Any Anons Active in south Jersey Philly area?

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by jester576, May 2, 2013.

  1. jester576 Member

    New to the forum looking for any contacts in my area
  2. fvf Member

    We are here
  3. "?"

    We are everywhere my friend.
  4. I have the same problem out here in the 609/856 area
  5. Rod Keller Member

    I guess I'm not Anonymous, since this is my real name. But I live in Philadelphia.
  6. GilRenard Member

    anyone still in the area?
  7. I live in Philly area and I want to protest Scientology. Who can I talk to?
  8. The Internet Member

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  9. Spyder Member

    Any Tristate anons willing to do a NY march
  10. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Spyder, you can private message people who haven't been around recently. Good to see you here.
  11. gopher guts Member

    im new im here
  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Welcome here
  13. I wish I was there
  14. Just a "never in", but I'm in the Philly area. Last time I was at the old Philly org, it was very quiet with no foot traffic. To the best of my knowledge, no work has been started on the PNC building that was supposed to be the new org. I'm willing to meet up and invite folks in the area.
  15. Hey your best bet is to message the people in this thread to see if they are still around. You can take pix of the Org, but suggest you don't protest alone
  16. well, already did the pics and vid by myself and uploaded to Twitter. There was literally no one there, except the two staff behind the counter. I've been in contact with others about a protest late July or August as well.
  17. Link to twitter plox

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