Any Anons In Michigan?

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Anonymous, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Looking to get into contact with some Anons in Michigan. It would be great to find some working the Detroit Metro area. Looking to get involved.
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Rev Member

    Thanks for the help, unfortunately that thread hasn't seen activity since 2011.
  4. Anonymous Member

  5. Anonymous Rev Member

    I will take you up on that advice. Thank you
  6. AnonMichigan Member

    Yes I am new and down to go anywhere in Michigan!
  7. AffableAnon Member

    I live in Oakland county.
  8. I'm willing too. I live in genesee county but I've been ready. I wish I could go to DC on Nov 5th but its kinda outta the way. Im more than willing to start here
  9. subgenius Member

    Anyone who's serious:
    April 12 5pm farmington hills
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  10. This?

  11. subgenius Member

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  12. subgenius Member

    So, where is everyone?
    It never gives me a good feeling when someone solicits info. And I'm now sorry I put my own security at risk.
  13. Yeah, you know better, but it happens and hopefully, it is nothing more than a no show.
    There with you in spirit.
  14. I asked b/c I saw the flyer on Ortega's site. I wasn't trying to compromise security. The few peeps who've posted in this thread other than you seemed like they were new, and since you didn't provide a meeting place for your thing today, I thought the flyer might help.
  15. subgenius Member

    I was hoping to provide more detail if anyone responded, which you did. Then we could have PM'd. But my bad.
  16. subgenius Member

    Well, I posted something earlier, but I 6i9vlv.jpg zph7l.jpg don't see it. So excuse if this is a repeat.
    8-9 cars there, and an interesting sign out front 21b84ty.jpg
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  17. That sign is just the best.

    My, what a booming org. Just the way I like it. It would be even better if nobody went there at all but one step at a time....
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  18. subgenius Member

    Kinda ragged, slapped together at last minute, but yeah, easy. There's an online warning sign generator, and block poster maker....old news, but pretty useful.
    I always wonder how long the sign lasts after I leave.

    I'm not up on things. Is anything going on? Like raids and stuff? I should look, but I'm lazy.
    BTW, thanks to Google Street View, I'm temporarily immortal. Zoom in.!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sSb0OgDtFoquywlZbQ1Ndmg!2e0
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  19. Michnonymous Member

    Hi I'm in Calhoun Kalamazoo area!
  20. Anon187 Member

    Flint area here
  21. Anon187 Member

    Lapeer county here, I'm always down for the cause
  22. I'm in south central MI. I'm attempting to organize some plans to cure a few diseases with RSO, Then get media coverage to gain attention to other things. After this attention and unity forms the protests could be phenomenal. Just spitballing here but I'm acting on it.
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  23. 429

    What? What is RSO?
  24. xWatcherx Member

    i am in shiawassee area looking
  25. Kelmae76 Member

    Hi I'm a new member in the Detriot Metropolitan Area as well, I'm looking to get connected with other anons as well. I'm also trying to get info for a location in my area for the upcoming Million Mask March on 11/05/16
  26. s of detroit here.

    working intel & ops mostly alone. don't trust people.

    try irc for meetups. don't trust forums.

    we are legion. expect us.
  27. We are around. Keeping it low key

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