AO Settles With Cult Over Attack

Discussion in 'GoldBase' started by xenubarb, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Smurf Member

    When settlements are reached via a State Bar Dispute Resolution service, the amounts are generally quite small.. in the range of $5,000 or less to more or less compensate the victim for pain & suffering, medical bills, etc. The defendant also denies any wrongdoing and the plaintiff cannot come back at a later date & sue the various parties of the original lawsuit.

    This is tantamount to someone tripping over something on Scientology property, injuring oneself, and suing the cult for liability... a convenient payoff of the claim.

    The resolution of this case removes a thorn from the cult's backside from having to continue spending vast amounts of money to defend itself, but given OSA-Legal's well-known million dollar litigation budgets, the settlement is simply an annoying blip they no longer have to contend with. It is a win for AO only that he will received several thousand dollars for all that he has endured fighting the cult in this case.

    Considering how much $$$ AO stood to win if he had not pissed off the attorneys that had taken his case (then wrote him off due to his antics), this is a small win for AO.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Is AO totally rich now?
  3. Anonymous Member

    Hmm. I detect humour in this video, tongue-in-cheek variety.
    He's probably got a real nice car, now... LOL
  4. Anonymous Member

    Nope, but he can pay our next bar tab... :)
  5. Anonymous Member

    Is it raining dollars at AO HQ?
  6. Smurf Member

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  7. AO might not be able to divulge any details under the settlement agreement, but if he appears in his next vid stepping out of a Ferrari in an orange zoot-suit and purple fedora, it may give us a hint... ;)
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  8. PresidentShaw Member

    When you put it in the context that he was allegedly sexually harassing a socal femanon who was 18 years of age a short time before that video was made.
    It is a bit creepy yes.

    And yes, I'd like to have such a nice car
  9. Anonymous Member

    Who let this freak south of the border?
  10. Anonymous Member

    grow a sense of humor

    I think him patting his nude pot belly at the end was hilarious.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Sorry I can't laugh with French Canadians, only at them.
  12. Anonymous Member

    get your racist arse the F O
  13. Anonymous Member

    u mad?
  14. PresidentShaw Member

    The main reason why he's so happy in california is that we french canadian had higher standards.
  15. Anonymous Member

    DOX or STFU
  16. PresidentShaw Member

    as you pointed out yourself, the keyword is allegedly.

    That being said, if you'd like to know more, just ask any socal anon that was around at the time.
  17. Interrobanger Member

  18. PresidentShaw Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

    While everyone is too busy arguing with their fellow faggots, we have all forgotten how Anonymous benefits from this long battle between AO and Scientology. After the hard work AO put in messing with the Riverside county board of supervisors (notably Jeff Stone) and legal system, pissing off his own attorneys, allying himself with AGP, and causing Co$ in Gold Base some problems, and now settling in court; Ladies, gentleman, traps, we can finally delete this fucking situation room.

    Nothing to see here. Move on.
  20. Herro Member

    If we're gonna do AO's greatest hits, don't forget the time he showed up to a raid in blackface.
  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

    I call bullshit. Gold Base is still angling to prevent protests on its doorstep by funneling illegal contributions to a Jeff Stone to gain support for converting Gilman Hot Springs Road to a private driveway.

    These issues started years ago with Keith Henson, and the battle for Gold Base will continue.

    If we win little Davey will be forced to learn to enjoy anal sex Leavenworth-style, while any remaining Scientologists will have to depart using "Heaven's Gate" tech to clear some other planet, as the Marcabs will rule Teegeeack for now and forever.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    GOLD BASE should stay as a situation room. AO had his own situation room for a while until he went full retard. But GOLD is more than AO.
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  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    This ^^^^^

    Stay on target. And I LOL'ed at AO's little 2009 video, never saw it before. Props to the mad fucker, he went and pissed them off and you know he can't keep that to himself.

    Maybe he'll get AGP to spill the beans on it, that way he gets to ruin what's left of the cult's rep AND keep the money.
    Just make sure he regularly checks the brake cables of whatever fancy car he can buy with his winnings, you know how vindictive that cult can be.
  26. Anonymous Member

    No U. Knowing AO's keen ability to get himself into trouble, it'll only be a matter of time he's arrested outside Gold Base.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    LOL. Forgot about this. TRUFAX
  28. subgenius Member

    not gonna happen
  29. JohnnyRUClear Member

    AO + AGP + CoS = ????? ... I don't know what the product of the reaction will be, but lulz are a predictable byproduct, which is good enough.

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  30. PresidentShaw Member

    How bout video?
    Just jump to 1:03 to see AO getting in argument with a fellow protester about it and acting like a complete douche as usual.
  31. subgenius Member

    2 kinda posters itt and on this forum
    every moment spent addressing stupidity is a moment not spent doing something to achieve the goal
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  32. Anonymous Member

    It's one less destination on Moxon's itinerary of fail. The little tard has been bouncing around like a ping pong ball these days trying to keep up. It's about time Davey threw him a bone. Not that it's going to do any good.
  33. PresidentShaw Member

    Ok boss
  34. Anonymous Member

    U kidding, rite? WWP loves this faggotry.
  35. Anonymous Member

    yeah, people should argue for at least another 4 pages on whether they think AO is a douche or not
    brb life
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Get over it.
  37. PresidentShaw Member

  38. Anonymous Member

  39. xenubarb Member

    I want to like this moar!
  40. amaX Member

    I guess I could say that the moment you took to address others addressing stupidity was a moment not spent doing something to achieve the goal target.

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