Another SP Times report

Discussion in 'St Petersburg Times expose' started by LE, Nov 15, 2009.

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    Re: Another SP Times report

    Yeah, it was
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    Re: Another SP Times report

    Could use its own topic, imo.
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    Re: Another SP Times report

    Nice, new for me.
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    Re: Another SP Times report

    NO! Not our Marty!

    Clearly the SP Times is biased and these stories have no plausibility at all.
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    Re: Another SP Times report

    BUMP, more excellence from the the St. Petersburg Times, go there go there go there! :) Also, spread this E-Z to remember link:
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    Re: Another SP Times report

    Yeah, excellent article. Too bad Logan is now on Marty's blog being a total dickwad to anyone who goes on there and questions Marty about the shit he did for the cult.

    All the crap they pulled on him and he's STILL a scilon. Realized last year that they weren't going to let him back in the cult. Just took him 17 years to snap.

    What a moron.
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    Re: Another SP Times report

    I knew I liked you. :D
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    Re: Another SP Times report

    Back atya baby. :)
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    Re: Another SP Times report

    The comments following this article, spell out the implications of this story more clearly.

    Anne Tidwell's former name was Ann Broeker, wife of Pat Broeker.

    The Broekers served as personal caretakers for LRH in his last years until his death, and would have been able to testify as witnesses about what happened in January 1986 (if there was a Coroner's Inquest, or a charge of contributing to the death of LRH made against Miscavige).

    Pat Broeker was next in line to take over the cult, according to a 1986 letter from LRH.

    But the Broekers were purged from leadership by Miscavige, and Ann was reportedly "broken" (mentally) on the RPF afterwards (according to former cult spokesman Robert Vaughn Young). Severe treatment of Ann on the RPF may have been designed to reduce her potential as a threat, by messing with her ability to retain her memory and to degrade her credibility as a witness. This story seems to support the idea that the existence of Ann outside of cult control represented a top-level threat, and that Ann may not ever be allowed to leave (I fear she will be found dead, perhaps ordered to "EOC", and because of this article that may happen soon).

    The SP Times articles seem to be closing in on Miscavige. But will the feds act? That's what seems necessary, to finally pull the plug on this cult.
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    Re: Another SP Times report

    Too sick ... they don't care about people's lives at all, just using them however they wish to make the cult look good, or to be successful in some agenda.

    I will never see a John Travolta movie - he is a co-conspirator. Disgusting.

    " She went back to the terminal with Rathbun, who said he played on her loyalty to Hubbard. He told her that running away could damage the church's chance of gaining tax-exempt status, which was close at hand after a 40-year battle with the IRS.

    Enemies would be at her door wanting inside information on Hubbard, his estate and church finances, Rathbun warned.

    She agreed to come back to California, Rathbun said. He said he called Miscavige to tell him they would be on the first plane back in the morning.

    But Rathbun said Miscavige already had arranged for them to be flown back that night on one of John Travolta's planes, to make sure Annie Logan did not have another chance to run. "
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    Re: Another SP Times report

    Interesting info on Annie Broeker Tidman Logan (who know goes by Annie Tidman & remains DM's imprisoned possession at Gold Base):

    From ARS:

    The latest legal missive to the SP Times from Annie (Broeker) Tidman's
    "personal attorney" comes from Richelle L. Kemler of Glassman,
    Browning, Saltsman & Jacobs in Beverly Hills, CA. It has the same CC
    list as Tommy Davis' huffy missive that threatens legal action.

    cc: George Rahdert, Esq. (long-time attorney for the SP Times)
    cc: Paul Tash (Editor and CEO. SP Times)
    cc: Neil Brown (Executive Editor, SP Times)

    The letter basically says she won't answer any question, and that the
    paper is invading her privacy, etc.

    Anthony Michael Glassman's client list includes Church of Scientology. Oh, and he's represented Hugh Hefner, Playboy Magazine, O.J.'s attorney and.. holy shit...
    Allergan Pharmaceuticals (does the cult know about this?).

    Beverly Hills Trial Lawyers | Los Angeles Transactional Attorneys | Glassman, Browning, Saltsman & Jacobs, Inc.

    LexisNexis | Recent Cases

    Interesting info on Annie Broeker Tidman's attorney, Richelle Lynn Kemler VandenBergh.

    State Bar of CA :: Richelle L. Kemler VandenBergh

    Richelle's Experience:

    During law school, Ms. Kemler worked as a judicial clerk for Mental Health Court in Los Angeles County, conducted preliminary hearings for the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office and volunteered at the Harriett Buhai Center for Family Law. (Does OSA & CCHR know about this?)

    Glassman, Browning, Saltsman & Jacobs, Inc. - Attorneys - Richelle L. Kemler

    Say hello to Richelle's husband:

    Schuyler Vanden Bergh - LinkedIn
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    Re: Another SP Times report

    Why would Logan, after what they did to him and Tidman, want to get in to good standing with the church again?
    Must be a glutton for punishment.
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