April 9th, Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. strobe Member

    Archive when you've sorted white's mug out, pretty plox?
  2. cfanon Member

    Will do.

  3. cfanon Member

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  4. EightMachine Member

  5. getbeckyout Member

    Is there any thought been given to the protest?

    Like who is printing the flyers? Who is helping with the costs?

    Your lulz is 2nd to none, but are you informed and ready to put the argument across to the Scientologists and the general public.

    If not why do we protest!!!!
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  6. Profanity Member

    Because $cientologists are fuckwads?

    Point taken, though.

    Stobe! Y U NO LEAD?

    I can't print off anything as I'm having trouble with printers and monies and stuff (and other complications). Is there anyone attending that has the cash and printing facilities that can print off a fuckton of flyers?
  7. getbeckyout Member

  8. EightMachine Member

    We really need to start taking these planning threads a little more seriously, to be honest. I understand that you're all just having a laugh and what not, but here really isn't the place for it. Go spam with all the images and off-topic crap; it gives a bad impression if somebody is looking at this thread who might potentially want to join us for a protest next month, or whenever. You have to keep in mind that some people who want to attend these protests aren't just doing so for the "lulz", as I'm sure a few people do, or have done in the past, but are serious-minded. These threads need to be a little bit more on-topic. I realise that this post will, for the most part, have absolutely no effect on how you post or treat these threads, but after watching the derailment and train wreck that this thread has become, I felt my opinion was due.

    Faggot, read it.

    On that note; I, unfortunately, have no access to a printer any more, nor the means to fund it now that I've lost my job, so I won't be bringing any fliers. Again.

    I lol'd
    But yeah, I'd be interested to hear how this went as well.
  9. getbeckyout Member

  10. WhiteNight Member

    Tbh, I saw them for a very limited time. Seemed to be leafleting for an event. Didn't pocket a flier, should have in retrospect. Old guy who runs the org (?) was there, along with one 20ish + one 30ish year old guys and one 25ish lass. Black hair. Average height all of them. Generally nondescript. Yellow + red tops, but didn't see "Dianetics" everywhere, which was unusual. Did see the word Bookathon though.

    In town. Outside "The Triangle".
    Shut up not long after I arrived.
    No cam I'm afraid, so no pics,
    No tables in sight. Old dude disappeared around the corner to get more fliers and came back with more so either car or tables but when we checked out the org the table was still on display inside.
  11. Profanity Member

    Tony, anyone serious about protesting won't be put off by a faggy internet thread. Or at least I wouldn't.

  12. EightMachine Member

    Not really. The only reason you wouldn't be put off it is because you're a contributor to faggy internet threads. People who are going to a protest to do just that, and not dance around listening to stupid music, would get the wrong idea from these kinds of threads. Granted, that's what a lot of us do anyway, but that isn't all we do!
  13. getbeckyout Member

    I have to go to bed now.

    My fight is with this cos cult, so I will leve it there.

    I fight the reputation of the cult and not the members, as I say they are VICTIMS.

    Have fun.
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  14. Profanity Member

    Granted, I contribute to the chatty nature of the Manc threads. But fuck the recent picture fad with a spikey stick. All the pictures obliterate my bandwidth, costing me money. And they're annoying after a while.
  15. WhiteNight Member

    1) Lol
    2) is a
    3) corruption of L - O - L
    4) Which stand for
    5) "laugh out loud"
  16. getbeckyout Member

    And yes the cult knows that, keep your friends close, say no more.
  17. EightMachine Member

    Regardless, it doesn't make my point any less invalid.
    As Tony says though, we'll leave it at that. It's just something we should all probably think about before derailing the thread in the first 2-3 posts.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I'd been thinking on it a while, I do like having lively threads but yeah, I think it goes too far sometimes. And seriously guise, while we're at it, remember we're the internet hate machine and not the fluffy kitten brigade, srsly.

    My take on this -
    Things Manchester planning threads could do with less of:
    - Picture talk
    - Huggotry (yes I will continue to use my made up word)
    - Off topic
    Things Manchester planning threads could do with more of:
    - Planning
    - Cheese toasties (in moderation)
    Things Manchester threads do not need to sacrifice to acheive this:
    - Teh lulz

    So don't go all srs bsns on us, please. But yeah, there's a certain cult needs our attention.

    No it isn't.

    Mighty important distinction right here. And although WE know that distinction, anyone else reading might think people here actually are anti-Scientologist. And the cult wants evidence against us when discrediting us? Handing it to them on a platter, they don't even have to make things up (as they usually do). This is the same across WWP, but yeah, could put interested people off.

    Seriously, this. All we get on there these days are advertising spammers, had to set it to manual approval to stop them. Would close most of the forum down if it didn't get so many visitors (which is why I stuck in the redirects to WWP and protest details). It has a nice shiny forum called 'off topic'.

    Some people. Never happy.
  19. WhiteNight Member

    O hai Fuckeye!
    /Strobe, because even Fuckeye shouldn't be up at this hour.
  20. strobe Member

    ^ HA HA. HAHAHAHA. You best be trollin'

    You have a phone, it has a camera.
    But thanks for the report - Org running guy is Antony Brinkman.

    So JUST flyering? Four people? Change of tactics perhaps... If you're right about them promoting an event, if they're successful it could be dangerous. I don't imagine for a second the fliers mentioned Scientology. Get them all in an event, wow them with gold shiny things and blue backgrounds, sell them books and courses?

    So yeah, good work. One day down, a week to go.

    EDIT: Since it apparently isn't apparent, the Anonymous post above is by me, I hit post anonymously by mistake.
  21. EightMachine Member

    I would have thought by that part alone, it was obviously strobe.
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  22. strobe Member

    That said '/skull' before. Bloody stealth edits. And it clearly wasn't skull, because cheese toasties.
  23. Circus Fag Member

    Wow, Anonymous, self-moderating? I never thought I'd see the day.

    Anyways I see where everyone is coming from, but I don't think that we need sacrifice all of the off-topic random chit chat we have around here.

    Perhaps we could have some kind of set structure as to how we organise each month's raid, so it doesn't require too much discussion every month as to who prints out flyers, etc etc?
    Furthermore, maybe we should move the whole 'off-topic' stuff to post-raid discussions and have planning threads to srs bsns?
  24. EightMachine Member

    Shh, newfag. The grown ups are talking.

    Moving 'off-topic' stuff to another thread still makes it 'off-topic'. We have a section in our own forums for that very thing, so make use of it. However, as aforementioned by strobe, we're not going all srs bsns. We're still gonna be bringing the lulz, just with less nonsensical images and huggotry.
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  25. Gomez Member

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  26. Gomez Member

    Fuck all this whining about off-topic shit. Everythings covered in strobes first post and everyone is welcome to post srs bsns if they want to. We're not gonna say "man, I'm gonna wait before posting this picture of a monkey sucking its own cock until some people post some serious shit and if they don't...I'll just keep waiting."

    Someone post some OC shoops of funny stuff plz.
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  27. Circus Fag Member

  28. novu Member

    I have a couple of srs bsns questions about tomorrow -
    Any cheap long term parking in the area? pm me please (cost me about £20 last time)
    I'm all for lulz but do you think members of the public who receive 'free hugs' even know why we are there? Just a thought.
  29. cfanon Member

    Shit just got srs.

    I went to meet those two faggots yesterday, but the $cilons had already gone when I got there. I'm looking for them on my lunch today, anyone else looking for them?

    Note: my lunch is only an hour, but I can take it any time I want (within reason)
  30. Circus Fag Member

    I went looking too, searched around Market Street/Arndale... no sign of em.

    As for hug signs being pointless novu, surely the 'honk' sign is pointless too? ;)
    Besides several people started asking questions as to what exactly we were doing after I offered them a hug... publicity stunts, see :p
  31. EightMachine Member

    Obviously you didn't quite get my point, then. This isn't the place for posting shit like that. That's why we have our forum.
    If somebody who was serious about wanting to protest thought they'd have us a look up before attending, this is the place they'll most likely find. Filling our threads with ridiculous images is just going to deter them from joining us and probably give Anonymous as a whole a bad image. Going off-topic is inevitable, but the pages and pages of irrelevant bullshit that seem to have made an appearance in the past few months are unnecessary. I'm not arguing this point any more. Take from it what you will and I'll just go back to being a silent lurker.
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  32. EightMachine Member

    Is anybody going to be in town today, by the way? I might be going in later.
    (Times and places!?)
  33. cfanon Member

    I'll be there for an hour on my lunch, time is flexible. I'll be looking around the main streets where most people go.
  34. veravendetter Member

  35. Skull Member

    i dont know half of what you guys are complaining about;

    People have said if they are going to bring fliers,
    and even if they didnt say that they would (like me) its safe to assume that we will bring whatever we have.

    This thread isnt a permission thread, i can bring stuff without informing the majority of you.

    that said,

    this thread has achieved all of the planning goals i've ever seen in other planning threads; who is coming, staying, coming later, bringing 1000 new fliers, talk about meet up points la di da.

    and we have the new conversations (pm's) to talk about additional information which we dont want to share with OSA.

    on the first (damn) page is all of the information anyone would need to know where to go, how to get there and the times. even who to contact to get more information.

    if you have a problem with the pages of fun and entertainment we provide while waiting for the raid to come (at which point we do enter SERIOUS business mode) then just dont read the posts/pictures

    if i sound annoyed its because i am but not at any of you and it is being channeled through my tl;dr post.
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  36. novu Member

    My 'honk' sign said: "Honk if you think scientology is a cult" at least it mentions why we are there! Also I think the scilons inside will hear the honks of support for us, which will hopefully make them think. :)
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  37. Circus Fag Member

    In all fairness, my sign does also have anti-Scientology sentiments to it, what with the whole crossed out 'free stress test' on my sign, to counter the ridiculous number of stress test signs they have outside their windows :p
  38. Profanity Member

    Of course not. I'm a woman.
  39. WhiteNight Member

    Cheap parking... I delegate the question to Tony

    I also loathe the "free hugs" sign because it;
    1) make us look like morons,
    2) doesn't get people's attention - they hug and leave,
    3) Holds very, very little protest info, if I can even call it that,
    4) and nearly certainly makes people hurry past faster, making them less likely to take a flier or read a sign.

    Just no.

    Stretching it a tad but the 1st point is valid and I'd add that it gets drivers stopped at the lights looking at us and therefore towards our signs.

    Is there any particular flier people want me to bring? I now has my own printer (having actually gotten off my arse and set it up).
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  40. Profanity Member

    While the sign does amuse me, I have to agree.

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