Anyone have the video of Basiji captured ?

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Azadi, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Azadi Member

    There was a video on CNN of a plaincloth or Basiji captured by the people in the middle of the street today (June 20th) and his motorcycle was set on fire (I think he was hit by a car). There was a women holding him down and regular people starting kicking him. I tried to find the video but I could'nt.

    If anyone has the video, please post it.

  2. go to, click on middle east and vid is there, or go to youtube.

  3. Hesperornis Member

  4. Azadi Member

  5. atmasabr Member

    Holy freak!
  6. ech0 Member

    I see something different. I see the woman trying to protect him. Some angry people come up to attack him but the woman and at least one other man push off the attackers. At the end most of the angry people have left him.

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