April 16th Dallas, TX Raid - THEY THINK WE HAVE AN AXE?!?

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by An0nym0usFemal3, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. I made the images a bit smaller.
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  2. zudok Member

    Oh lulz i was like damn we set off the alarm and then a cop car and big black vehicle shows up i just said nope and turned around till that cop thought it was funny so i didnt really see the side
  3. Anon998 Member

    awesome pic dump. :)
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  4. Oh, shut up. I'm adorable. And I sound like John Oliver!
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Great raid and pix
  6. I have pix of the "axe" from my video. Will post whenever I get home.
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  7. Mantis Member

    damn, i wish i had brought my camera
  8. video editor
  9. Mantis Member

    i had a lot of fun today guys, this was not my first protest, though this was my first Anon protest. i usually go out to the cons and protest the westburrow bapstist church protesters, so i am very used to being completely non serious and obnoxious to make them angry and go away.

    i am so so so sorry if some of that showed, i tried to keep things light but serious, but as 998 can tell you, i am very random and usually very obnoxious, lol.

    cops actually stopped me and 998 as we were leaving before they reached the rest of you guys outside the org. the first officer just asked us if we had an axe, then laughed when we both laughed at the question, lol, and he was all like "i need to go check out the rest of the group, have a nice day' and i was like 'have fun!!!!'. the second cop was much more rude, he immediately got out of the cop, and the guy kinda made me nervous, but i know that even if something happened with another anon, me and 998 commited no crime and had the proof. as all the cops drove past, all i could think was 'really? 3 cops? for a bunch of unarmed teenagers? the scilons must be shaking in their freaking husks.'

    luv you all, keep hitting me with the lulz
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  10. eddieVroom Member

    Looking at the protest signs, I'm thinking you need something that can be read from the street in a moving car. Large, bold, high-contrast and preferably limited to two or three syllables -- five at best.

    edit: inb4 "hack" sci-fi writer
  11. The honk against Scientology one I brandished was particularly effective.
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  12. Just trying to learn names. Are you this guy?

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  13. We had "Tax the Cult" and "Google Scientology" & "Lisa McPherson"
  14. Zak McKracken Member


    :hint: :hint:

    I think she's trying to tell you something.
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  15. eddieVroom Member

    Yeah, good ones, just had another pass through the pics. I guess it was the one in like neon green thinline marker on white paperboard that caught my attention. On a sunny day, you might not even be able to tell that there's ink on it. lol
  16. Anyone else think we should make a sign for next time with a picture of an ax and the caption, "This is the only Ax we have"?
    Edit: For a legal version... maybe use a can of Axe for the pic instead?
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  17. Optimisticate Member

    "Axe me about scientology"
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  18. Anon998 Member

  19. Our Linux compy has been gone for ages, silly.
    Also, this.
  20. Anon998 Member

    Not talking about your compy, I mean mine. You should know I run linux. and you should also note the following
  21. Anon998 Member

    All video editors for Linux are half-assed and crash left and right, unless they are expensive.
  22. Oh My Fucking God!!! why didnt i call into work to come protest!!! i cant belive i missed this!!! i have to go now im gonna sit in a coner and cry to myself.... ,:confused:
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  23. Anon998 Member

    There there Cultbuster, it'll be ok.
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  24. Well then, why do you run Linux?

    Also, Google something called Ubuntu-Blox.

    Edit: I'm not mad, just playing around with ya. :3
  25. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111
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  26. thats easy for you to say but all these tears are ruining my celibration cake.... and it was so moist now its just wet... sigh...
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  27. no but seriously good job dallas anons
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  28. Anon998 Member

    XP = no way to download drivers to this computer when it can't use your wireless card or Ethernet.
    7 = can't really use it if it crashes on the first page of install
    Vista = suckage, I'll have cancer before I willingly install that on my computer. :p

    I know. :p But link me to lmgtfy one more time, and I'll hit you with an axe </newinsidejoke>
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  29. Zak McKracken Member

    Before your next protest, you NEED to talk to these guys:

    Today they laugh,
    but the next time you might not be so lucky.

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  30. We need to remember to thank Arlo for that.
  31. Mantis Member

    yes, this is in fact me, i like how you got a close up ;) dont i look pretty
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  32. Like a pretty little unicorn.
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  33. Yes!!!

    Remember that time the hick porn-guy yelled at us? HE'S LUCKY I DIDN'T BRING MAH AXE!!!!11ELEVEN

    You know why we couldn't cut the caek?? BECAUSE NO ONE HAD THEIR AXE!!!!!11ELEVEN

    ...This has great potential.
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  34. purely awesome
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  35. LdNMr.jpg
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  36. Mantis Member

    YES YES YES YES YES, I Shall make this!!!! and it will be glorious!!!!!!! no seriously though, someone with some actual talent should make it, or i'll just print out a picture of an axe and paste it to a sign.

    i am going to make the Xenu equals Freeza sign though, that is my personal goal
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  37. Anon998 Member

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  38. I lol'd.
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  39. I think I have the right to make the sign.
  40. Anon998 Member

    Dude! This totally goes great with our lumberjack song we were singing! xD
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