[Apr 16, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Irving TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anon998, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Read up on it. Search Operation Snow White
  2. You can usually get them as low as $4-8 online, which I recommend as they are often substantially more expensive at local costume shops. Just make sure you purchase it from an established retailer and not independent sellers or eBay, to avoid having your information harvested by the wrong people.

    Hope that helps; if you're looking for specific vendors, let me know and I'll post some. I will also have a few extra masks at the April 16th raid, so if you can't get your own before then I'll lend you one.
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  3. Anon998 Member

    Music that is lulzy is always great. Just bring your Mp3 player, I will have a boombox to play them off of.
  4. I would love to read this paper. If you don't feel comfortable posting it, perhaps message it? Or post a link from

    I like this anon already.

    In any case, welcome welcome welcome to the greatest show on earth: the defeat of Scientology at the hands of the lulzy, truth-blasting Anonymous!

    In my opinion, your best bet this time of year is a costume shop online. You've got a week to ship, luckily. Anyway, on November 1st most costume stores have the masks at crazy discount prices (like $1), so if you plan to buy in bulk, that's the best time. It's best not to buy from eBay and the like because there have been instances where $cilons put up masks for sale in efforts to get your dox.

    And for anyone having signers-block when trying to come up with a sign to make: looking through the pictures in post game threads or Google Image-searching "Scientology protests" is helpful.

  5. Anon998 Member

    If you've got some Rage Against the Machine or something like that, that gets protesters pumping. Also, see if you have any songs like "Never Gonna Give You Up" "Caramelldansen" and other internet meme songs.

    A nice favorite artist is Jonathan Coulton. These are only a few suggestions
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  6. Attention!

    Possible OSA?

    For the time being... I must insist Anons be wary of Ready for Action. The Essay he wrote has found a twin online, and since he has not posted his essay anywhere else but to me in PM, I am giving him the benefit of the doubt, and the opportunity to allow himself to be more Anonymous by deleting the Other source on line.

    Story; He sent me his Essay in PM, and I ran part of it through Google, and came up with the exact same word for word essay on a Facebook Note. This leads to 2 possibilities:

    1. Ready for Action is OSA, using an essay they found to add credibility. This is possible because the person on Facebook does not seem to have any ties to Dallas.
    2. Ready for Action is actually the person listed on Facebook. If this is the case, he has just doxxed himself to me, so if he is serious about joining Anons, I am giving Ready for Action the chance to clean up his act on Facebook, so his essay will not namefag him in the future.
    You have the chance here and now to prove yourself Ready for Action. If you are not OSA, you will delete the story from Facebook, that will prove you have access to that account, and you didn't steal the story. Also deleting the story will make it harder to trace back to you IRL. If you come back here saying you have done this and I can check, then I will believe you (do not forget I know it is possible the FB account is OSA, so even if you do delete it I will be cautious.)...And if You vanish... we will know you did not write that, and were OSA. Don't cross Anonymous, For your sake I hope you are sincere.
  7. shocked-face.jpg

    ...Are you wizard?
  8. No I'm Anonymous
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  9. cat_cant_have_nice_things.jpg
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  10. OSA Member

    No, he is OSA.
    Your overt withhelds are the reason you can't have nice things.
    Edit: And grammar.
  11. Oh snap! our worst fears have been confirmed
  12. I was thinking Auld Lang Syne's louder stuff. And I was thinking of "Never Gonna Give You Up"
  13. They like me! Holy shit! And the defeat and lulz are why I'm here.
  14. zudok Member

    benny hill theme
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  15. Anon998 Member

    OH OH! Also, 1812 Overture. (for a V for Vendetta Ref) ;P
  16. Rick Astley. It's just not a party without Rick...Rolling.
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  17. But that's on the black list!!! Chancellor Suttler never wants to hear it again!!!

    lulz. Now we just need an A shaped fireworks display.
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  18. Yakety Sax!
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  19. I actually just got a half metric shit tonne of angry classical music. I now have most of the blacklist.
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  20. Is your avatar a Remun? It looks like one from Star Trek
  21. Accidental press?

    I have no idea how we got tapped in this article, or what their source was, but it lists our raid among several other Anon vs. Scilon protests scheduled for the 16th and suggests that the raids have been coordinated to oppose Scientology's tax-exempt status.

    I know it wasn't on the original agenda, but is anyone down for assigning a theme to the 4/16 protest? All it would really take are a couple of new signs referencing the tax issue and we'd be in business.


    EDIT: Updated the link to direct to the original article and not a blurb.
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  22. Nope. Newfag got Davros.
  23. Anon998 Member


  24. HpdpE.gif
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  25. Day = Made
  26. Radar finally did something useful... Sure I'm all for Talking about TAX. Though we will need some other sources.... Perhaps tax info about them through the ages... reasons why they should not be exempt.... the tax status of other religions... Anons must deliver... Also any other headlines you want to discuss. Bring dox with you, as this is an oft not discussed topic.
  27. This video mentions the tax issue:

  28. Anon998 Member

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  29. More press coverage.

    We'd better make good, DallAnons; this one's blowing up all on its own. :D

    EDIT: Even more. (The paraphrase is strong with this one.)
  30. to6N7.gif

    Keep posting links, AnonFem. I can do this all day. :D
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  31. anonymous612 Member

    And here I was coming to see if you guys had noticed that.

    From the context of the article, I get the impression they just scanned down the Events page to see who had a protest the 16th.
  32. Zak McKracken Member


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  33. Yes but how can we get it too explode and light up the night like that......
  34. And this is why we don't care too much when the press comes... Because Anonymous get's attention from anyone anyways.

    So my projecct for today is to locate some excellent talking points about revoking Tax Exemption. Since for whatever reason that seems to be the focus on those articles.....
  35. anonymous612 Member

    Tax Day is April 18th this year. Your protest is the 16th. It surprises you that the articles focus on the tax angle?
  36. True I never made that correlation.... I wonder if that's really it though... I mean don't get me wrong... I'm glad for the coverage... just curious where they came up with it. Will they report on the Retally raid for NoNo?
  37. Anon998 Member

    I'm loving this press coverage, I just wish that "Hacker" wasn't apart of the report. :/
  38. One of the problems of having a group called Anonymous is that everyone is part of it. There are, in fact, Anonymous members who DDoS and use their l337 h4xx0rz to accomplish their goals. And there are Anonymous members who protest peacefully (if not necessarily as meekly as the $cilons would like).
    We are all Anons, for better or worse.
  39. And anons who do stupid things like putting flashing images on epilepsy websites... Not All Anons are even concerned about the world.
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  40. Cyberwarrior1 Member

    I want to go to saturday protest in irving but i dont have the means to get there DX

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