AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

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    AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    [SIZE="6"](Previous thread)

    If you wish to help the AnonyNEWS team find newsworthy threads, please make a post below containing a short title, the link to the thread or blogpost, a short tl;dr of the news and, if you want, an image for the news. (Just like the following news posted below.)

    inb4 OMG! boner iz newsworthy![/SIZE]


    [SIZE="6"][COLOR="SeaGreen"][FONT="Arial Black"]AnonyNEWS - week 3 - 2010[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]


    [SIZE="4"]German crime series "Tatort" - Episode about Scientology [/SIZE]


    The popular German TV show "Tatort" (engl. crimescene), which is known for its deep storytelling, will air an episode in March which deals with the cult of Scientology. The organisation will find itself shown in the same light as perverts, mobsters, corrupt politicians and other criminals.

    [SIZE="4"]The Independent: Irish Scientology Profits [/SIZE]


    The Independent reports that the Irish wing of the controversial Church of Scientology is making annual profits of over €270,000 but it's director last night insisted all the money was going to pay off the company's "substantial debts". But the figures that the report was based on are from the 12 months leading up to April 2008, which were mostly before Anonymous began Project Chanology. Most of the money will be needed to cover the expenses of various court rulings in Ireland.

    [SIZE="4"]Scientology advertises on UFO site [/SIZE]


    Scientology Ads have appeared on . No Pics of the sighting have been delivered yet.

    [SIZE="4"]Ukraine Presidential Candidate Rumored to be OT6 [/SIZE]


    Arseniy Yatsenyuk, leader of the Front for Change and a former Foreign Minister of Ukraine, might become the next President.

    The Russian site reports on January 15, 2010: :

    It is reported that Yatsenyuk graduated from the Kiev school of Dianetics and joined the Scientology organization in 1998, while working as a consultant for the credit department of Aval Bank. In the same year he signed a contract with the so-called "Sea Organization," the elite structure of the "Church of Scientology." Yatsenyuk is presently a high-ranking member of the sect and has a "level of auditing" called OT-6.

    An older article by says: It is noteworthy that, during his frequent trips to America, Yatsenyuk invariably meets in an informal setting with Mr. David Miscavige, who is in the top leadership of the "Church of Scientology."


    [SIZE="5"]Scientology does China [/SIZE]


    Scientology has started a PR campaign aiming at China and the new chinese wealth. This is despite the fact that LRH teaches that "China is a beautiful country, if it weren´t for the chinese."

    OSA-Member appointed as Justice of the Peace in Arizona [/SIZE]


    Richard Haworth, a high-ranking Scientologist (at least OT VII) has been appointed as Justice of the Peace in Phoenix, Arizona, for the period of one year. According to several documents posted on WWP, this CoS-Member acted as a spokesperson for the cult and will have jurisdiction as Justice of the Peace with regards to restraining orders and civil claims up to US$ 10,000.

    [SIZE="4"]OTVIII The Second coming [/SIZE]


    New OT VIII package has been released, and if you´re OTVIII, it seems you have to do it again, for the reasonable price of $20k. The old version will not do anymore. Even LRH added some new Marketing quotes from his grave!


    [SIZE="4"]Run Katie, run! [/SIZE]


    Two Scientologists are on the list of those with highest income: Will Smith and Little Tom. Miscavige must be very happy. Others start to rumour that the two supposed homosexuals make so much money but their "decoration" can only contribute a small amount to the income. Together the two could hit third place, but that might never come true. Or will it? Maybe they will find the closet keys after all.


    [SIZE="4"]List of Scientologists who have spoken out [/SIZE]


    This Operation has been running since June 2009; its purpose is, as the title says, to make a list of all Scientologists who have spoken out against the cult. The new part to it is that the results of this thread have now been transcribed in the whyweprotest wiki, and theoperation continues.
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010


    [SIZE="4"]IMDB has Sponsored Links to [/SIZE]


    IMDB also has a statement concerning the protection of the users when it comes to Sponsored Links which says: "While IMDb does not have a connection to the companies advertising via these links, we work with our partners to manage the list of advertisers and protect our users." The Idea in this thread is to Inform IMDB of the dangers of Scientology and thus remove the link as potential threat to IMDB users.

    [SIZE="4"]Scientology Stories Channel [/SIZE]


    The idea in this thread is to create a youtube channel that contains all the video interviews with Scientology exes about their time within the cult. A youtube channel,WhyWeLeft, has been created by Anonymous and videos are being collected to fill the channel with content.


    [SIZE="4"]AnonStillAlive Project still needs your updates [/SIZE]


    A lot of the active cells did not report in yet, so everyone get in here.


    [SIZE="4"]Restraining Order against Aaron Saxton[/SIZE]


    To stop Aaron Saxton from appearing at the next protest outside Advanced Organisation Saint Hill ANZO Scientology filed a restraining order via the local police. It did not stop Aaron appearing at the Global Protest and giving a speech in Sidney on January 16th.


    [SIZE="4"]Clearwater surprises Scilons with OT3[/SIZE]


    During a secret OT3 flashraid mission at Big Blue, Fort Harrison and the Super Power Building, Anon caught unwary Scilons outside the Org and gave them the costly audio of LRH for free. Some weren't very happy about this present and fled into the nearest buildings.

    [SIZE="4"]Freezing cold stresstest table raid in Berlin [/SIZE]


    Instead of the usual spot on the Alexander Platz, the Scientology stresstest table was set up at the Potsdammer Platz. Although that spot is usually full of tourists, it seemed to be too cold and the Scientologists stood there for nothing. Anonymous still had fun with their new handler Gertrud, though.


    Sexual harrasment through Scilon in Sydney [/SIZE]


    In Sydney a Scientologist, that amongst other things sexually harrased an Anon, was arrested. Sydney Anonymous produced a full coverage of the raid with all speeches held, which is 120 minutes long and available on the Video Portal Vimeo.

    Attack with "stinkbombs" in Kansas[/SIZE]


    In Kansas City the Anons and their gear were sprayed with a chemical fluid which is probably also used in stinkbombs. It can't be proven that the culprits have a connection to Scientology. Anonymous hopes to find eyewitnesses of this attack. If you have any information, please post it in the thread on WWP.

    More Raids took place in London, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Montréal, Clearwater, Atlanta, Memphis, LA/Hollywood, Tustin and San Diego.
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    Germany - minister of defense is a close Friend of Tom Cruise [/SIZE]


    The Berliner Morgenpost Reported in an article from November last year that Minister of Defence Guttenberg is a close friend of Tom Cruise. Since there was never an official statement concerning the Minister and Scientology, German Anonymous have now asked the Minister openly about his relation to the Scientology 2nd in command on the internet platform , which is a German Internet portal that allows citizens to publicly ask questions of their representatives in parliament.
    No answer has been recieved yet, but the question is visible to the public.

    [SIZE="4"]CANADA - Voir: «La secte parfaite»[/SIZE]


    The canadian journal Voir featured an article titled "la secte parfaite" (the perfect cult). The article describes the organisation of the cult pretty well, but does not delve too deeply into the more insane and unbelievable parts of scientology.

    Anonymous is working on the preparations to Operation Darknet [/SIZE]


    Goal of operation Darknet is to build up a parallel encrypted network to the internet, with all the services that the Internet provides but where censorship and content control is impossible. This shall be done with inexpensive hardware and easy to use, alternative router operating systems. Anonymous is still in the early stages of this Operation, so expect to hear moar of this in the coming weeks.


    [SIZE="4"]Aaron Saxton speaks about recruiting minors for Sea Org [/SIZE]


    Ex-Sea Org member Aaron Saxton reports how Scientology systematically recruits minors into the Sea Org and denies them an education. The video report makes it clear how Scientology uses every possibility to by-pass laws and to make people dependent. Scientology denies that laws for the protection of children are broken. This report however rebukes the claims of Scientology and demands a legal prosecution of the methods of the Sea Org.


    [SIZE="4"] and are still down [/SIZE]


    Rumors that both sites would come back online in the last week did not come true, so there is little hope of reviving them. Anonymous is looking for a backup of the content in order to restore the the sites under new domain names.

    [SIZE="4"]711chans /i/ board is back up [/SIZE]


    All boards of 711chan are back up, but only few Anonymous have come back to use the boards yet.

    [SIZE="4"] is back online[/SIZE]


    The famous /i/nsurgents site partyvan has come back online. However, the database upon which it was reconstructed is several months, if not a year, old and in its current state, not much use.

    Wikileaks needs Money[/SIZE]


    Ok, everybody needs money. But Wikileaks needs it, now.
    To keep up the good Work like the Chanology section.
    The flow of free information depends upon it.
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    oh i do like replying first


    awsome, very interesting this "darknet"
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    very cool, how can I help you guys?
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

  7. Shinythings Member

    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    way cool! Love the anchor's corset!
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    This thread is pretty cool. I'll just post here.
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    Well done & thanks to everyone involved in the making of this. Watching the dude come on with the corset was funny.
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    I'm really glad I could help you guise out, and I'll look into sorting out a better microphone for if you want my voice again ^^
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    I LUURVE the video as well as the text breakdown. This news consolidation is EXACTLY what was needed and will help immensely on several fronts.

    This may have already been discussed, but I think there should be an area on just for the news, and then each episode/installment should have it's own thread.

    I'd also suggest that rather than labeling them as "week 2" or whatever, that you label them as "Week of __insert date here__". You also might consider *additional* labeling in the same manner that magazines or tv shows do it -- whichever you guise think works better.

    I think the "date" labeling scheme plus the "magazine/tv" show labeling scheme will greatly help in archiving and research.
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    Right, better labeling is needed.
    Since this has been started by some german anonymous, and the germans have strange ways to organize things, we took the (in germany very common) label "Calendar Week" or just Week. Which means the Week of the year.

    We´re open to any better suggestion for a naming convention.
  13. Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    That was awesome.
    I luv the DW news type feel (German English).

    carry on
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    Maybe "Week beginning 25/1/10" or similar? Or maybe "Anonynews: 25/1/10 - 31/1/10" or whichever period of time it will cover.
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    use Ubuntu stylee naming: year, week

    10.3 up to 52
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    ALL HAZ BEEN SAID?... k/u/t/g/w keep up the good work

    EDIT: Excellent Amazing extraordinary * work
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    Makes the most sense to place the date YYYY/MM/DD since that way things go itno order they were made, non?

    Title 2010/01/XX
    Title 2010/02/XX
    Title 2011/XX/XX
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    ...who the fuck writes dates like that?
  20. Anonymous Member

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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    Like he says, it's easier to order/categorize if written like that.
    And the Japanese, Koreans and Chinese for one write it like that [YYYY/MM/DD]
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    Re: AnonyNews - week 3 - 2010

    Report from Clearwater:

    February 3, 2010:

    According to a report by Patty Pieniadz (a.k.a. pooks) on WWP, it's estimated that Scientologists have donated anywhere from $142 to $200 million dollars for the Super Power Project. Pooks tells that's it's difficult to pinpoint the exact amount because of the way Scientology reports who donates what amount. People who double up on their donations are not reported. Neither is anyone who donates less than $35,000 or anyone who has left the cult and been declared a Suppressive Person.

    Meanwhile in Clearwater, the only construction activity Anons have seen since they started working on the Super Power Building again is a lot of outside dirt work with many pieces of equipment left unused. The only time there has been any movement is when there is a Scientology event across the street at the Ft. Harrison Hotel.

    Well, last week things changed.

    After $142-$200 million dollars and 12 years since construction was started, it looks like it might just be time for WALLS!

    Dry wall was being loaded onto the construction elevator located on the north side of building.

    The dry wall can be seen inside the red box in this picture taken with an Anonymous cell phone camera.


    There were also many pieces of equipment such as small bulldozers and mini-cranes situated all around the building.

    So, it seems Scientologists are finally going to get walls inside the Super Power Building. After all this time and all that money, one has to wonder if it really feels like a win for them or not.

    February 3, 2010:

    Clearwater Anons would like to remind everyone that the second anniversary of the death of anti-Scientology activist Shawn Lonsdale, who started Cult Watch in 2006, is almost upon us.

    Shawn passed away on February 16, 2008 just after Project Chanology roared up out of the internet.

    Any Anonymous Cell wanting to honor Shawn at their February protests can figure out the Cult Watch Day number by using an online day counter and typing in April 16, 2006 as the start date. Type in the date of your protest in the end date box.

    While in Clearwater filming part of his documentary on Scientology, the BBC's John Sweeney spent quite a bit of time with Shawn. Sweeney was asked to comment on Shawn's death and this is part of what he had to say: "When alive a Scientology spokesman said of him: 'He has no redeeming value to anyone, anywhere.' Well, he was a bit of a hero to me ... I for one mourn the loss - of a brave and singular American".

    Shawn Lonsdale: inb4us.

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