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Discussion in 'Promote The Cause' started by priaprism, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. priaprism Member

    I think it would be a good idea to start discrediting the regime or moreover its figure heads

    Start plastering posters and info on the Iranian embassies’ around the world ( don't go to jail based on the country or geographic laws) but a nice big poster of amidina and how he is a bad man or how supreme leader is nothing more than a puppet of China and Russia.

    I know extremist hate cartoons....

    I am not an artist at least not with paint and glue.

    If we start undermining the regime's legitimacy through media maybe the world won't lose interest.


    Note: Sorry persians The more personal and offensive the poster/slogan/sign the more the regime will lash out at the world. They propagate and spread unsubstantiated truths to further their cause the more the media campaigns should make fun of them.

  2. Free Iran Now
  3. Ok, hang on a sec...
  4. Flight of the Hummingbirds


    Three equal horizontal stripes of green white and red, with the UN style olive-branch "anonymous" headless suit icon in the place of the "Allah" tulip, the Iranian symbol of martyrdom, in bright red, the color of Neda's oxygenated blood as it appeared on the Supreme Leader's hands last week. Anon Akbar (Anonymous is Great) in white script written 31 times along the borders above and below the white stripe.

  5. New desktop...thanks <3

    Semi-relevant too...I have a feeling Anonymous will be much less so because of what we are doing here...

    An hero for, how fitting.

    Well done...well done...
  6. I love it!! Great cartoon!!
  7. Gracias. Lets just say it is an image that suggested itself. It is one that keeps the hope of freedom alive and stong! This came thru from inside:
    View attachment 4842_121310929044_114632814044_2948532_1948982_n.j

  8. iamneda-persianGREENsmall.jpg.png "I am Neda."

    public_enemy_flava_flav-1.jpg Because Anonymous knows what time it is.
  9. By no strange coincidence, Neda in persian:
    is /i

    Therefor, the universe is just; Neda's voice will be heard.

  10. Its sound to me
  11. conchosunwi Member

    Phường Tứ Hạ dog g 1 ứ ô w n

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