Anyone here skilled with Motion/AfterEffect, basically software for adding words, with interesting

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by xenulondon, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. xenulondon Member

    ...text effects

    This mp3 : difference between a cult and a religion (Large download - mp3, 10megabytes)

    In the style of:

    Or something a bit like it. Would probably take hours to do, so dunno how we could possibly do it without moneyz.
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  2. Hope-ffw Member

    With After Effect, First you have to create a te×t file (in your composition obviously..) Then chose the police, size, font etc... To animate it you click on your calcque in the windows on left bottom. You have a chronotrigger near different option, like position, rotation etc. Place your te×t at the place you want, click the chronotrigger, move the slider in the timeline where you want to end the animation, and change some parameter of the available option. There will be a "key" appearing in your timeline. If you want to see the results, put your slider at the begining and press "0" to make a prerender. You can create other te×t form and then animate them. Just test it and enjoy. Ask for any question.

  3. Anonymous Member

    MOTION is better for this type of thing if you ask me.
  4. The Heretic Member

    You could just ask TEOS about how he did it in that video. He's usually always glad to help others with this kind of stuff.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    A lot of work would have gone into making that video. But you can make similar sorts of videos using AE. Just google some "kinetic typography" tutorials for After Effects.
  6. Anonymous Member

  7. slobeck Member

    Agreed. It's A LOT easier to do this exact kind of stuff.
  8. xenulondon Member

    Motion 4 teh win!!!! kewl.

    Thanks guise <3
  9. adhocrat Member

    If you've got a Mac, Motion 5 is now just $50

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