April 9th, Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. strobe Member

    Om nom copypasta:


    Google Map

    Saturday 9th April 2011

    The coffee cup is the meet-up place at 10:45 near Starbucks. 133 Deansgate, M3 3WR. Try and be there on time.
    There may also be an optional meet-up in Piccadilly Station (the cocktail glass) from 10:00 leaving at about 10:30 to join the other anons at the main meet-up point.

    The volcano is the Scientology org to which we will proceed at about 11:00. 258 Deansgate, M3 4BG
    The camera is where we do the post-raid photo, after which it's off to the pub.

    Here are street views of the meet up point and the protest point.
    New anons are always very welcome.

    The main thing is to be there. You can also help by bringing fliers, signs, cake, megaphones, cameras, friends and lulz.

    Remember you can direct any potential new recruits to our website: Down With The Org

    Also, click attending here.

  2. Profanity Member

    I won't be able to attend this time. :(
  3. EightMachine Member

    Shall be there, assuming nothing else comes up (pretending I have a life).
    Also, theme? We never do themes. Even when we do, nobody does it.
  4. cfanon Member

    Imma be there. But only few hours max for the postraid.
  5. Profanity Member

    Been watching all the old raid vids on YT. Now I have 'Shut up Woman; Get on My Horse' stuck in my head while in lecture. Damn you, Strobe. DX
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  6. Grimlock Member

    I'll try and get it off work, I'll keep you posted.
  7. Profanity Member

    Hurm. If I organise myself properly, I might be able to attend for the last two hours and the postraid...
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  8. cfanon Member

    Do it!

    I have my "family" 21st birthday do (4 weeks late...) so I'll have to leave around 6
  9. Fuckeye Member

    Fuck themes.
    The important part then.
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  10. Profanity Member

    Won't be able to get drunk, so more like the depressing part. :(

    DK: You're getting the train back, yes? Mind if I tag along?
  11. cfanon Member

    Aye and of course you can :) You really don't need to ask :p silly
  12. Skull Member

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  13. cfanon Member

    You're referring to your own posts, right?
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  14. Fuckeye Member

    I think you meant to do this:

  15. Skull Member

    actually just needed to add some flashyness to this thread before it becomes epic.
    and no one has posted anything fail yet for fuckeye to rage about yet

    dont tell me you didnt like it

  16. Fuckeye Member

    I resent the implication.
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  17. cfanon Member

    Yeah, he can rage about anything.
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  18. strobe Member

    Well that didn't take long.
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  19. Profanity Member

    For Fuckeye to find something to rage over or for us to start talking about pointless crap again? :D
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  20. cfanon Member

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  21. strobe Member

    Just for the thread to deteriorate into things that make you want to scratch out your eyeballs
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  22. Skull Member

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  23. Fuckeye Member

    I have that effect on people.
  24. strobe Member

  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

  27. cfanon Member

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  28. Circus Fag Member

    Blimey, we moved from post raid thread pretty quick :confused:

    And nyuuu why can't you come Profanity? I can't get any hugs from you if your not there D':
  29. strobe Member

    I hadn't had to endure the wretched song yet, I actually searched for it thanks to you fags.
    I can see the problem everyone has with it: Since when can 13-year-olds drive?

    Lol'd @ Profanity's myspace-esque avatar.

    By the way, I'd been meaning to ask, was this one of you fail-trolling? It confuses me.
  30. cfanon Member

    That's the ONLY thing you take offence to?!

    lol, you have a fan. They've not done anything since jan 25th though.
  31. Profanity Member

    Strobe: I lost a bet and have to keep it until Monday. DX
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  32. Fuckeye Member

    The song is quite clearly a masterpiece: 7jsTO.jpg
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  33. cfanon Member

    That is some epic trolling.
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  34. Circus Fag Member

    Holy cow, suddenly that horrid song has been epic-fied :confused:
  35. strobe Member

    It really hasn't.
  36. novu Member

    post is epic - song is horrid.
  37. Skull Member

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  38. getbeckyout Member

    @ Strobe and Grimlock, this thread was hard to find, as you have started it in the right place.
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  39. Profanity Member

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  40. novu Member

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