April 16th Dallas, TX Raid - THEY THINK WE HAVE AN AXE?!?

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by An0nym0usFemal3, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. Lol of course not! That wouldn't be very Aerodynamic! Nah.. That info was just from looking at the picture.. I haven't felt the need to post an unaltered pic.
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  2. Zijaha Member

    OMG OMG I am soooo jealous that I missed this!!! Especially since I freaking LIVE near there and I could have helped.... Dammit if only I had signed up YESTERDAY!!!! I hassa sad :(

    It's okay cuz I am gonna be at the NEXT ONE I promise! :)
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  3. i feel you pain i missed to:(
    But as i will also be at the next one :)
  4. ^ This.

    ^ Also this.

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  5. I like the concept.
  6. over9000OT Member

    I'll just leave this here for your next raid. Do eet.
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  7. xenubarb Member

    Then you of all people should not be the camera guy! :p
  8. xenubarb Member

  9. xenubarb Member

    I bet you're from CW. Quitcher epeening; boa = a
  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. zudok Member

    so the other day this guy i know brought up various religious stuff and i go " what about scientology? whats your take on that?" he says to me "i mean im a christian but im open to anything" i say "i wouldnt be open to this shit man its a worldwide scam and a cult" srsly he says to me "what? how? isnt that the study of science?"

    facepalm? or disgruntled head shake? lulz

    damn you elron and your name trickery.
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  12. Mantis Member

    i cant help but finding corn a much more dangerous weapon
  13. AA170AdultTinManCostume350.jpg

    Costume Idea for the NONO raid?
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  14. Anon998 Member

    maybe, but I'd think twice about the toy ax.
  15. But that's the whole point. When the police arrive they can see you are clearly dressed as the TIn man with a fake ax... lol idk
  16. Mantis Member

    i agree with 998, its probably a bad idea, pictures of weapons and posters making jokes of the weapons are one thing, but an actual replica, no matter what its made out of, is a bad idea..... unless someone makes an axe shaped cake for the next raid, cause that would be awesome.

    we can yell out "do you want to come down and have a piece of my axe! its delicious!"
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  17. Anon998 Member

    I just finished baking this 5 minutes ago.

    (not really, but it is an axe cake)
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  18. Mantis Member

    dude, that epicness is of untold levels of awesome.

    This is LEGEN........

    wait for it..........

    wait for it...........

    ...i hope your not lactose intollerant cause the next part of the word is DARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  19. Mantis Member

    The name was chosen specifically to make those who take things at face value very confused.

    Its like the religion if satanism, from understanding from the few friends i have who practice it, there is no worshipping of the devil, its more just people being of the believe that there is no afterlife, and therefore they must have all the enjoyment they can now, rather than wait to be rewarded at some pearly gates that dont exist. its simply called satanism cause the christian community sees that as a trick of the devil sorta thing. Christians that really understand how people think realize that if satan exists, he doesnt go around telling you to kill people and do other bad things, he goes around and makes you question the reasons why you shouldnt. Like, not laying with more than one woman, but if you watch the world around you, most other species on the planet practice breeding with multiple partners, the stronger and usually genetically superior males having more offspring, while breeding with multiple females to create more genetic diversity, which as a whole strengthens them as a species. Most religious beliefs go against these natural instincts with the explanation that morality is more important, and that animals dont have a concept of morality. "the devil" gets you with the whole "if god created the world, therefore he created these natural instincts, and if god created them, how can they be wrong?"

    just a random thought though.

    "To know anything with certainty, you must first question everything you know."

    i end up knowing the arguments against most of my believes because i take the time to learn with an open mind so i can make the right choices for me about religion, have unwavering faith and whatnot. Not a single scientologist i've ever met has ever been willing to even listen to questioning about their believes... but then again, the truth can be said about alot of the super religious people i've met in my life.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Who brought up Satanism?
  21. Mantis Member

    i did, my mind makes random leaps, that make sense in my head at least, lol. sorry if i went too out there
  22. Anon998 Member

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  23. Mantis Member

    too bad i have no beard to speak of, just a wimpy little gottee, hahaha, love teh pic though
  24. Well since Anon Femme will be absent from the upcoming protests, I suppose it falls to myself as the next kitchen-dweller to attempt this.
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  25. I'm at a loss how to make this... THis will require some pre planning.... Do you have a 13x8 pan?
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Its the main reason that people are afraid to listen to outside questions (or internal ones) on their own beliefs. Not all Scientologists are "super religious", but as with the "super religious" people you speak of, they are well-trained to Fear their doubts and anything else that could be an obstacle between themselves and their spiritual goals.

    Not all Super-Religious people are indoctrinated in fear though- the ones who don't can be quite friendly and well worth your time chatting with.

    Re: afterlives and Satans
    Scientology, unlike the discordian/anti-christian/natural law peeps (the guyes I think you're talking about?),
    actually does posit the existence of an "afterlife" of a sorts; its just one that's entirely different from the afterlives that pretty much every other religion recognizes and considers.

    In Scientology, from this world to the next world there are no consequences. Where you go next seems to be random. Skills and knowledge and awareness and wisdom and power and ability you gained in this life don't carry over. While you can learn "interesting things" about previous lives you may have lived before, they have nothing to teach you. Only Hubbard can help.
    When you die, that's it. Game over. Insert 50,000 quarters to resume your OT Level. Unless you're Sea Org, and then a responsibility or debt may incur or accrue into future lives. But oddly enough, nobody IN Scientology seems to have accrued any debt from previous SO stints in service, so it does seem that those debts will never be collected either.

    Religious systems that claim you get "one more life", and those who claim "many more" all pretty much agree that you ought to be good NOW, or you're gonna be fucked later.

    The ones (and nonreligious belief systems) that honestly abandon any hope or threat of a re-birth are mixed;
    some would say "This is your only chance. Make it go right!"
    while others "This is your only chance. Do whatever the fuck you want!"

    but the combination of "do whatever" + "keep inserting quarters" says something about a "'ew Science of the Mind' that values those quarters more than the meatbags who keep plugging them in.
  27. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Aweshum picket guise!!!

    So nice to see some new faces amoinst the apparently 'defeated' Anons! (in refference to DM's 'victory over anonymous lolololol)

    Excellent and thanks so much for pics and post-game reportage~ Y'all ROCK!
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  28. Not really exactly what you're referring to, but I just finished reading this:
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  29. Mantis Member

    woah man, i completely agree with this and my mind is a little blown, havent had a good intellectual convo in a long while.
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  30. COREarg Member

    Every time I read this thread, I can only picture this:

    ...I know,it's furry.
    U mad?

    I still can't get the "axe". But I think I'm just can't think it in a scilon point of view.
    (But, by the time I keep hearing to the scilon radio-show of here, I think I will be stupid enough to believe that crap)
  31. wut.
  32. JohnnyRUClear Member

    The wut kept going after that, too. (Perhaps COREarg's been into dad's stash again.)
  33. COREarg Member

    Sorry...I wrote like shit.
    I meant " But I think I just can't think about it in a scilon point of view".
    My bad.

    I really suck at writing in English,rite? lol
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  34. over9000OT Member

    Your English is better than our Corean.
  35. Lorelei Member

    Excellent protest, Dallas! *high 5s*
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  36. Anon998 Member

    I get online to find 25 Alerts! xD most of them from this thread here! haha

    Thanks for all the likes
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  37. Anonymous Member


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