AO Settles With Cult Over Attack

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by xenubarb, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. subgenius Member

    otoh trying to stop it might be
  2. amaX Member

    No, it's not. We've been dealing with AO and his ultimate failure in almost every endeavor since the beginning of Chanology. He almost always snatches defeat out of the jaws of victory and it gets old for those of us who've been watching it for years.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Will he be making a huge donation to wwp now.

    That would be so funny.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Says the guy with a black avatar who is really a pudgy white guy...
  5. Herro Member

    Yes, having a character from a well known TV series as an avatar and showing up in public in black face are clearly comparable.
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  6. xenubarb Member

    That is funny in its inaccuracy.
    Cult forced into mediation = win
    Cult forced to accept mediator's terms =win
    Gold Base residents given the right to vote = win
    Gold Base residents required for jury duty = win
    Jeff Stone's Scilon supporters exposed = win
    Cult forced to remove landscaping that violates CA environmental law = win
    YOU'VE never dealt with AO irl, so...let's just say he has put a lot of time, effort and money into the various issues regarding Gold Base, and the results have been anything but fail.

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  7. Herro Member

    Barb, are you and AO fucking? Just curious.
  8. xenubarb Member

    Must not be that well known. I don't know who that guy is.

    Furthermore, the black mask was an accessory first used by morris dancers in Kernow. There is historical precedent for black masks.
    How come you're not railing about Dan Ackroyd in blackface and dreadlocks in Trading Places? Shocking racism!
  9. xenubarb Member

    Yeah, I bet you are, you prurient little Bobby Hill lookalike.
  10. Anonymous Member

    AO's persistence and results in the war for Gold Base do deserve credit.

    AO doesn't get points for style, tho.

    Kinda similar to the Congressional Weiner, memories will recall his lack of social graces over anything else.
  11. DeathHamster Member

    If he want's "Indeed", it's the wrong guy.
  12. amaX Member

    I do know a lot of people who've dealt with him IRL and almost to the person they avoid him like the plague because you just never know what the S.O.B. is going to do. I've seen his handy work on youtube and just the fact that he and AGP dox Anons at will is enough for me to not give a fucking damn what piddly wins he does manage to get. He could have been so much more effective if he wasn't such a dick.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Jealous much?
  14. Anonymous Member

    Looked like orangeface to me. I'm Black and I was unoffended.
  15. Herro Member

    1) Look up "The Wire"
    2) Seriously Barb? Seriously? You're really going to try and defend him in blackface as a "Somali Pirate?" If you just want to go with the who cares if it's offensive thing fine, whatever. But to actually try and state that there's nothing wrong with it? You two must be fucking.
  16. Disco Necked Member

    I think it was at the same time, as quoted in 'The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard', the narrator claimed "Everybody seems to think he's a millionaire." (just after he quotes the 'local ice cream man'
  17. xenubarb Member

    Kill yourself.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Black Anon here.
    @Herro: Who the fuck are you? The "Offenses to African-Americans Police"? We can handle our own.
    Dudeness, you need to get a fucking life. Maybe you should go fuck someone besides yourself. That palm needs some trimmin'!
  19. Smurf Member

    Precisely. Moxon is knee deep in litigation right now with Sparrow's upcoming civil case in DC, the Danny Montalvo cases, and the process server's lawsuit against Jason Beghe where Moxon is the attorney of record. The cult hires outside private attorneys to assist them in litigation, but there is always the sticking point that these are wog attorneys and can never be fully trusted, so Moxon has to be consistently monitoring them.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Me fantasizes showing up at a Moxon hearing wearing a cafepress-type "Moxon is a Loser" shirt or cap.
  21. Smurf Member

    This is totally inaccurate, Barb. We all understand your position with the cult, but why you suck up to & forward all the bullshit that AO feeds you is mystifying. Whenever AO wants something posted on WWP (where he is banned), he can always count on you to be his PR agent.

    First, the court cannot order the defendants in a civil lawsuit to go into mediation, though it's a standard exercise in any case before going to trial (because they're very expensive and time consuming). Scientology could have refused it at risk of offending the court, so they complied with the "suggestion". They were not "forced" into it.

    The cult was not forced to accept the terms of mediation. There's no legal basis for it. The cult recognized a means of seeing the case go away with a paltry settlement offering. I suggest the mediator convinced AO to look at the writing on the wall. Walk away with some money or see the case being dismissed by the court and AO walks away with nothing.

    Also, anyone that checks the court record will see that there were hearings scheduled to determine whether AO should pay additional sanctions for failure to abide by court rulings. Both sides benefits from the settlement in some manner. But, the cult was not forced by any means to make a settlement offer. Though it didn't surprise me in the least that AO & AGP would deliberately misinterpret the facts to make AO to look like the victorious hero on this.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    AO stood up to the cult and repeatedly exposed its crimes before applicable government officials, and got some to act against the abuses at Gold Base.

    Smurf caved in and committed crimes for the cult and acted as a turncoat against effective critics in the 1990s.

    I'll leave it to the board to decide who is "mas macho"?

    Jealous much, Smurf?
  23. Smurf Member

    LOL. Thanks for today's joke.
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  24. Smurf, it's a waste of time stating the bleeding obvious - that mediation is not 'forced', in any legal sense, but an option.

    That said, it's also obvious that
    a) The cult did not refuse mediation - which they would have done if their defence case was strong
    b) They could have attempted to spin things out and exhaust AO's funds, but they did not.
    c) Some settlement payment had to have been made, that satisfied AO.

    So, in a sense, they were forced - by the weakness of their case - to settle with AO.

    Ergo, win and win.
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  25. Smurf Member

    Obviously, you know little of legal jurisprudence & how the courts work. Yes, it's a "win", in a sense, for AO that the cult folded and agreed to pay him a small sum of money to go away. I doubt AO's that happy with result & expected alot more from the case had he not pissed off the 3 attorneys that took him on as a client and later dumped him. (AO has his own interpretation why that happened which doesn't take into account his own bad behavior).

    Was the cult's case weak? From a legal standpoint, there were substantive issues that the cult had going for them that would have seen the case eventually dismissed down the road after alot more time & $$$ spent in the court. It was a win-win for both parties. The cult lost a small amount of money and AO walked away feeling he brought the cult to it's knees.

    Considering how much $$$ AO had already spent in court costs & sanctions to date, I suspect the settlement he received would probably allow several days vacation at Disneyland.
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  26. Herro Member

    Damn, smurf is just killin it in this thread.
  27. Anonymous Member

    If we're going to qualify results and get snippy about them, then we have the right to ask of Smurf:
    What amount of financial award have you ever "won" in a contested matter against Scientology?
  28. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    Might just be me, but I fail to see how dressing up as a Somalian pirate is wrong or offensive. Yeah, I'm derailing.
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  29. non sequitur.


    Objection! Speculation.

    OK. Small win is win.
  30. Anonymous Member

    And you know it was paltry how?
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  31. PresidentShaw Member

  32. Smurf Member

    Non sequitur. Absolutely zero in terms of a civil settlement... I've never sued the cult in civil court. I've been in a witness in a number of court cases in the past adverse to the cult, where the cult was ordered by the cult to pay for empirical expenses (food, entertainment, taxicab, etc.) during the weeks I was under subpoena, and I remember very well the times Moxon grimaced & it look like he had dropped a steaming load in his pants because the judge ordered him to cough up the $$$.

    In the Fishman-Geertz case, Moxon sought to have me sanctioned because I had a fine steak dinner with all the fixings at Spagos in Beverly Hills & the cult had to pay the $274 bill. Moxon failed.

    If your logic is that AO has one-upped me because he got some $$ from the cult, I would ask at what expense? If he had acted professionally & did what his 3 different attorneys instructed him to do (versus doing what he thought was the best course of action), he would have had competent counsel fighting for him and winning him alot more than a low-ball settlement.

    Speaking from experience, the worst thing a person can do entering mediation is going in without an attorney because you're having to trust the mediator in being on your side, and that is not the job of a court mediator. In fact, most mediators will tell you that it is their job that neither side walks away happy. Tikk & Tiny Dancer can pipe in on this.

    Long story short, AO can claim a small win.
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  33. Smurf Member

    If AO were still posting here, it would have been a win worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. Just saying. :) Sadly, I doubt many are going to be celebrating his "big win" with him. He's turned most of the critics and anons against him.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Rumors are circulating AO had to pay the cult for the cost of replacing the flowers AGP destroyed.
  35. Anonymous Member

    So much nattering and entheta. Those who engage in it are low-tone SP's, degraded beings incapable of completion of a cycle of action. Rightfully fit to be disposed quietly and without sorrow.

    AO now is capable of not only attesting to clear, but to OTIX. He has beaten the cult at its own game.
  36. an0nim0uz Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    It takes Narcissists to take down a Narcissist

  38. Smurf Member

    Not true. The court would not allow this. They were two separate & distinct cases.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Smurf has made up whatever damage he caused by effective protesting and doxing, so fuck off.
    And your anti-cult record consists of... ?
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  40. xenubarb Member

    Since it's posted ANONYMOUSLY, you'll never know.

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