April 9th, Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. cfanon Member

    Note to self, while in work writing up a bullshit survey for a client. Try to type "Availability rate", not "Availability rape".
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  2. veravendetter Member

    WTF does this have to do with protesting scientology!!!1!1!11!11
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  3. WhiteNight Member

  4. cfanon Member

    The mistake was caused by distraction, that distraction was this thread. This thread is, supposedly, about protesting $cientology. That is what it has to do with protesting $cientology.
    Pot. Kettle. Black White.
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  5. strobe Member

    Y'all are forgetting that newfags tend to ask half way through the month about info that's in OP. And if they didn't ask, who knows.

    I don't think anyone's suggesting that we shouldn't go off topic here. I'm in two minds here. Having looked back through the thread it is more useful than I remembered. I musn't have been able to look properly for all the glaring huggotry. Apart from that, don't gooooo changing, to try and please me, you've never let me down before- post whatever the hell you want, just keep the opinions here in mind and remember who apart from us is reading.

    At the same time, no one be afraid to post on-topic stuff, just because the thread's often not. Ideas. Plans. Thoughts. What we should be doing is innovating. About things we can do at the monthly raid, but not resigning ourselves to just that. Ofc some of that stuff belongs in PMs.

    Far more than I want to say. I hate this shit right here. Please don't let it overflow into any new threads.

    'Honk if Scientology is a cult' / 'Honk against Scientology' far far better than just 'honk'. And yeah, honks outside the org will be heard throughout the org, very effective for showing we have support.

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  6. veravendetter Member

    Gingers - They've got an answer for everything. ;)
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  7. Profanity Member

    While this was just me, when I first joined, I just took all the information from the first post and then posted the day before to say I was attending. Didn't read past the first page because all the info I needed was in that first post.

    S'why we have one as a leaderfag.
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  8. cfanon Member

    Right I'm going to go for lunch soon looking for them. Anyone got real info on where they are at the moment? If not then I'll just look around the main areas.
  9. veravendetter Member

    Don't get confused and ask for a Free Rape Test. Good hunting.
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  10. cfanon Member

    Couldn't find them anywhere. I looked all the main places and a few lesser visited places. On the plus side, I got a greek lamb special on my round trip of Manchester Center.

    Maybe the Manchester cult doesn't love $cientology enough to go and spread the word? ;)
  11. strobe Member

  12. Fuckeye Member

    Your link is broken.

    I'm also fairly sure we've heard that a couple of times before now.
  13. EightMachine Member

    I didn't see anybody either, although I wasn't out for long.
    Anyhow, I haven't slept for like two days. So I'm gonna go do that now. I'll see most of you guys tomorrow then, I guess.
  14. strobe Member

    Fixed it. And I hadn't seen any sort of confirmation yet? And while this still isn't official confirmation, it's a pretty good source.
  15. Circus Fag Member

    *Sigh* Fiiiine I shant bring it next time... -_-

    Talking of which there's a chance I shant be making it this time... so if I'm not there, sorry lads/lasses.
  16. Skull Member

    Let the games begin.

    You will make it, You must make it, You are making it.
  17. getbeckyout Member

    Can anyone give me the wwp name of the anon guy who was giving out 100's and 100's of flyers last month. This guy was about 6 ft 2 inches and was stood opposite the morg for most of the day.

    He has been to many of our protests and is a loyal anon.

    The reason I would like to know, is that this guy works the protests so hard and he needs recognition.

  18. WhiteNight Member

    Hehehe. Indeed.

    Join me. Join us.
  19. WhiteNight Member

    If I remember correctly he didn't have a name.
    Are you out there, tall, long-haired guy?

    P.s any want me to print out fliers? If so, which ones? (I'm sorta looking at you here tony)
  20. Profanity Member

    Just for any potential newfags lurking who haven't checked the first page: there is an optional meetup at Piccadilly Station at around 10.30am, which will then move to the main meetup point at Starbucks for 11am.

    I won't be joining the raid until later, but just for clarification for lurkers, who will be at the optional meetup, if anyone?
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  21. WhiteNight Member

    definate maybe from me.
  22. Profanity Member

    Well, it's good to know you're so certain~
  23. Fuckeye Member

    I may or may not be there. If I don't show up at Picadilly, don't wait up.

    Edit: I'm as certain as White.
  24. getbeckyout Member

    I don't put much input to the contents of flyers, only help with the printing of someone's template.

    I have not been asked for any input for tomorrow so I have zero.

    I made a hint in an early post, as anon, asking the Q, but no one responded.

    As for parking costs someone asked about, I pay £4.40 at the meter opposite the morg for 2 hours then the same again.

    Parking up the road on deansgate at the science museum is about £2 or £3 all day, 5 mins walk.
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  25. getbeckyout Member

    @ White legal lawful knight, yes the guy had long hair and as I stated he was tall and I got on with him well. A great guy.
  26. WhiteNight Member

    I mean, any good templates knocking around? I need something which doesn't have massive patches of black, kills my ink supply.

    Indeed he was a good lad. And he was seriously good at fliering. Hopefully he'll be there again.
    I don't know about that name though lol.
  27. hey, im having a sign board made up for when im protesting, if you guys need any try "vision signs" in blackly, not tryin to plug the company but if anyone wants signs or banners making they're pretty good :)
  28. getbeckyout Member


    I just used a tempate of the flyer that fuckeye had massive spelling and grammar input with.

    It was straight to the point and not an ink gobbler.
  29. Profanity Member

  30. getbeckyout Member

    That's the baby.
  31. WhiteNight Member

    These might be the ones I grabbed earlier. We shall see.

    EDIT: Aye, got those. Not my preference, but needs must methinks.
  32. Profanity Member

    I'll see if I can print off a few without getting caught. Won't be many, though. :/
  33. WhiteNight Member

    100 coming fingers crossed. See how much ink I have. I'll do as many as possible.
  34. getbeckyout Member

    We get through 500 about.
  35. Profanity Member

    Anyone else fancy printing? Skinnies? Skull?

  36. Skinnies Member

    Hey guys, I won't be able to come tomorrow, all my stuff is at my mums house and shes not back till like sunday. Other then that I'm in no physical or emotional state to be kicking ass at that time anywho.

    Sure profanity, whatever were talking about. Have a good one guys I'll totally be there next month.
  37. Profanity Member

    See you in May, then~
  38. novu Member

    Exactly what I was looking for, thanks Tony.

    Also i've got about 200 flyers to bring that I printed at work today.
  39. Anonymous Member

    To anons manchester, London, Birmingham, Scotland, Plymouth, Dublin.

    I will need attendance in the near future, from anons from the above city's, to take part in a project of the highest.

    That means educated critical anons.

    The publicity will be intence.

    Masks can be worn or blured faces with the option of a dalek voice over.

    This project does not come from me, and it's not a task for the light hearted.

    This project is on it's way, and will be with the help of selected anons worldwide. No anons whishing
  40. Circus Fag Member

    Depends on what this is all about. I'm always happy to help, but more details please.

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