are we STILL under-estimated BY the MEDIA?

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by will I?, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. will I? Member

    or it's a propaganda made of lies or we use to much weak strategies
    we are AGAIN not taken seriously.
    should we take this treat more seriously?

    if not, wikileaks will mostly fall and the us governements shall win

    do we want that?
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  2. Clever Name Member

    "Mr Schneier, who is chief security officer for BT... told BBC News that there was a power struggle going on, involving a "battle of metaphors".

    "What we are seeing is not cyber war but an increasing use of war-like tactics and that is what is confusing us.
    "We don't have good definitions of what cyber war is, what it looks like and how to fight it," said Mr Schneier.

    His point of view was backed by Howard Schmidt, cyber security co-ordinator for the White House.
    "We really need to define this word because words do matter," said Mr Schmidt.
    "Cyber war is a turbo metaphor that does not address the issues we are looking at like cyber espionage, cyber crime, identity theft, credit card fraud."

    I'm not sure which 'us' you are referring to OP, but this article would seem to indicate that the powers dat be are thinking pretty seriously about what's happening online. What reaction were you expecting?
  3. guille Member

    well, it's up to them if they want to under-estimate us... they'll regret it later.
    the artcile says something like "real war involves tanks, bombs and deaths"? then something about war is about to change.

    Sincerely I don't care if gov's arround the world under-estimate us, the less they're prepared for us, the most they'll be beaten in our particular battle for freedom of information.
    that's my opinion, but anyway I'd like more people to be aware of anonymous, who we are and what we fight for. That 'd make things much easier for us.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    So you would prefer to be perceived as a cyber-terrorist group that poses a serious threat to the US government?
  5. guille Member

    I've said repeatedly in many other threads that reputation is a clue piece of what we must do, but sure they'll be some people and some media that will ALWAYS treat us as cyber-terrorists or many other things.
    But sure there will also be the ones that perceive us as a good changing world movement. and yes, maybe we'll be bad seen for long before people's mind changes, but everyday anonymous grows bigger and sets its roots deeper into society.
    We know what we want and what we're doing, if people joins us that must mean something, no?

    but yes, have a good image will make things much easier for us, specially for recruiting new anons. I'm trying hard to, but as you said we're still seen as terrorists...
  6. xenubarb Member

    No, I'd rather be perceived as a supernatural jokester who brings justice and shoops DM heads onto stuff.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    OP: are you completely retarded?
    Did you actually read the article? Did you even read the title?

    Cyber war threat exaggerated claims security expert

    Article is saying: "put down the crack pipe, plz".
    Raging at this guy is not likely to be beneficial to any aspect of "teh cauze".

    Protip: If Bruce Schneier thinks you're a dumbass, you probably are a dumbass.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Who is this "we" you speak of!
  9. will I? Member

    no, i don't want to have a war, we don't want war. i don't want anonymous to be a cyber terrorist organisation against the US gov. we had that problem
    before and it took time before the media reffered us as activist and not terrorist.

    but i just think that the US GOV is not taking our concearn seriously.
    it's like they are laughing at our faces and the people's faces about our sake to defend wikileaks
    and protesting about letting go wikileaks.
    now, in the last 2 months, govs, compagnies and industries are doing nothing but to shut down all little help or accessyblility to wikileaks
    like a mindless group supporting a bullie from helping a viticm such as wikileaks.

    and they are doing nothing, and do you know why? because no one as the freedom to decline. I'm sure that the people from visa, master card or pay pal didn't agreed by their own will on blocking their services to wikileaks, but were forced to do so because the GOV told them to do it.

    i am not an hacker nor a terrorist, but just a simple citizen who think that something is going wrong and that nobody is taking action.
    and for those who take action, like us, are not even taken seriously and nobody cares about it
    the media already forgot about the wikileaks attacks and that's wath the GOV want them to be, forgoting.

    If this is happening, it's only because someone is not taking his responsibilities and instead, is making us and wikileaks appear like were the bad guys.
    but nobody is the bad guys and we didn't do something wrong, it's THEM! AND THEY WILL GET OFF THE HOCK ANYWAY!
  10. will I? Member

    I don't care to be a dumbass. if this is what it takes to me to be heard, so be it!
  11. Anonymous Member

    Goddammit! One chopstick! How will I eat my noodles now? Fuck! I'll have to suck!
  12. Anonymous Member

    Its not your choice.
    You don't get to speak for Anonymous.

    If Anonymous wants to be a cyber terrorist organization, it will.
    Or won't, if it doesn't.

    The article you quoted has nothing to do with "taking Anonymous seriously". It is about trolls who monger fear.
    And about how we should ignore them, rather than mongling their cocks.

    The article says we shouldn't take seriously people who make ludicrous claims.
    As long as you're not making ludicrous claims, the article is not speaking to you.

    You're not a hacker, or a terrorist. You're a paranoid doofus.
    The rest of what you wrote is just neurons misfiring. See your shrink.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Their perception of anon is irrelevant. It does not matter.
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  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Anonymous Member

  16. There is no other choice but to take us seriously. Everyone will take us seriously eventually, whether they want to or not. Schneier can run his mouth or downplay all he wants. The fact is , we are here, and we aren't going away. We are all over the internet,been on t.v.,radio,papers,magazines.....and that's how ppl find out about us and join. Think about all the different things that Anonymous has brought attention to, or light to, or raised awareness of. I imagine because of one of these, or all of these, we are all here, I know I am. We have new members almost every day. ppl are already sitting up and taking notice.
  17. veravendetter Member

    Is this a 'special needs' thread?

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  18. Anonymous Member


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  19. Anonymous Member

    yea right
  20. Clever Name Member

    I can't speak to (any of) his needs, but I think OP is ESL. Original link is still relevant, tho.
  21. veravendetter Member

    ok, fair enough. His points still smell of tinned spaghetti though.
  22. Whatever ....I know I have done my part, and will continue to do so.
  23. UMULAS Member

    Hmmmmm, well I hope we don't go to fox news again for the same reason....
  24. Herro Member


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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Rockyj Member

    Fuck the media it seems as if they've haven't gotten it by now they never will.
  28. guille Member

    all that stuff and all the media upsets me...
    I reached a conclusion: anons, keep doing what we've been doing, one day they'll get bored of critizising us, and maybe they'll prefer to sleep.
    what this desorganization is doing is OK, no? don't care what they say.
    I thought we should care, but now I definitely don't.
  29. Anonymous Member

    lol this whole thread

    Nobody is thinking about you.

    They are thinking about themselves.
  30. Anonymous Member

    So why don't you stop thinking about you and think about somebody else. Somebody nicer, or smarter, or better looking...
  31. Indeed there is no us in anonymous...............Oh
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Dude, we don't even take us seriously.
    There is no we.
    There is no us.
    There is no spoon.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    OP speak for yourself. I am not underestimated by the media.
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  34. will I? Member

    ho and damm. I guess i'm just some fag douche after all...
  35. will I? Member

    i guess i can't help it
  36. Anonymous Member

    Why, is it genetic?
  37. guille Member

    this ended up just as spam
  38. none given Member

    OP makes a point:. mainstream media does not understand anon
    Posters make a good counter-point: "it is best that they don't."
    OP: your being a fag douche is another thread.
    OP's argument remains: mainstream media still does not understand anon.

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  39. Zak McKracken Member


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  40. will I? Member

    finally someone does understand! I might have exagerated before, but the the thread remains the same

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