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Discussion in 'Projects' started by raulnard, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. raulnard Member

    New ANON here..

    Highly interested to support cause and suggest relevant topic(s) for recourse.

    ANON topic Apple Frag..

    Forcing all who desire the product line because of its innovation is manipulative and unethical, I understand and respect the concept of capitolism and profitability. But when you design, manipulate and leave supporters dry by requiring the additional purchase of proprietary software, hardware and support, that has crossed my line. Instance: Required submission of equipment for a simple task like changing a battery and then charging for this is ludicris. I realize that for the more advanced and tech savy individuals there is an option, but what about the "OTHERS".

    Rise and support fair and equitable business practices!!

    Nullam praeparare, facere
    Plan, prepare, execute
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Disillusioned Apple fanboi. It happens.

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