Argentina, Buenos Aires Post-Game Report May 14 2011

Discussion in 'Rest of the World' started by Petete, May 22, 2011.

  1. Petete Member


    (Versión en español )

    When Julieta and I arrived in front of the Scientology Org. in Buenos Aires at 3:20 PM (10 minutes earlier) Libardi was talking to the cops at the entrance. I took my camera out and started filming. They kept talking. I opened the tripod, placed the camera. Filmed, while Julieta was giving the first flyers, and the maffia boss (Libardi), this time wearing a suit, kept talking to the cops.

    A bit later the cops crossed to our side of the street. One of them stopped some meters away and the other came to me, I was getting sick of seeing them talking to that faggot whos name is Gustavo Adolfo Libardi. We had a good chat where I explained again that we are a peaceful worlwide group wich investigates and denounces this cult named Scientology wich ruins people’s lifes, destroys families, bank accounts, cult wich lost millions in France in 2009 convicted for illegal practice of medicine and fraud, and is being investigated by the FBI for human trafficking, slave labor, etc, etc.

    Our relationship with the police has remarkably changed since our beginnings back in 2009. We are pleased to see that our work gave results, that the police has finally understood that we are not what the cult says, that we -unlike them, the cult- don’t lie, and that we are on the law side, wich is what we are protecting.

    After the first explanation I had another friendly chat with the cop who came to me later asking for more information about what we do. They didn’t trusted us in our beginnings, now they are very interested and feeling real curiousity about us.

    They have been reading our blog and they like the investigative work published in it. They see it is useful. They see it is honest and that everything we publish is proven, that inspires them to trust us because it shows what we are, and how we work. The rest of the time of the protest the 2 or 3 cops stayed together 10 meters away from us, in our side of the street, knowing the danger was in front of us, and making sure as we talked earlier, that this time we were the ones to keep safe, and not the murderous cult wich operates across the street.

    We thanked them when we finished, and I do it again. Thats the police we want, on the side of the citizens who pay their taxes, and not the ones who steal them, or evade them, like this cult.

    A bit later Iggy arrived and many new anons. This time we were 8. Half plus one were new, and all of them very nice. The rest of the anons from previous protests couldn’t come for different reasons. We gave around 500 flyers, talked to the neighbors who asked us questions, there were funny moments like when I catched Libardi filming us from a window, quickly hiding and closing the window when he noticed I saw him and told the others laughing.

    We perceived again that there is a general displeasure regarding the cult in the people who lives around there, they see it as something dangerous, they don’t like to see children in the organization, their methods to recruit people, their bad name worldwide, etc.

    There were nice chicks passing by too, one made me fall in love in seconds, without words, just some exchanges of glances. I was finishing a conversation with Iggy and one or two new anons when she passed by walking on the street at my right and stopped some seconds waiting to cross. I looked at her, catched her wth my camera, and without moving I followed her crossing the street. On the other side, she walked some steps, I followed her with my lens, and she turned smiling a bit to see if I was filming her. She kept walking, and seconds later she turned her head again to look at me smiling a bit. She killed me. I followed her a bit more while she walked. She didn’t turned again, at least while I filmed her, and I let her go.

    A beer please…

    The new anons were very happy. There were even exchanges of jokes between them and the people who walked there. There was good vibrations in the air, until the limit of the cult property, where there is no such thing, specially when Libardi walked out, with a stiff arsface as I never saw him since 2009.


    And that makes me laugh a lot. Life is so nice some times, when you are good, and not a miserable son of a bitch who brainwash people to steal their money and life. One whose days of freedom and impunity (and health) are counted.

    The night is coming for you Libardi. It is time for you to pay for your crimes. You can you perceive it too, right? We know it. Well, I know it Libardi. And I know that’s enough for you to know is true.

    Glory Marcabia. Is in your honor, Lord Xenu. And for Chanology.

    But let’s not celebrate before time and let’s go back to the new anons.

    In one moment, alter a while talking to them, a guy went inside the building to see how it was and what they would tell him. He walked out a bit later and gave to one of the new anons the Scientology DVD the scilons gave him inside... I think that speaks volumes. Near the end of the protest that anon wanted to give me the Scientology DVD because he didn’t want to watch cult crap. I told him “I already have it, is the one Libardi gave us in the February protest, keep it and watch it”. The kid was grumbling, saying that he would throw it to the trash. Then I said “keep it bud, and watch it. Know the enemy”, and the new anon noded wisely.

    After that they thought about going to give flyers around the corner, in Santa Fe Avenue, where a lot more of people walks. They came back when they gave them all, and continued in the org entrance, asking enturbulating questions to Libardi every time he went to the door, questions he never answered.

    This time the Scilons didn’t shut the wood doors, thats why I been able to take nice shots of the inside with my zoom through the inner doors glasses. In many parts of the video you will see us across the street, reflected in the glass, saluting the ones who was looking at us from the inside with hate and bitterness while we was having fun. They never saluted us back.

    This time I filmed in high quality. I was filming in HD before, but SP (lol). Now I changed to XP, and the difference is great. The only problem is that with the raise of the quality my battery lasted half hour less. I’ll get a better battery next time.

    There were no violent or weird incidents, and a lot more of things happened than what I can tell in this report.
    Soon images, videos and additional details if the new anons –who stayed stoic most of the time at the org entrance- wants to add them.

    Sorry if it takes some time for me to publish the videos but I’m just starting to edit the march protest footage, wich had many quiet moments that I will cut, so it wont take a lot of time to start uploading may footage, because we didn’t protested in april. So stay tuned for updates, and also check the march post-game thread where I will start publishing videos in days.

    And I can’t say goodbye without thanking Core for her graphic art (in this case for the portrait of Iggy she draw and you can see on top).
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  2. Anonymous Member

    now that's a GREAT post-raid report! well done all
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  3. Petete Member

    Thanks Mr. Anonymous, Sir.
    It was a pleasure.
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  4. I love the artwork
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  5. COREarg Member

    Thanks I did it <3

    I will go the next protest,promise :C
    <3 I want to party too! And meet new anons! PARTY!

    INB4 Touch Assist
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  6. xenubarb Member

    Nice! Cool graphic, too!
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  7. Chanology works and it helps people

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  8. amaX Member

    I love how things have changed for you all in Argentina! Great job in educating your police force about Scientology! Now they protect YOU from THEM! Always well done, ArgentinAnons! <3
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  9. It's me Member

    First time posting here, I'm from Argentina, and the raid was a great success, not only for the people who were involved, but for everyone in the neighborhood.
    It was really my first time, but with a couple of anons, we stood right there, facing Libardi, and that terrible cult, and we talked to him, not against him, not against scientology, not against lord xenu, we tried to bond with him, I tried to make a connection (though he never answered any questions or comments), and to make him see, what has his life become.. did he ever, as a child, thought that his life was going to be a sick cult leader, did he had other dreams, or wishes that he now, obviously can't live, was it worthed... is he now trapped in that reality...

    Not that I care for him or anything, just trying to make him see, that you only have one life... and what it had become for him..

    Well great experience for me, can't wait to raid again in June!

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  10. Petete Member

    Thank you all for your support ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to wwp "Its me", it was a pleasure to meet you and your friends and an honor to protest with you guys.
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  11. Ann O'Nymous Member

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  12. Anonymous Member

    and a darn good first post it is, welcome newfag
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  13. moarxenu Member

    First, welcome to It's Me and all the Argentine newfags!

    Second, Petete, this is one of the most awesome post-raid reports ever. You guys have made astounding progress in the last two years.

    The work you have done with the police is remarkable, and it is amazing that they are now using your blog as a trusted resource. Well done, my beloved faggots!

    Show the cops the luv. San Franciscofags made a huge card everyone signed saying "Anonymous loves SFPD" [San Francisco Police Department]. The officer who received it gave a little speech thanking anons and saying they are the future for defending free speech.
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  14. Petete Member

    Wpw thats awesome, lol, really cool.
    We can do the same if the love continues here :p
    And thanks a lot for your words, and all of you guys.
    San Francisco Anons rocks btw.
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  15. Natter Bored Member

    Excellent raid and report. I especially like this bit of summary

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  16. thewayup Member

    Awesome write-up.

    I like your angle, It's Me.
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  17. peterstorm Member

    Vamos Anonymous!
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Awesome report, Petete! And a very well-done protest! Thank you!
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  19. Chipshotz Member

    Great post raid summary. Looking forward to the dox :)
    I like your style.
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  20. Robocat Member

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  21. Well done Sir

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  22. bien hecho chicos!
    gracias Ozy por prestarme tu oido en FB, no sabes lo mucho que eso significa para mí.
    los quiero!
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  23. The_Comedian Member

    it was a very good raid
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  24. Petete Member

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  25. LokiFawks Member

    Trabajo bueno
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  26. Informe de vídeo excepcional! ¡Bravo!

    Gracias por los subtítulos Inglés!

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  27. grebe Member

    Wow, someone can draw and also fight for great justice!
  28. COREarg Member

    Why yes,I can do both things. With the power of my mighty blade tablet
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  29. COREarg Member

    I seriously would had shouted to that lady that told us to burn them down "DON'T WORRY MADAM,WE ARE FROM THE INTERNET".

    And Libardi looks more douche than ever with a suit. Also,he doesn't seem to healthy in there.I wonder why...maybe the stress of having us there when he's supposed to "shatter" us...
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  30. Petete Member

    Part 2

    Scilons don't look happy at all... I guess their tech is failing.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Bump bump, where is part 3 of this protest? :D
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  32. Petete Member

    Coming some day this week
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Again, where is part 3 of this?
    Stop teasing, just upload the stupid video already.
  34. Petete Member

    We are not your personal army and we dont follow orders from rude anonymous posters. Im working in many other videos, not only in our protests videos. So if you are in a hurry maybe you will want to organize your own protests and film them and edit them and upload them. I just hope they will be good like ours.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    If you have tons of things to do, that's ok and I'm sorry for being pushy. Just like alot your videos, dude. Chill out a bit.

    And I go to protests, thank you very much.
  36. Petete Member

    Third part
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  37. Anonymous Member

    ^ Finally you uploaded the third part!

    Good job as always.
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  38. Petete Member

    Thank you
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  39. Petete Member

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  40. Petete Member

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