April, 2 2016 Atl Org Opening and Protest

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by ravenanon, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. ravenanon Member

    We were granted a permit on Friday and decided not to post about it until after the protest

    Although 3-5 held signs at various times I did encounter other exs, anons, etc that were down there wondering through the cults activities .

    The people of Sandy Springs showed us a lot of support today. The horn honks, thumbs up, waives , etc went a long way.

    I'm working on getting the pictures off and down sized. Another protester has a great mini video of someone yelling at us about being paid to protest

    More to come
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  2. ravenanon Member

    Sorry to take so long to get back resizing just isn't my thing

    We were immediately greeted by Captain Humble on our way to the protest area. He introduced himself and walked us to the area. Immediately a person from the cult came up to inquire about us being there. I missed part of the conversation, but he unhappily moved on his way after he met Captain Humble. This poor kid was dressed in tan and all on his own holding a grand opening sign in front of a parking lot entrance the whole time the event was going on.

    We had a ton of honks from cars and semi trucks. People rolled down their cars windows and cheered for us and thanked us for being there. We had 2 people flip us off from cars and one person walking by call us losers. I think I heard a weight slam and omg your right I can lose a few, but I am no loser cult member.

    We met several exs who managed to get in and a few who just came down to see what the cult attempted to pull off. We answered lots of questions from people passing by. Had a few people stop and briefly join us holding signs.

    The cult took tons of pictures and footage of us all

    while talking to one ex a lady in shorts with 2 of those fake carry around dogs yelled who paid you to be here. I believe the ex responded first with reassurances no one (don't worry we all responded) , but she preferred to yell over us and inform us she works pr and knows things . Eventually she gave up and stormed off very angry. She went down and spent some time the cults people talking to them. I do not know how that interaction went. While she was gone I let the police know I did not want to interact with her again. When she came back she did stop to scream at us to go protest Muslims instead and she was immediately moved along by the authorities. It was beautiful.

    After the the event was over we saw several people walking by us with the cults free food/dinner. It was little tiny pieces of meat on a stick. AMA said it smelled like hotdogs and I have not idea what it was, but it did not look tempting.

    I had a person who was across the street from the cults event and took some pictures. The person commented that on the pictures and screens DM shirt looked normal white, but it was actually so glaring white he almost glowed. The guess it was from the lights.

    The cult took over the post office parking lot and a tent set up in it. Cult members parked all over the place at various buildings. I have no idea what previous arrangements were made or not made with them to do this.

    Pictures go here:

    visiting proteser


    Another great return

    cult members who saw us and walked on the other side of the street to avoid us. That side didn't have a sidewalk in parts and was pure mud

    View from across

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  3. ravenanon Member

    I confess I did not take good or many pictures. We were too busy talking to people who came over to get more information. All the locals mentioned the cult members looked unhappy and were dressed very morbidly
    I agree I've seen happier people at tax audits

    Random pictures:




    Attached Files:

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  4. sallysock Member

    Ravenanon and others doin it right. HT
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  5. ravenanon Member

    Opps my bad! I almost forgot one of the best parts. Lets just say 2 younger sorts were talked into visiting the org that day. They knew everything they heard was pure garbage. The let us know the cult essentially was promising to cure things the youngers called genetic disorders and such. The kids considered them anti all medicine and science.

    So they immediately handed us over the booklet being passed out because they had no use for the cults nonsense. If I don't find a copyright on it then the whole things gets scanned and will be up this week 20160402_162634.jpg
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  6. amaX Member

    I really thought we were not going to have a very eventful day, but so much happened that it's hard to keep it all in order.

    First of all...a BIG thank you for ravenanon's hospitality. She planned all of this complete with getting the permits and providing cold water, etc. You can't just show up in Sandy Springs so a BIG ATTAGIRL to ravenanon for doing all that boring stuff.

    It was really nice to have police presence at the raid.

    I'm now going to write a little note to the OSA handlers who are sitting at a computer trying to pick through every little thing posted in this thread.


    Dear OSA,

    Might wanna send a memo out to the people you send to fuck with protesters and tell them to make sure the person they're attacking isn't a cop. You had at least two of your minions screw up royally with the Chief of Police of Sandy Springs.

    Incident #1: Your Parking Lot Boy made the most terrible death stare face to Chief Humble after the Chief told him that YES he WAS a cop and showed Parking Lot Boy his badge on his belt. He HAD to tell Parking Lot Boy he was a cop because Parking Lot Boy was trying to screw with him about where the protesters were standing.

    Parking Lot Boy isn't very smart because this was when Chief Humble was first walking us down to our designated spot. If Parking Lot Boy was SMART he would have realized that Chief Humble was leading us to our space AND a uniform cop was walking behind to help escort us.

    So Parking Lot Boy smarted off to Chief Humble. Chief Humble told him he was the police. Parking Lot Boy gives snarling death stare to Chief Humble (who towered over Then Parking Lot Boy stomps off to stand at entrance of parking lot. Chief Humble turns to me and gives me a look like, "What? Did he just do that?" I told him, "I know! Listen. They don't care about you. You're going to find out they have no respect for you and I'm sorry."

    Incident #2: Crazy PR Lady with two Paris Hilton Doggies. We were talking to an ex-SO who was walking his doggie. He was not there to protest with us. He was just talking to us about what made him leave and discussing how sorry he was to see that they were in Sandy Springs. He had just come to see if they truly were going to open up. He's just watching us and letting his doggie enjoy not walking a bit.

    Crazy PR Lady comes up and says something to him. I couldn't hear their exchange, but I knew it was going crazy very quickly because she started screaming, "YOU'RE NOT A GOOD LISTENER! YOU'RE NOT A GOOD LISTENER! I'M IN PR. YOU'RE NOT A GOOD LISTENER!"
    She also screamed that she KNEW things about us...

    Honestly...we all just looked at each other and laughed.

    Then questions were asked.

    "You're in PR---do you scream at your employees like that?"
    "You know things about us? What do you know?"
    She knows we get paid.
    I then yelled at her, "If I was getting paid for this then I'd be here every single..."
    She cut me off screaming at me so I started screaming back, "YOU'RE NOT A GOOD LISTENER! YOU'RE NOT A GOOD LISTENER!"

    We also tried to tell her that the other guy wasn't with us, but she truly wasn't a good listener so we'd had enough. After one of her yipping dogs tried to jump on top of the ex's sweet doggie is when she decided it might be better for her to stomp up the street and visit the cult.

    So raveanon goes to tell Chief Humble that she seemed a little off and what was so cool about it was that there were cops watching the whole thing that we didn't even realize were

    When Crazy PR Lady comes stomping back down the sidewalk she starts to say something to us. ravenanon and I were just waving her on and telling her to move along. What she didn't know was that Chief Humble was following her down the sidewalk. He caught up to her and told her to move along. She whips around and screeches at him asking if he thinks he's a cop or something like that.

    Chief Humble ONCE AGAIN had to tell one of your crazy people that he WAS indeed the police and also showed her his badge. She walked off and he followed her to make sure she got into her vehicle.

    Your people are lunatics and they are not doing your cult any good toward the cops or the public.

    But that's not my business.



    Oh. My. God. Sandy Springs people are so funny and educated about the cult! We didn't have to tell any of them much of anything. They are definitely doing their own research and they don't like what they are finding. They are very upset that the cult is Sandy Springs. Many local people came out to see if they were indeed really opening. One couple actually asked if they could hold up signs and protest with us for a few minutes!

    Mother Nature reared up with lotsa wind. We had to chase signs and we lost all four of our blueberry cupcakes, but it was okay with us because it seems David Miscavige lost some of his speech papers. I'm sure someone has been thoroughly beaten for not controlling the wind.

    We heard Miscavige is looking very shitty and sickly. This is from someone who attended. I haven't seen any pix of Miscavige from the grand opening, but pix sometimes don't show what you see in person.

    We heard someone say there were only about 50 people in attendance. That's not true. There were more than 50, but it wasn't some blow-out event. It couldn't be. The building itself isn't that big and neither are the grounds it's situated on. There's very little parking or lawn. It's just tiny. I have no idea what the capacity is for the grounds, but it can't be a lot.

    All the Scientologists that we saw were so unhappy. They don't smile. They don't laugh. They look miserable. One of the Sandy Springs locals even mentioned that.

    I know this is tl;dr...but this is still only part of all the awesomeness that happened at the raid.

    The best part of the day was realizing that there are SO many people in Sandy Springs who are thoroughly educated about Scientology and they are NOT happy that the cult is in their town. Not happy at all.

    I have a couple of pix. I will post tomorrow.
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  7. Malory Member

    Good job. It all looks a bit drab and downmarket for a Grand Opening.
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  8. amaX Member

    You know that young man handed this piece of propaganda awesomeness to me. It took all the strength I had to give it up. It was rough. Rough. ;)
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  9. amaX Member

    wait till we talk about the blue dots. and the green dots. dots dots dots.
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  10. Malory Member

    Hahahahaha. He's lucky the Chief sounds like a genuinely nice person.

    Glad y'all had fun.
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  11. Very well done!
    And interesting observations.
  12. 20160402_153928-jpg.257042.jpg
    Looks like a funeral procession, how appropriate, thx for posting!
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  13. amaX Member

    April 2nd was Kyle Brennan's birthday. We wanted to remember him that day so he was front and center with my sign that I had facing traffic all day.
    ravenanon already posted a picture of the backside of the sign that faced the sidewalk to Scientologists could see it as they walked by. It said LEAH REMINI WANTS TO KNOW---DAVID MISCAVIGE WHERE IS YOUR WIFE SHELLY Y R U ALWAYS WITH LAURISSE? with pix of Leah, David Miscavige, David & Shelly at their wedding, and DM with Laurisse Stuckenbrock.

    You can see that pic on Tony Ortega's site or scroll up in this thread.

    Here's what the other side of the sign looks like:

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  14. amaX Member

    Just saw the video of DM speaking at the grand opening. He looks terrible in the video and one of Ortega's UB reporters who attended talked to us after the speech and said DM looks very sick. The UB guy thinks it's from hitting the scotch bottle too hard and agrees with our assessment that DM is probably suffering from cirrhosis or some kind of liver ailment.

    The thing that really struck me in the video is that Miscavige's eyes are really sunken in and his cheeks are, too. That's a late stage symptom of cirrhosis.

    Who does take over if DM passes away?

    Any ideas?
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  15. Quentinanon Member

    Ya, agreed most of the assembled crowd do not look happy. Perhaps the reason is that they all had to leave their posts in New York and Clearwater to act as human filler in a PR crowd for Davey boy's appearance. This means that their post stats crash as they lose nearly three days of production with lower conditions, cut pay and rice and beans to follow.
    I don't feel sorry for them as they all had a golden opportunity to bolt from the cult.
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  16. Ersatz Global Moderator

    OP request, posts moved.
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  17. xUWqOTp.jpg
    Misery loves company!
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  18. anon8109 Member

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  19. brooksie213 Member

    i'm not sure if i'm posting in the right place but im gonna give this a shot. im from atl and i wanted to know when the next event is so i can join in? i want to be involved in anyway i can. sorry if im not supposed to post here lol im new at this
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  20. RightOn Member

    If that is your actual picture you are using for your avatar, I suggest you change it
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  21. brooksie213 Member

    uh oh why
  22. DeathHamster Member

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  23. brooksie213 Member

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  24. Can someone pls link guide to being anon...


    or hashtag opnewblood minus lucy?
    Cause wtf my eyes bleed
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  25. ravenanon Member

    The more the better!
    Keep an eye for the next protest announcement and I'll pm you too.
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  26. brooksie213 Member

    thank you so much!
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