Anybody know which fonts these are?

Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Anonymous, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member


    Any recognize the fonts used in that, or know fonts that could be substituted for them easily? I've trawled through places like 1001 Free Fonts a little, but for the most part, I can't seem to find stuff as solid and usable as those.
  2. Anonymous Member

    I don't know which fonts they are...but it is really nice to reflect on the utter lack of 'destroyed families' before Scientology came along a few decades ago.
  3. AnonyVix Member

    Wouldn't say there was a lack of destroyed families before the church of scientology but it's true that it's a major contributor as it does destroy families.
  4. another123 Member

  5. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I don't know and I am no expert but I think that "destroys" isn't a font but an image distort.

    What I mean is: The original maker used a font (Adobe Garamond?) and typed in the word "Destroys". Then used a couple tools to distort and corrode the word. Now if there is a font that lets you type like that, I wouldn't be surprised. Still it is possible it could just be a distorted image rather than an actual font.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for all the and suggestions, got a lot more help than I expected! I think I'll be able to come up with a workable solution now.

    Since you guys are on a roll...
    This is a design that I'm working on. Maybe someone here can help.


    Question is, can anyone come up for a better color scheme for it? I'm not particularly looking to change anything else about it, like the spacing of the words or anything. And don't worry about cleaning up the gray bits or anything. I'm just asking whether the main colors can be swapped for something that's more readable or just plain better looking. If you have an idea, show me your color swap. I'm talking this sort of idea:


    Now obviously this 2nd one looks like shit, is hard to read, and loses some of the money=green relationship. I just threw it together fast to illustrate the sort of response that I'm looking for. Any takers on designing a better one? Don't worry about cleaning anything up in the graphic, just swap colors fast as a main idea. If I like your idea better than the original, your design WILL get used in a Scientology raid soon!
  7. WMAnon Member

    I like the original colors on that one.

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