[Apr 14, 2012] AnonymousNI Belfast Raid (Cult of scientology Great Victoria St, Belfast)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Nobody., Mar 14, 2012.

  1. Nobody. Member

    Meet-up point:
    Europa Bus Station
    12 Glengall Street
    North Ireland, Belfast BT12 5AH
    - 11:30am

    Walk to the Scientology Org:
    Belfast Dianetics Foundation
    Great Victoria St
    Belfast, County Antrim BT2 7AH
    (the volcano) - 12:00mid day (If no one's there, we're probably running late and are still at the meet-up point.)

    Then we bail to the pub at 4:00 post raid photo anyone?
    New Anons are always welcome.
    The main thing is to be there. You can also help by bringing fliers,signs, cake, megaphones, cameras, friends,sounds and lulz.

    make sure to mask up! if you dont have a V mask just use whatever you can..except a balaclava. might give the wrong impression.

    The simplified copypasta
  2. Malory Member

    I'll be at the Mission with ma raid buddy and post-raid pub is always good.

    One thing though, I'll say straight out that I don't like, or trust, the guy running that Anon site because his only interest is pushing people towards the Occupy thing. The problem with that is the Belfast occupiers are in conflict with the police and have engaged in illegal activity - do not want. If there's enough interest I'll throw up a site for Chanology stuff.
  3. Nobody. Member

    right so. i was at the occupy camps in london a while back. the idea behind it is brilliant but the fuzz are just looking for an excuse to shut it down by force so breaking the law is a nono.-do not want. sweet, ive spammed every belfag i could find on the net so hopefully it takes root.
  4. Anonymous Member

    You're welcome to take over the Belfast forum:

    Can get you set up with an associated CMS install to if you want (us Southernfags use Wordpress because it is piss easy to use, but Joomla is available if you are feeling adventurous).
  5. we have anons who said they will attend.. after all we are Anonymous.
    how do i send or start a private convo, ive tried to do so with you anonymous
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  6. Pique Member

    Anonymous can be anyone choosing to post anonymously. See the 'Reply Anonymously' button LR of reply box.

    You can't send them a PM.
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  7. ty pique
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  8. HOC Member

    Hi Belfast! :)

    You know I love you Northern Anons but if slap fights could please be kept off organisation threads I'd be very appreciative.

    While I suggest taking this debate to PM, if anyone wishes to continue it elsewhere, I have set up a thread for you all in Off Topic:

    Thanks for your time.
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  9. Nobody. Member

    if possible could any rows be sorted over PM?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Go on the anons page and click 'start conversation' that should do it
  11. Nobody. Member

    looks like Nobodys comming to the raid
  12. Malory Member

    There'll be people there and I'm trying to bully a Belfast Oldfag into coming. CoS's dirty tricks are nothing compared to a nagging femanon.
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  13. Herro Member

    This is just classic you Mallory.
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  14. HOC Member

    I may be there with Herro.
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  15. Anonymous Member


    This offer goes for you too btw:
  16. Malory Member

    Someone will be in touch about that, he's just been a bit busy humping furniture into a new flat.
  17. Anonymous Member

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  18. Nobody. Member

  19. Anonymous Member

    dont worry, theres a few facebookfags comming too.
  20. strobe Member

    Lol, why has no one questioned this?
  21. themadhair Member

    Will be there and will have e-meter
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  22. Nobody. Member

    because everyone feels sorry for me cuz i'm doinitwrong
  23. Malory Member

    There used to be a tradition at Belfast raids that the newbie automatically became our leaderfag. I, for one, won't question our new Overlord.
  24. Nobody. Member

  25. Malory Member

    That was the joke. Nobody wanted to be a leaderfag so we stuck the newbie with it.
  26. Nobody. Member

  27. Malory Member

    Have I mentioned the raep yet?
  28. Nobody. Member

  29. Nobody. Member

    does anyone have a spare mask that i could borrow for the raid? ive got an outfit that looks like this ↓↓ but i'm worrying that passers by might get the wrong end of the stick. Malory your the careful one. what do?

  30. Malory Member

    You'll be fine with that but I'll bring a spare, although it's not a V mask...
  31. Malory Member

    Poor Heretic's never been the same since he visited Belfast. I hear he still screams a bit at the sight of soft fruit.
  32. Anonymous Member

    I enjoyed this today. Cops were fecking cool and deserve mention.
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  33. Anonymous Member

    got more?
  34. Anonymous Member

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