ask.
  3. CuppyCake Member

    Re: Argentina???

    I'm a bit new here, how do I search a member? :confused:
  4. HOC Member

    Re: Argentina???

    Hello CuppyCake,

    The following are links to Argentinian anons on WWP who have been recently active if you want to get in touch:

    Lizzy (More active on Facebook, I will try to contact her for you).
  5. CuppyCake Member

    Re: Argentina???

    Perfect, sent CORE a message, if you get Lizzie's FB info let me know. I'll hit up Petete too since someone linked me his blog, and he seems pretty active in general.

    ::thumbs up::
  6. charlie Member

    Re: Argentina???

    Petete done a copy new BBC PANORAMA documentry with subtitles.
  7. CuppyCake Member

    Re: Argentina???

    Ya I saw that, awesome work for sure. I wish I could help with things like that, but my Spanish is truly crap. I can barely speak English most days ;)

    Hopefully we can get more Anons from the region, THAT I can help with. Might was well put my PR skills to good use.
  8. HOC Member

    Re: Argentina???

    Another piece of organisational help can be found at Active Anonymous Cells | Anonymous: Still Alive if you Argentinian anons are interested. Has some useful little nuggets of information. :)
  9. CuppyCake Member

    Re: Argentina???

    HOC, I kind of love you ;)

    Thanks for all the helpful help that helps
  10. HOC Member

    Re: Argentina???

    No problem,
    Sounds like I'm taking to the new Welcome Committee role pretty well then! hehe
  11. CuppyCake Member

    Re: Argentina???

    Mos def. I would vote for ya next term as well. I checked the link, and unfortunately no cells are listed for South America AT ALL. If I get a hold of Petetetetete or whatever, I'll make sure he gets his info on there.
  12. AnonyVix Member

    Re: Argentina???

    Good to hear from Argentina - welcome Cupcake.
  13. CuppyCake Member

    Re: Argentina???

    Thanx, I'm really a "Yanqui"... or I guess you would call me a "Yank"... but I want to see what sort of seeds of rebellion can be planted here while I am around.

    I am a shit-stirrer and proud of it. Those silly Scilon can't get rid of me with simple harassment. -wink-
  14. Bibi Member

    hola, para quienes extrañen argentina, bueno, uruguay les sirve? saludos desde estos pagos!
  15. cuxoo Member

    I'm from Argentina! I have recently sing in WWP. How can I find more people from here?
  16. Django Member

    Very carefully...

  17. Bibi Member

    cuxo, leiste el post 4 mas arriba?
  18. Hikawa Member

    Hello im algo a new argentina member, normaly you would think that there are not many argentinian people really moving for a change but thats only the Appearance, beneath the high-medium social class (who are by the way larges families of people who only blames all their curses and bad situations to the poverty, the poverty at the same time hates the medium and high class blame them for they poverty,hate and discrimination, etc etc.), in this kind of social enviroment people of medium class involved in this struggle begins to thinks a little more rational than his social class and they started to develop a strange mix between revolutionary thinking and moral conscience, but not aplicated because the social "pression" here isnt the same that many of european,north american , or asian countries.
    So to make things a little more short these means that in Argentina theres a lot of potential to participate in global issues, but the only thing we lack its the information of the movements of these tipe of people around the world, here the local Media are really far telling any of this, the existence of Annonymous its only know to the "intense" users of internets, i wanna make to emphasize this point.So in my opinion what we need here its to start to show the people manifestation of this ideas, luckily i know smalls gropus of people who will love to mobilize for these idea, so with a bit of luck you may hear from us shortly
  19. grebe Member

    Hola Hikawa,

    Sounds like your neighbors need some education about Anonymous. Maybe you could print up a few business cards with a web address for the Spanish version of the video on the wwp front page? Then you could leave them in various places to spread the word.

    Here's what I say to friends:

    Humans have a weakness: they worry about ego more than truth. And so sometimes it is necessary to speak anonymously, without a personal ego, for the sake of the truth.

    Powerful people have big egos and often will retaliate against identified persons who raise difficult questions. Anonymity forces the powerful to confront issues rather than personalities.

    It's true that anonymity removes some accountability for hurtful behavior, and so most of the time we want to know the identities of the people we are dealing with. But we should allow places on the Internet where people can speak anonymously. We should regard the free exchange of ideas that affect us all as a human right.

    Some ideas inspire many people and create a sudden mass action without leadership or organization. When the Church of Scientology tried to stop people from sharing a video of Tom Cruise talking crazy, that triggered a mass action called "Chanology." Surprisingly that action is still going on three years later, probably because Scientology can't stop doing things that really piss people off.

    No one can predict exactly what will provoke Anonymous to act. But wanting justice and wanting a good laugh seem to be recurrent themes.
  20. Petete Member

  21. Hikawa Member

    First of all thanks for taking your time , i was thinking about printing material and some pamphlets in various places to spread the idea.

    ;Muchas gracias por el soporte !
  22. Petete Member

  23. The_Comedian Member

    yo soy de buenos aires,asi que si necesitan otro par de manos por aca,diganme

    im from buenos aires,if you need another pair of hands around here,say me
  24. COREarg Member

    Hola Comedian!
    Yo soy COREarg, pero podes llamarme Core, Corita o Coco. Cualquiera esta bien.

    Si sos nuevo: Te recomiendo que te fijes en las ultimas protestas que hicimos* , revises nuestro blog

    y nos busques en Facebook, obviamente! Nos vas a ubicar por la bandera con el sol que tiene la cara de Anonymous. Y no dudes en contactarme via mensaje privado por aca, o por Facebook (creo que en mi usuario debe decir).

    Tambien seria interesante saber si sos de Buenos Aires, o de alguna de las provincias. Espero que de Buenos Aires, ya que adoramos recibir gente nueva en las protestas <3 (Y asi me das excusa para hacer una torta).


    * las ultimas protestas de Anonymous en cuanto a Chanology:
    18 de diciembre
    12 de febrero
    19 de marzo
  25. The_Comedian Member

    Gracias corita
    la verdad que si!
    de buenos aires.
    me voy a fijar en facebook y todo
  26. Anonymous Member

    $cientologica es puto, mås loco que una cabra con pollitos... la verdad de la milanesa = no dejar titere con cabeza!

    Argentina Anons atamos con alambre, no chivar como puto nuevo, no renegué como puto nuevo, sacarle el jugo!!


    Go get 'em, gauchos. Round them up and send them all back to Clearwater with a sore ass.

    Awesome Argentina es Awesome.
  27. COREarg Member

    De nada, y bienvenido a WWP. <3

    Yay, thanks!
    And...I don't know how to handle the boleadoras,but I will try to make them get back to Clearwater. LOL
  28. The_Comedian Member

    che,ahi es cerca de donde estudio,y esa iglesia de ahi que aparece es donde tome mi primera comunion (antes de que existiera la scienciologia)

    creo,no pude ver bien,pero de seguro que si
  29. Anonymous Member

    Argentine Epic Nose Guy for the win!

    Anons - caer como peludo de regalo, echando putas como cabaret en quiebra!
  30. Anonymous Member

    Scientologica?? ¡Dejate de joder! ¡Al pedo como teta de monja! :D
  31. vaLLarrr Member

    Romper las bolas de Scientologica!
  32. COREarg Member

    Soy hembra,lol

    Estan al pedo, pero eso no significa que no esten por ahi, eh?

    Hace poco tenian un programa de Radio en FM Dakota, pero no pudieron continuarlo porque parece,se quedaron sin plata. Tampoco hicieron el cumpleaños a L.Ron Hubbard.
    Fue triste prender la radio el sabado, esperando oir a Libardi...para encontrarse con una tarotista hablando pavadas sobre "seres de luz". (FM Dakota es una radio dedicada a cosas de "nueva era" y sarasa)
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Que es "sarasa" ? (pardon my Castellan)
  34. Anonymous Member

    ah! I get "sarasa" now... LOL!!
  35. Anonymous Member

    Radio adverts for the cult not paid for then? Interesting... :D
  36. Petete Member

  37. Petete Member

    And one more
  38. Anonymous Member

    Tangoanons are Go!
  39. Petete Member

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  40. eternauta Member

    Buenas, soy un poco nuevo en esto, pero bueno, cuenten con mis manos en lo que necesiten (y que obviamente su causa me respresente, con lo de la chantologia cuenten conmigo)

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