Another Occupy/dropouts camp dismantled in London

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Not so anonymous, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. And not a single solitary fuck was given.

    How's that Occupy thing working out guys?
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  2. Congrats on your new post Grandpa! Now don't forget to take your medicine.
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  3. ZeroC Member

    Where's that 'Old' button when you need it.
  4. Maybe you should google Finsbury Square lol
  5. I don't get it what is so threatening to you about these people. You're afraid of someone actually *gasp* attempting to give a shit?
  6. Anonymous Member

    OP is retarded like Duncan Williams.
  7. I'm not threatened at all, just impressed by how effective the whole occupy thing has been, the uk knew it was a dumbass movement and gave it zero support. Just a few hardcore dropouts tried to keep it going to releive the boredom between benefit handouts. They are gone now.

    Occupy was a badly thought out idea from the start, fuelled by misguided anger, rip occupy
  8. Anonymous Member

    It raised the prospect of militant opposition to banking greed, paving the way for direct action against banksters if austerity gets worse.

    Greece and Spain are part of it, and the rich fear the Occupy movements there. Give it time in the UK, if it gets worse economically the bankers will be made to suffer.

    And I hope you do too, because your cowardly crowing is achieving far less than Occupy did.
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  9. jesus, finally a sane person.
  10. Greece and Spain? Ha! It's well known that it's compulsory to avoid paying tax in those countries, so they have been living on borrowed time. If the general public had paid their dues then they wouldn't have been in half the trouble they are in now! Greece fiddled their books to get into the euro zone, yes the bankers have a part to play in this mess but don't think it's all their fault, just blaming the bankers shows you don't understand what's going/been going on.

    Look at the bigger picture and the occupy movement might get somewhere
  11. P.s. I only post in the occupy section because I feel sorry for you guys, hardly anyone bothers posting in here anymore.

    (think that fact says it all)
  12. Anonymous Member

    You are so kind. We'll wait here in the hope you return.
  13. Anonymous Member

    How's that Weekly Sport/The Son newspaper working out? Readership up to 20 yet?? LOL
  14. Nice attempt but you need to do more research before you try humour, oh, and protesting.
  15. Anonymous Member

    You should some more reading and actually understanding how the world works before coming here and behaving like Cartman. You aren't worth even this reply, you're so lame.
  16. PresidentShaw Member

  17. Anonymous Member

    I would read if only you could post in English, or check what you have typed before posting
  18. That doesn't change the fact that he/she is right.
  19. Anonymous Member

    "do" some more reading, is what it should have said.

    Occupy folk - brave people

    "Not So Anonymous" - coward
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  20. I think coward might be too kind in this case.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Writing off occupy has become such a tacky, hipster-ish thing to do lately.

    Estaablishment establishment you always know what's best!
  22. Based on what evidence?

    As always, losing argument=personal attack.

    Fucking lame guys.......just lame...
  23. Occupy folk - drop outs and scroungers

    Not so anonymous - can spot a bullshit idea a mile off
  24. P.s. check out the frequent posting on the occupy forums on this site, then say that again.

    Hardly any interest in occupy at all for months
  25. PresidentShaw Member

    It's awesome how uneducated people are the first to tell others to educate themselves.

    Occupy never had any clear goals, and it didn't achieve anything, this is why people don't care anymore. It was just a feel good hippy thing and it's dying out as it should.

    Maybe one day we'll be ready to talk about real solutions to real problems, until then ta ta.
    Carry on.
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  26. PresidentShaw Member

    That being said I can't help but point hte irony of you yelling on all roof that no one cares about occupy while making threads about it.
  27. Anonymous Member

    It's a sympathy thing.
  28. Anonymous Member

    So, Not So Anonymous - what's your real name?

    Or are you just as Anonymous as everyone else here? LOL
  29. Anonymous Member

    Sorry i was referring to bashings of OWS on other sites other than WWP (whose relevance, btw, has waned lately much more than OWS's has)
  30. Anonymous Member

    oh and your troll OP
  31. vaLLarrr Member

    "relevance" LOL

    If OP thinks he's being "daring" and "bold" by telling 50 WWP readers what he thinks, that makes him more failtastic than first thought.

    Exellent. Continue telling us about the "dropouts" and "hardly anyone talking about Occupy anymore", Not So Anonymous.

    Your opinion is clearly going to amuse me in its own deeply foolish and myopic way.

    Oh, when you get a second, turn on the news.

    Tahrir Square is full, again, and Hosni Mubarak is dead.

    Tell us about all the "dropouts" in Tahrir Square now.

    They just ended decades of misery under Mubarak, and fought an army to do it.

    I wonder how enlightened Not So Anonymous is if he doesn't watch the news.
  32. Lol occupy = Arab spring, gotta love drunk posting
  33. vaLLarrr Member

    LOL the complete failure to understand the point.

    Are you drunk then, Not So Anonymous? That explains plenty.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Are you going to continue to try and educate WWP users on the futility of protest, or are you simply saying Occupy = WWP/Anonymous?

    Feel free to state your actual thoughts, they are entertaining.
  35. vaLLarrr Member

    I saw enough Anonymous masks at various Arab Spring demonstrations, in several nations, to be able to see things from a wider perspective. The new media outlets and means of mass communication have spawned many working for the subculture you called "dropouts".

    Define "dropouts", Not So Anonymous.

    I doubt you have the cojones to really tell us all what your definition of a "dropout" is, but it's worth a shot.
  36. vaLLarrr Member

    Yeah I thought as much.
  37. Occupy = dropouts
    Im not the one linking anon to occupy
  38. At no point have I tried to link occupy movement with anonymous, you are the one doing that. Arab spring had some anonymous influence, occupy was fuck all to do with it. Stop trying to turn the discussion into anonymous = dropouts, that is not what I was posting.

    Occupy = dropouts = benefit scroungers and wasters who don't seee why they should work to get anywhere or pay off their debts while others have plenty of money. Oh, and before you start, I'm talking uk, but from what I see it's the same everywhere. Occupy is dead.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Carry on with the personal attacks guys, instead of defending the occupy wherever movement. Way to go!
  40. PresidentShaw Member

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