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  1. Lizzy0lizzard Member

  2. Shinythings Member

    Re: Argentina

    Hey there. I think I have seen little chanology activity in spanish. You might be interested in making a call for all spanish speaking anons to make translations and build up websites. This way you might get more people than focusing just on one country. If you manage to get enough people, you can then coordinate web raids on spanish speaking blogs, newspapers, etc in all the countries of the people involved.

    Just a though, wonder if that would help.

    I can speak spanish, but I'm really short on spare time. Still, if spanish speaking anons numbers are low I guess I can handle to make some contributions...
  3. LachendeMann Member

    Re: Argentina

    Estamos present3s, y dispuestos a hacer todo lo necesrio para que nuestra patria sea un territorio hostil a la scientologìa y demàs sectas

    esperen novedades, y que todo latinoamerica siga el ejemplo


    We are present and willing to do whatever it takes to make our homeland an Hostile Spot to COS or any other cult.

    keep looking forward to hearing from us, May all Latinamerica follow this example

  4. Nataku Member

  5. Raziel777 Member

    Re: Argentina

    Desde argentina un usuario mas presente!!!, desde ya un saludo y voy a hacer lo imposible para informarle a todo el mundo sobre estas personas.
  6. guidofawkesba Member

    Re: Argentina

    Uno más que se suma, con un nick bien pretencioso. ;)

    Disculpen si me salgo mucho del topic, pero acá en Argentina tendriamos que cargar contra La Iglesia Universal, no tanto contra la Cientología, que acá no corta ni pincha.

    La Iglesia Universal y los demás pentecostales tienen muchos más adeptos y eso se traduce en VOTOS en las proximas elecciones.

    No creo que nadie quiera hablar de política acá, y yo menos, pero sí de cómo las religiones se meten en política, y los Anon de Latinoamerica deberíamos pelearlo.
  7. themadhair Member

    Re: Argentina

    Regarding Anonimos Espana

    I am the website owner and would love, due to not speaking a word of Spanish, to hand it over to folks who could make some use of it.
  8. guidofawkesba Member

    Re: Argentina

    TheMadHair, what's the idea?
    I speak english more or less fluently, I'll be glad to lend a hand.

    I would take the chance to underline what I said on my previous reply. There's no actually much sense to confront Scientology here in South America. They are poorly known and widely viewed as ridiculous ufologists or new age cuckoos.

    I really think Anon must confront another sects or groups of power such as Jehova Witnesses or Pentecostal Churches, or this is gonna be just a useless crusade.

    We will be attacking just a single ant while the hole anthill is the problem.
  9. LachendeMann Member

    Re: Argentina

    agree with you guido, but they were "recognized" as a religion by our incompetent and corrupt goverment. This is a first step

    We should attack on pentecostal churches too, they are invading our country from north to south, screw them all!


    Les decia a todos que guido tiene un punto, la iglesia universal apesta y nos estan invadiendo, pero que la scientologia sea reconocida como religion por nuestros pateticos "representantes" nos deja muy mal parados y les da una pequeña victoria. Yo digo que ...como hace USA ataquemos preventivamente!*

    (*eso ultimo no lo pongo en ingles a ver si se ofenden nuestros compañeros anons del Norte ajjajaja )
  10. parvent Member

    Re: Argentina

    Yeah, just change the name to Mondo Espanol ...?
  11. francie Member

    Re: Argentina




  12. anonequences Member

    Re: Argentina

    Crusade, eh? Is this the Roman Catholic wing of Anonymous?

    Good luck in your endeavors, but...


    (I belong to none of the groups mentioned but Anonymous)
  13. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Argentina

    They may not have much of a presence in South American now but they are working on it. From Pooks:

    From: Div6 <>
    Subject: Special Activities on the Freewinds - Find Out About it Here!
    From: Mick Davies, D/CO D&E FSSO
    Date: Wednesday, February 11, 2009

    Dear Scientologist,

    I am inviting you to come to the Freewinds RIGHT NOW to participate in “The Tech of How to Clear Your Area RIGHT NOW! Convention”.

    You will get to personally participate in a Freewinds dissemination campaign. Right now we are directly involved in Clearing Colombia. You will literally drill dissemination tech and go out with Freewinds crew to disseminate to the people of this country. There is a huge carnival in Colombia where there will be a The Way to Happiness float, and where we are targeted to pass out 2,000,000 The Way to Happiness booklets working side by side with the policemen of Colombia . You could be a part of this!

    You will not only learn to give seminars, but you will also go out and set them up and deliver them to Colombian raw public. You have a real opportunity right now to be a part of this crusade and FSM as LRH intended. So far, in less than 2 weeks, 100 new public have walked into Bogota Org from these actions alone. Field groups are springing up everywhere and the people of Colombia want to know about Human Rights, Say No to Drugs and all the tech LRH has to offer.

    What’s lacking is the correct order of magnitude in the number of Scientologists who can assist in this tremendous reach from the spiritual beings of this country.

    The mission briefing: The Barranquilla Carnival festival occurs on the 23rd of February. This is one of the largest carnivals in the world.

    A very high official of this area is personally preparing a The Way to Happiness Float for this festival. He has requested 2 million The Way to Happiness booklets so that they can be distributed during this festival by the local police force.

    You can participate and be part of this historic event!

    If you have ever wondered what it will take to really safe point your area, if you ever wanted to know how to reach your community more broadly with LRH tech – come to the Freewinds in Cartagena and see it with your own eyes. Find out exactly how this is done, from the first contacts with Opinion Leaders, to use of the Tone Scale and PR Technology, to finding a ruin on the 3rd and 4th Dynamic – experience it and be part of it!

    Participate in one of the largest, fastest moving and most exciting dissemination efforts in our history, which is changing the destiny of an entire country!


    Mick Davies

    D/Commanding Officer for Delivery & Exchange

    Sign up Now!

    And come and be a part of this historic event!

    Contact your local Freewinds registrar or the Advance Scheduling Registrar at: (727) 445-4309 or email

    © 2009 CSFSSO. All Rights Reserved. OT, THE WAY TO HAPPINESS and FREEWINDS are trademarks and service marks owned by Religious Technology Center and are used with its permission. Scientologist is a collective membership mark designating members of the affiliated churches and missions of Scientology. Services relating to Scientology religious philosophy are delivered throughout the world exclusively by licensees of the Church of Scientology International with the permission of Religious Technology Center , holder of the SCIENTOLOGY and DIANETICS trademarks. Freewinds Ship is registered in Panama .
  14. guidofawkesba Member

    Re: Argentina

    Ok, so let's do a little order.

    - anonequences, "Crusade", is just a word. Call it campaign, cause, drive, movement, effort, or what ever you like. ;) The historic persona of Guy Fawkes was catholic, but I'm not. In fact, catholicism is another branch of power, and personally, I'm very against the official nature of catholicism in Argentinian State, but that's another big big huge issue to discuss separately. Not here, please.

    - Anon1720, I know they are working on, of course they will, and the National Secretariat of Cult (Secretaría de Culto de la Nación Argentina) blindly accepted Scientology without further analysis, as Germany did. BUT here in Argentina they are still nothing but a single office

    In other words, I know what I'm proposing is to open new "battle fronts". But that's the potential of Anonymus. And it's duty. Because if we really are Anonymus, we should not only fight cause a group from felt censured by Scientology long ago. We should fight for something BIGGER, like
    freethinking, stopping mind slavery, and that concerns another sects and religion, regardless if they were recognized by the laws of each country or not.

    I know Anonymus must respect the law and I'm cool with that. All of the above
    mentioned must be done within the law, of course. Within the law we have the right to protest, too.

    Traducción, mas o menos:

    Creo que está bien que los Anon de sudamérica mantengamos un ojo en estos cientologos que desembarcaron en nuestro continente, pero si el propósito de Anon es luchar contra la esclavitud mental que supone esta secta, tambien deberíamos hacerlo contra los Testigos de Jehova y La Iglesia Universal, que no por venir de nuestro querido Brasil son mejor gente. Garcas hay en todos lados, no solamente en EE.UU.!!

    Empecemos a juntar fuerzas, lo que quiere decir, empecemos a juntar GENTE, porque nuestra únicas armas son el anonimato y la cantidad. Si somos cientos o miles, no nos pueden hacer nada. Tenemos que ser una LEGIÓN, tambien en Argentina.
  15. Nataku Member

    Re: Argentina

    Declaración Universal de Derecho
  16. guidofawkesba Member

    Re: Argentina

    Nataku, de acuerdo.
    Hay que tener presente el derecho humano a la libertad de culto todo el tiempo. No se está en contra de la práctica religiosa, pero aceptemos que la práctica religiosa también implica en muchos casos un atentado a la libertad de pensamiento y de conciencia.

    Admito que el mensaje, la forma y los modos de una campaña que hagamos tienen que ser muy cuidadosamente elegidos.
  17. Nataku Member

    Re: Argentina

  18. Shinythings Member

    Re: Argentina

    Fuck you fuck you fuck you anda donde la puta que te parió

    This is chanology. You wanna start your own personal army, go somewhere else.

    Also, this is a fire. You know what to do

  19. auchraw Member

    Re: Argentina

  20. francie Member

    Re: Argentina

    Scientology is very quick to mobilize (like an army) and exploit a weakness where they smell money.

    Even a very tiny office is too much. "Where you find cancer, cut it out immediately!"

    Because Scientology is so small and unknown in Argentina, Argentina will be easier to exploit. Already Scientology has obtained some sort of official recognition -- see document above.

    First Scientology will BEHIND THE SCENES try for further political and business recognition. Then using that recognition as an ENDORSEMENT, it will expand throughout Argentina.

    You must stop the cancer before it spreads. It is there. You only see a tiny bit of it. But it is spreading already and must be stopped before it reaches any sort of size.

    Do not think that Scientology will not get far because Argentinians are smart, or Catholic, or any other reason. The Church of Scientology will (and has already) recruited people into their Sea Org and brought them to the USA for slave labor (Human Trafficking).

    The pay in Argentina is low and the exchange rate is still favorable with the USA that the customary Sea Org pay of $50 per week is more money that a lot of Argentinians make. AND an offer of employment with the Sea Org is an opportunity to get into the USA, which is difficult for Argentinians at this time.

    Scientology will exploit Argentina as a cheap labor pool for their Human Trafficking operations.

    Auchraw is correct. Start spreading information NOW.
  21. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Argentina

    You guys in South America need to take preventative action because the scilons are heading your way, just as they are trying to do in South Africa. They will try to get favors from your leaders, key people in your Governments. They will offer them incentives (bribes) and be real nice to them. They will claim they can do all manner of things like clean up drugs or education etc. They are big on promises and small on results and take lots of money.

    As you know their sole aim is to take over, your leaders need to understand that the scilons are a threat to their authority in the long term and should not be tolerated, no matter how nice they treat them.

    Good luck.
  22. guidofawkesba Member

    Re: Argentina

    auchraw, sorry, it is a misspelling. I meant exactly the opposite. Germany did opposed Scientology.

    Shinythings and nataku Relax folks. Killing? Killing! That's ridiculous.
    -- But if you are so afraid of Scientology, you should know the same techniques of brainwashing and family splitting are used on other so-called "officialized" religions.

    This is only "chanology"?
    This got to be bigger than that.

    francie and anonymous1312 You are right. We'll keep an eye on them. And it would be a lot easier without all this NOISE and stupid messages about "non killing christians". Comme on! Hahahaha
  23. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Argentina

    There are certainly parallels between "officialized" religions and scientology, some more so than others. The whole chanting, mantras, wild singing etc that occurs in churches puts people in to a more suggestive state making them receptive to the message.

    Scientology however is worse than the rest in that the whole organization is designed to brainwash and extract money, services and resources from people very efficiently as well as be aggressive towards critics. LRH put a lot of thought in to setting things up and drove the evolution of the cult specifically towards making him money, which is why the organization exhibits a lot of his characteristics; David Miscavige does the same these days.
  24. Nataku Member

    Re: Argentina

    No, actual religions don't brainwash, nor do they split up families (with the possible exceptions of Amish Meidung, and Jehovah's Witnesses' disfellowshipping)
  25. Shinythings Member

    Re: Argentina


    People are being really nice to you here, you're lucky

    They are right, you should start spreading information about $cientology and its dangers in Argentina RIGHT NOW.
  26. guidofawkesba Member

    Re: Argentina

    We are already doing it. We understand and we agree on the danger of Scientologists in our country.

    But that fascist discourse of yours (yes, you, Shinythings) is not by far what I have expected here.

    We will continue using our right to free speech. "We" cause I know many Anons agree with this: You cannot silence us. It seems you didn't understand what Anon is. What you call "Chanology" is only a part of Anonymus. We respect the reasons behind it, but we think Anonymus must grow up beyond a simple war against Scientology. Of course, never promoting hate or violence or discrimination, and I hope it is clear once and for all. -_-

    SOMEONE has decided war was only against Scientology.
    And Anonymus is NOT SOMEONE.

    ...otherwise, this is a huge lie.

    Anonimos Argentinos, movamos el culo. No costaría nada atraer la atención de TN o Crónica, basta avisarles un toque antes, y aparecernos de a 100 en las oficinas de la cientología. Asi les mostramos a estos yanquis de que estamos hechos y se dejan de romper las guindas.
  27. moarxenu Member

    Re: Argentina

    There are too few anons and to many scilon assaults to cover in Latin America, particularly the continually circulating VM cavalcades. I hope the Spain ning will grow and develop, and maybe a Latin America ning would be useful. The Spain ning only has about eight members and it could use some Spanish speaking anon presence.

    Do not dismiss the power of the Church to help bring down the Church of Scientology in its present form. The statements of Cardinal Ouellet in Quebec are a significant development that indicate the Vatican is re-examining scilonology.

    Chanology so far is a politically and religiously cross-ideological alliance and needs to stay that way to be effective. No political party or church should have anything do with CoS. Moving society in that direction is our job.

    Agree: "Chanology" is only a part of Anonymous.

    Disagree: we think Anonymus must grow up beyond a simple war against Scientology.

    The war against Scientology is not simple. Anon does not need to grow up. It's already grown up. Chanology was the most grown up thing /b/ ever did.

    If you had said, Anon needs to grow to include other forms of activism, then I would have agreed with you. That is exactly what is happening in SF. Check their ning and megaphone bitch's How to build an uber planning site in less than 30 minutes.

    The key is building internet community. It is happening in SF, Hamburg, and now Quebec. The AnonQC ning is becoming the center source of information and activism on the Ouellet affair and a chanology campaign to engage Catholics throughout Canada that will have a spillover effect in the United States.

    Because the affair has ramifications throughout the francophone world in Europe AnonQC may become a francophone center for chanology that will also have room for collaboration with English speakers as well as bilingual anons from around the world who are willing to share ideas.

    There are many projects to be done and Hamburg is the leader in video production. They are translating articles from German and into German. The are producing transcripts and sub-titled versions of both important English and German videos.

    All of this needs to be done in French and in Spanish as well.

    AnonQC also needs and wants international support for Project Cardinal / The Cardinal Project, and have set up a blilingual situaation so that English speakers and French speakers can work together on the Project Cardinal campaign which has several moar phases ahead of it. It is a huge opportunity and helping the Cardinal Project will have great impact.

    This kind of international bi-lingual cooperation really leverages the power of Chanology.
  28. Math Member

    Re: Argentina

    Fuerza hermanos argentinos!
    I dont know th situation in Argentina but e just got one Scientology mission in Brazil, located in São Paulo/SP
    I wish you the best of lucky in Argntina, cause we'll try to do the same in Brazil.
    (I'm afraid there isn't too much anons here)
  29. Shinythings Member

    Re: Argentina

    I can make some spanish translations. I'm short on time, so it might take a while to deliver. Who should I coordinate with?
  30. Shinythings Member

    Re: Argentina

    Good luck with that. Please keep us posted of your huge sucess

  31. LachendeMann Member

    Re: Argentina

    I do not understand what problem do you have Shiny?
    Are we fighting each other here?

    Too much intellectual proud :rolleyes:

    Listen up people, I don´t care if you are catholics, Jews, Muslims or whatever I don´t belive in any God, i just belive in truth, justice, liberty, respect ... and Cthulhu may be! XD

    In argentina Cristians are mayority, so I´think we don´t need to stand for mayorities, they can defend themselves don´t you think?

    The time of lions running after cristians are over! Let it go please!

    I´m agree of course that we should fight $cientologi now! that they are just an office,

    Pentecostal churches are brain washes organizations too, we know them very very well. They should be a target due to their economical/political power and influence over desperate people. They buy buildings! parkings! private security, they mess with families and people who stand against them! they are a Cancer! Just like $cientology! No doubt about that
  32. LachendeMann Member

    Re: Argentina

    and! Math! Thankyou too! Forza Brazil! ;)
  33. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Argentina

    As regards discussions about what Anons should and shouldn't fight, I would say, let's focus on Scientology for now, and then I am sure we will evolve, all around the world. Anonymous is here to stay, and we will fight for freedom everywhere, against anyone why attempts to interfere.

    I think since down here Scientology is still gathering forces, IT'S TIME TO ATTACK.
    They don't have a "little office", they are growing like cancer, but no one knows yet because they are being very careful.

    What about a raid in Argentina, next March 15th?

    I will create another thread to discuss that.


    En cuanto a las discusiones sobre contra quienes deberíamos oponernos les diría, concentrémosnos en la Cienciología por ahora, y seguramente vamos a evolucionar en todo el mundo.
    Anonymous vino para quedarse y vamos a pelear por la libertad en todas partes, contra cualquiera que intente interferir.

    Creo que ya que acá la Cienciología todavía está juntando fuerzas, ES MOMENTO DE ATACAR. No tienen una "oficinita", están expandiéndose como cáncer pero están haciéndolo con mucha reserva.

    Qué les parece una protesta el domingo 15 de marzo?

    En otro thread hablamos sobre eso.


    El que necesite alguna traducción puede pedirla por acá, copia el texto, o lo manda por MP y vemos quién o quienes de nosotros nos la repartimos para hacerla.
    Me ofrezco también.

    If anyone would like to have some material translated you can ask for it right here, in a post, you paste the text or you send it to one of us via PM and we will do it.
    I can do it too.
  34. Shinythings Member

    Re: Argentina

    Yep, count me in for translations. If by any chance I miss any updates on this thread please PM me.

    For starters I guess some translations for fliers are in order...
  35. Nataku Member

    Re: Argentina

    A few classics:
    cientomatana8.jpg spantistressver1.jpg [IMG][IMG]
  36. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Argentina

  37. moarxenu Member

    Re: Argentina


    - CoS has silenced the government through lawfare and fair game.

    -CoS has silenced the media through fair game

    - they have silenced the political parties. When anonymoushouston introduced his resolution for the Republican party of Texas to consider CoS a business, he was told, "You don't want to mess with Scientology."

    i.e. the have intimidated three major institutions of society in the US.
  38. tendervittles Member

    Re: Argentina

    Dear Argentinian friends, the Scientologist and fake fire-fighter Stephan Hittman (AKA Hittman[COLOR=&quot;Navy&quot;]n[/COLOR]) spends a lot of time in Argentina, as well as in other countries of South America. Here is the full story about him:

    The fire-fighters of Argentina treat him like a king because (to his credit) he arranges for old USA fire trucks to be donated to Argentine communities. I don't know who pays for this. However, he also usually represents himself as the former Chief of the New York Fire Department, or at least the Deputy Commissioner, etc. As you'll see, he was never a fire-fighter. He is, however, a hard-core Scientologist. I am sure he is laying the groundwork for Scientology in Argentina. My Spanish is not so good, but I have written some letters to fire-fighter organizations etc. Perhaps you could keep your eyes open about this Scilon, and try to make his true history known.


    Even last week, he was running around in Argentina.
  39. tendervittles Member

    Re: Argentina

    Also, in October he spoke at an international bomberos meeting in Colombia, "Lessons Learned from 9/11," etc. I downloaded his PowerPoint presentation from the conference site because it was so shocking. There was no text: only pictures. It had about 300 slides, with at least 250 showing the most horrifying and emotionally-striking scenes of WTC 9/11 (dozens of plane-hitting-building, collapsing building, etc.), and, I am not exaggerating, at least 20 pictures of the people who jumped or fell to their deaths -- from various angles, close-ups, etc. Even looking at it from my home, many years later, it was really disturbing and emotional to see. Why would he get everyone so upset at this conference? Possibly because people spend money out of emotion, not logic. He has a fake charity, the "911 Foundation" or "911 Fund."
  40. Nataku Member

    Re: Argentina

    9/11 Foundation.
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