April 3rd - Dublin, Ireland - Op: Oblivious - Protesting Tom Cruise's premiere

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  1. Nataku Member

    Anonymous to Hold Demonstration at Dublin Film Premiere

    For Immediate Release

    On April 3rd 2013, the collective known as Anonymous will launch 'Operation: Oblivious' by converging outside Dublin's Savoy Theatre at the European premiere of Oblivion in an effort to raise public awareness of the Scientology organisation's fraud and abuse. Anonymous will encourage Mr Tom Cruise, the public face of the the destructive 'Church', to build up the courage to leave.

    When: Wednesday, April 3rd, 6 pm
    Where: Savoy Cinema, 17 Upper O'Connell Street, Dublin 1

    Commenting on the planned demonstration, local ex-Scientologist Pete Griffiths said "I was conned for twenty years until such a protest opened my eyes to the enormity of the deceit. The sense of betrayal is just incredible. The clues are all there but you don't see them."

    The Dublin 'Church' of Scientology is currently being sued for €100,000 by former member Kevin Stevenson, who is alleging fraud, undue influence, misrepresentation and infliction of emotional distress.

    About the 'Church' of Scientology
    The 'Church' of Scientology is a movement created by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard in the mid-20th century. It emphasizes man's immortal spirit, reincarnation, and an unscientific method of psychotherapy called "Dianetics". The 'Church' of Scientology blames psychiatry for the Holocaust and the 9/11 attacks, and works for the 'global obliteration' of that field.

    About Anonymous
    Since declaring opposition to the 'Church' of Scientology in January 2008, Anonymous has exploded into a widespread and unprecedented collective, garnering support from all corners of the internet and across the globe, united in recognition of the malign nature of the 'Church', the danger it poses to society, and the necessity of action.

    For more information, contact:
    — Anonymous at or visit
    — Pete Griffiths, 086-3703811 or visit

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  2. The Wrong Guy Member

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  3. HOC Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Just to add. Myself and a few other anons are going to raid outside the 'Church' of $cientology mission on 64 middle abbey street before the op itself kicks off.
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  5. Looking forward to seeing pics of this including Pedro and his current wig of choice!

    Rock on, Irishanons!
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  6. pedrofcuk Member

    The Evening Herald:


    Cruise Will Face Anti-Cult Demo at Dublin Premiere

    They are not the sort of people who usually attend glitzy film premiers.

    But Hollywood star and leading Scientologist Tom Cruise can expect more than autograph hunters on the red carpet when he jets into Dublin next week to attend the European premiere of his new movie, Oblivion.

    A collective known as Anonymous plans to target the event at the Savoy Cinema to raise awareness of its opposition to Scientology and raise their points with Cruise.

    "It might seem strange to be doing this at a film premiere, but how often do you get a chance to come face to face with Tom Cruise? This is ideal." Pete Griffiths - one of the ex-Sceintologists involved in the demonstration - told the Herald.

    Up to 100 protesters could take part in the protest on O'Connell Street next Wednesday, named Operation: Oblivious in reference to the film in which Cruise stars as Jack Harper, one of the few remaining drone repairmen assigned to Earth, whose surface has been devastated after decades of war with aliens.

    The group says it will not be indulging in any illegal activity, but will simply be making its presence known, in the hope of getting into a dialogue with Cruise (50) as he walks the red carpet.

    "Tom Cruise is the no 2 leader in Scientology if you believe Andrew Morton's unauthorised biography of him."

    "If that's the case, Tom needs to wake up and learn the truth from us about what Scientology is all about", said Griffiths.

    Griffiths (58), who is originally from Liverpool but now lives in Ireland, spent seven years in the Church of Scientology, but left in 1994 after running a mission in the north-east of England.

    This isn't the first time that Cruise has been pitted against groups opposed to Scientology.

    The actor faced protesters wearing masks and waving banners that 'Scientology Ruins Lives' at the UK premiere of his movie Valkyrie in London in January 2009.

    Protesters involved in the group Anonymous regularly don masks to protest their identities.

    Established by L. Ron Hubbard, the Church of Scientology has more than 9,000 churches, mission and affiliated groups in 165 countries.

    In 2004, long-time member Cruise spoke about his beliefs, declaring in a notorious video that in a traffic accident a Scientologist was the "only one that can really help".

    The Herald contacted the Church of Scientology in Dublin for comment, but it did not return calls.

    The Irish Daily Mirror:


    Anti-Scientology protesters believe Tom Cruise may sensationally quit the cult when he visits Ireland next week.

    The Hollywood star will be jetting into Dublin on Wednesday for the European premiere of new blockbuster Oblivion.

    But Tom, 50, will be met at the Savoy Theatre's red carpet by a protest from Anonymous - a group set up to raise awareness of Scientology's fraud and abuse.

    Organiser Pete Griffiths - who was a member for seven years - feels the Irish branch will be able to make Tom wave goodbye to the mind-controlling organisation.

    He told the Irish Mirror "I think he's been quiet for the last few months so there's every chance if he's thinking about leaving and speaking out, he might just need a little help and encouragement. Because it is very difficult for ex-members to speak out. The push in Dublin will hopefully be the thing that makes Tom realise things have to change."

    And Pete hopes to be able to ask the Mission Impossible actor why he remains a member of the so-called religion.

    He added: "We hope to create huge headlines with the protest, and it would also be nice to get some personal exchange with Tom as well and speak to him. We want to ask why isn't he speaking about the abuses in Scientology?

    "Why isn't he talking about the fraud? Why isn't he talking about the human trafficking and forced abortions?"

    "Why doesn't he ever talk about those things? I know he's only here for a film premiere but you don't get a chance to talk to Tom Cruise very often.

    "It's a great opportunity for Anonymous in Ireland to get to Tom and ask him some questions about Scientology. That would be ideal.

    Recently, it was reported that Tom has become the third-highest member in the Scientology chain of command - which believes he will save the world from aliens in real life.

    Tom was introduced to the belief when he was just 23-years-old by girlfriend Mimi Rogers.

    It is believed the cult may have played some part in the break up of his marriage to Katie Holmes.

    A US source close to Katie said, "She was never truly comfortable with the Scientology thing."

    But getting face-time with Cruise about Scientology has become next to impossible, with Pete hoping cameras would pick up any words spoken on the Dublin red carpet.

    He added: Tom's doing no interviews in the UK except for a pre-recorded interview with Graham Norton so it seems to me that he's trying to not talk about Scientology."

    Since its creation five years ago Anonymous has exploded into a widespread collective seeking to promote the danger of Scientology.

    Tom will be arriving in Dublin with co-stars Olga Kurylenko and British actress Andrea Riseborough, with hundred of fans expected to come out to see him.

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  7. Random guy Member

    Herro be damned, keep the pressure up on the cults poster boy!
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Excellent stuff- Cruise tries to publicise a film and his involvement with the abusive cult gets headlines! Keep up the exposure.

    I'd be very aware that OSA handlers will be all over this as wellas private security so have some unmasked, unidentified Anons spread about in the crowd with banners and videos running at all times.
    Jedi can tell you about the OSA handlers at the Valkyrie premier- they were quite physical in pulling down banners etc, but didn't like being asked if they still though Hubbard was returning!
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  9. pedrofcuk Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Officials giving Cruise a scroll to go along with The Gathering. As much as possible it's being kept a secret.
    From the article:

    Action hero Tom Cruise, famed for his horrific Irish accent in the 1992 movie “Far and Away.” is set to be presented with a scroll by the Irish government to honor his Irish roots. The Hollywood star, who traces his roots to County Roscommon, will be travelling to Ireland to promote his new movie “Oblivion.”

    According to the Irish magazine RSVP, Irish government officials have been sworn to secrecy and have plans to make the a presentation to the star for the Gathering.
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    Anti-Scientology Protesters Hoping Tom Cruise Will Quit Scientology

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  13. moarxenu Member

    From commenter Julius Stahl at David Love's article:

    The decision of the Irish government to honor Tom Cruise is disgraceful.

    The self-style Church of Scientology coerces all women into abortion in its mid- and executive level ranks into abortion, which is an abomination to Irish Catholics and Protestants, and to many atheists as well.

    It has destroyed tens of thousands of families through "disconnection" as has been so clearly revealed by the niece of Scientology leader David Miscaive, Jenna Miscavige Hill in her recent book "Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape"

    Tom Cruise's church has caused the deaths of young people through its medical and psychatric malpractice through its Narconon drug rehabilitation front group.

    Tom Cruise's church is responsible for the death of another Irish-American, 20-year-old Kyle Brennan of Charlottesville, Virginia, who was probably murdered because he was exposing crimes of Scientologists including his father to the FBI, as David Love has written about:

    Victoria Britton Seeking Justice for Her Son, Kyle Brennan

    For shame, Government of Ireland!
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  14. pedrofcuk Member

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  15. Random guy Member

    Ireland isn't all that big. Non of you glorious Irishfaggs know some local politicians who can enlighten Mr. Cosby on what kind of fellow he is about to honour?
  16. pedrofcuk Member

    "unmasked, unidentified Anons spread about in the crowd with banners"

    Isn't there a contradiction in this ^?
  17. Budd Member

    Dew eet nao! Man the harpoons.
  18. pedrofcuk Member

    This press release from Universal studios has been sent out to media.

    Press Release


    Hollywood star, Tom Cruise, in Dublin for the premiere of Oblivion, is
    set to discover some exciting new Irish ancestry on his visit.

    New genealogy research commissioned by The Gathering will be revealed
    next Wednesday that proves Tom Cruise is more Irish than we thought.
    Although the Hollywood actor can trace his roots to Kilteevan, Co.
    Roscommon through the Mapother family, new in-depth research has
    revealed that there is another branch of his family that lived in Co.
    Dublin, a definitive blood line.

    Jetting into Dublin next Wednesday for the premiere of his new movie
    'Oblivion', Tom is scheduled to be presented a Certificate of Irish
    Ancestry from the Department of Foreign Affairs, which well and truly
    confirms Tom's Irish pedigree.

    Tom Cruise's visit to Ireland will be hosted by Universal Pictures
    International Ireland and according to the studio's Irish General
    Manager, Dave Burke:

    “We are thrilled Tom is returning to Ireland to launch his latest
    movie, Oblivion. It's a huge bonus that we can share this new
    information with Tom about his Dublin heritage."

    Also accompanying Tom on his visit are director Joseph Kosinki and
    leading lady, former Bond girl, Olga Kurylenko. The premiere, in
    Dublin's Savoy Cinema, is set to be one of the biggest red carpet
    events ever seen in the city.
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  19. moarxenu Member

    There are promising harpooning educational opportunities on the Twitter.

    Searches on "Tom Cruise Ireland" "Tom Cruise Irish" "Tom Cruise Roscommon" "Oblivion Dublin" will bring up tweets/tweeps you can reply to.

    Hard-core trolling is prolly counter-productive but one can always tweet something with a link to articles on Jenna Miscavige Hill revelations in her book, like

    "Hope TC will denounce abuses of Scientology when in Dublin"

    Here's some link ammo in addition to other articles mentioned in preceding posts:

    David Love: Anti-Scientology Protesters Hoping Tom Cruise Will Quit Scientology

    From Dialog Ireland:

    For appeal to Irish Catholics this link is excellent. It is from Catholic Online @CatholicOnline

    It has a video with Jenna responding to this question (starts at 2:08)

    "It attracts a lot of celebrities and of course Tom Cruise is one of the most famous faces. Is he ignorant of all this going on or does he choose to ignore it?"

    Jenna's answer: " If he is ignorant then it must be a willful ignorance. Anybody who endorses Scientology in this way, they have a responsibility to know what is going on, and that information is out there."
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  20. pedrofcuk Member

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  21. pedrofcuk Member

    Good work Moarxenu ^ :)
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  22. Intelligence Member

    Indeed, Ireland is not very big. I travelled by train from Dublin to a protest in Belfast at
    the other end and it didn't take long.

    I fell asleep with my digital camera on my little table and when I woke up, it was gone :-(

    I had another in my pocket:)

    My father was born near Belfast --- many relatives died wearing masks back in the IRA conflict.

    Sorry for a wee DERAIL.

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  23. pedrofcuk Member

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  24. moarxenu Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    Tom Cruise is Irish now too ·

    We’ve taken a look at the evidence before the star lands in Dublin next week.


    According to research undertaken as part of The Gathering 2013, Tom Cruise is more Irish than we thought.

    Universal Pictures said today:

    Although the Hollywood actor can trace his roots to Kilteevan, Co. Roscommon through the Mapother family, new in-depth research has revealed that there is another branch of his family that lived in Co. Dublin, a definitive blood line.

    Cruise will be in the capital on Wednesday for the premiere of his new movie Oblivion at the Savoy Cinema. He will also receive a Certificate of Irish Ancestry from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

    More at
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  27. Random guy Member

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  28. Anonymous Member

    On the surface, yes!

    What I mena is that some anons can be mixed with the crowd and not waering GF masks- hats, false beards, whatever- but not obvious Anons so that OSA will not know where they are and who they are. Sure, masks could be ready to hand.

    Remember that sea org will be bussed in en masse to try to stop any protestors and have been known to use force- so, keep those video cameras filming and stay in small groups (back to back). Also- have the ability to raise placards as high as possible- above OSA umbrellas!
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  29. Intelligence Member

    LOL - some comments are funny for sure:)

    There’s a wee bit of ol’ Irish humour being posted in the Tommy O’Cruise flyn’ into Dublin:

    Wonder if there would be such a C’afuffle if ‘Tommy O’Cruise’ be flyn’ into France, Germany, or Scotland? Mmmm… “Scotch”….then we’d have both of the “shorter than leprechauns” flyn’ in.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Scientology opponents plan protest at Cruise premiere

    Anti-Scientology campaigners are urging Tom Cruise to speak out against the organisation as he visits Dublin today for the European premiere of his latest film.

    Campaigners are planning a protest at the premiere of the movie 'Oblivion', which screens at 6pm this evening at the Savoy cinema.

    Ex-Scientologist Pete Griffiths says the Hollywood star is the public face of Scientology, and he needs to come clean on how destructive it is.

    He claims the church is fraudulent and abusive.

    "The sad thing is that scientologists are told not to read what critics have to say about them, so he's in a bit of a bind," Mr Griffiths said.

    "Plus the fact that he's also very, very famous - that makes for a very difficult situation for him and I can totally appreciate the bind he might find himself in."
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  31. RightOn Member

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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    Now it’s official: Tom Cruise has Westmeath roots! - Westmeath Examiner

    Tom Cruise marks his Irish roots - Ballymena Times

    Document marks Cruise's Irish roots - Offaly Express

    Tom Cruise and the Meath connection - Meath Chronicle

    Tom Cruise: 'I'm Very Proud To Be Irish' - Yahoo! UK

    Tom Cruise is Wearing a Lovely Shade of Baby Bunny Pink Lipstick Today -
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  33. Irishgal55 Member

    Go Irish Anons Wish I could be there!!!!
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  34. RightOn Member

    who gives a shit about his roots?
    did they come up with this for PR for his movie?
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  35. BLiP Member


    Do it, Tom. Do it. Do it today.

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  36. Anonymous Member

    Ex-Scientologist John Duignan sickened by State fawning over Tom Cruise

    A WHISTLE-BLOWER who penned an explosive account of Scientology’s inner workings said yesterday he is sickened that the cult’s movie star champion Tom Cruise is to be lauded by the Irish Government.

    Cruise (50) — who touches down in Ireland today to promote his new film Oblivion — is due to receive a certificate of Irish
    ancestry from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

    But yesterday, John Duignan — who was a top official in the cult for 22 years and whose book The Complex exposed the inner workings of Scientology in the UK — said Scientology survivors would be disgusted at the move.

    “Tom Cruise champions a dangerous worldwide cult,” John told The Star yesterday.

    “During my time as a Scientologist I saw women forced to have abortions and I saw people separated from their families and placed in forced labour camps.

    “This man does not represent Ireland and for the Government to be attempting to gain publicity by attaching themselves to someone who fronts Scientology is absolutely sickening.”

    And Duignan is not the only one upset about the manner in which Cruise is to be feted upon his arrival in Ireland.

    The anti-Scientology group Anonymous plans to protest outside the Savoy cinema on O’Connell Street when the film is being premiered.

    Anonymous claims that Scientology breaks up families, wipes out members’ savings by charging them for study materials and uses methods akin to brain-washing to induct members.

    Cruise’s relationship with Scientology has seen him come in for intense criticism during his 20- year association with the religion.

    The movement was founded in 1952 by an American sci-fi writer, the late L Ron Hubbard.

    Hubbard claimed humans are really spiritual beings called Thetans that have lived for trillions of years and are
    constantly reincarnating.

    Controversially, members are asked to make donations — sometimes running to tens of thousands of euros
    — in return for study materials and ‘auditing, the secretive Scientology process that is designed to make you face your most painful and traumatic past experiences in order to free yourself from them.

    In addition to promoting various courses that introduce people to Scientology, Cruise has campaigned for Scientology to be recognised as a religion in Europe.

    In his book The Complex, John revealed how an encounter with Cruise in 2004 — during which the actor was described as the
    “ultimate Scientologist” — helped him make up his mind to flee the religion.

    John had joined Scientology in 1985 and in his book described how he went through a process of “brain-washing” before being admitted to the group’s Sea Org branch.

    “In 2004, Tom was welcomed to the annual International Association Of Scientologists Gala Ball as the ‘most dedicated follower’,” John yesterday continued.

    “Seeing how he and the other celebrities were being ferried around in Mercs to and from opulent hotels while we were
    living on e3 a week was truly sickening.

    “We lived in atrocious conditions in dormitories and with awful food — and here was Tom Cruise being treated like royalty.
    “It just opened my eyes to the complete nuttiness of the situation.”

    John is now rebuilding his life in his native Co Cork.

    “I’ve obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree and I’m writing … I don’t regret campaigning against Scientology but I’m trying to move on with my life now,” John added.
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  37. Anonymous Member

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  38. RightOn Member

    Go John!!! nice!
  39. Anonymous Member

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  40. Malory Member

    Can't believe he arrived by bus........

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