AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12

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    AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12

    I know some of this is not exactly "Latest" News, but the conference and interview and investigation thingys did screw up the schedule.


    [ame=]YouTube - AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12 Part III of III[/ame]


    [SIZE="4"]Universal Studios Shoots Down LRH Movie "The Master"[/SIZE]
    Paul Thomas Anderson's latest project has been shot down by Universal Studios. The Master was set to star Philip Seymour Hoffman as an L. Ron Hubbard-esque cult leader, with Jeremy Renner, of The Hurt Locker fame, potentially playing his protégé. Before we all scream "Scientology conspiracy," it's reported that Universal balked at Anderson's $35 million budget, not at the subject matter. It is hoped they are merely putting the film on ice for the time being


    [SIZE="4"]Blown For Good nominated for Book of the Year Award [/SIZE]
    Mark Headley's Blown for Good has been chosen as one of the finalists in Religion category for the Book of the Year Award. The 16 finalists, which also include Charity in Truth by Pope Benedict XVI, were chosen from a field of 1,400 books. The winners will be announced on May 25.


    [SIZE="4"]Germany: No "Tatort" for now [/SIZE]
    There isn't going to be a "Tatort" crime show any time soon -- at least not about Scientology. The title "Tatort: The Dead Man from the Sound" was just a cover for the production of the TV movie "Until Nothing Remains," which is supposed to air on March 31st. This was announced at a press conference by the producers of the movie. Meanwhile, Scientology Germany has announced its intention to produce a documentary with statements from the ex-wife and daughter of ex-member Heiner von Rönn. The author and director of "Until Nothing Remains," Niki Stein, has called for Scientology to be banned in Germany on the grounds that the 'Church' is "anti-constitutional in word and deed." According to the newspaper Kölner Stadtanzeiger, there are accounts from Scientology Berlin of bomb and death threats against the 'church' in relation to the movie

    Until Something Does Remain (
    The movie has triggered a lot of media reactions from both online and offline media. For example, writes:

    Strictest secrecy, a cover name, security: An ARD movie about an Ex-Scientologist.
    It is the most courageous project of recent television history. According to the intro the movie is based on a true story of former members of Scientology. For the first time in Germany this topic is condensed into a fictional story and the organization is named. SWR's director of TV Bernhard Nellessen points out that the OPC monitors Scientology since 13 years. The production of "Until Nothing Remains" was a big secret for months. Everyone involved had to sign a contract guaranteeing their silence on this matter. The movie was shot under the cover name of "The Dead Man from the Sund". No DVDs were sent out before.
    Anonymous presence during the first screening of the movie is also mentioned later in the article.

    Scientology Pre-Tit-for-Tatting German TV
    They will present their own documentary -- and this even before German broadcaster ARD airs the SO-Drama "Until Nothing Remains" on March 31st, said SO leader for Germany and Switzerland, Jürg Stettler. On March 24, Munich-based newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung" announced the presentation of the quickly produced and untitled "Sciloncritics Documentary" made by the Sciloncult on March 25 in Hamburg. And Hamburg Anons were there. The team of ARD even handed their dox over to Anons - with ostentation witnessed by Frank Busch, SO spokesperson. The scilons refer to a video that has not shown up yet and they say everybody but them is lying. Ouch, what a huuuge footbullet.

    Scientologists try to block 'intolerant' German feature film
    Slashdot: Scientology Tries To Block German Documentary


    [SIZE="4"]Norway: Verdens Gang strikes again[/SIZE]
    The big Norwegian paper Verdens Gang published a huge seven page article on Scientology in its weekend edition's supplement. The article includes a detailed account of Geir Isene's defection, as well as information about Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, De Vocht, DM, Gold Base, Hank von Helvete (Hank from Hell, turbonegro), his manager, their CCHR activity, and more footbullets from Norway's very own "Tommy Davis", OSA loon Matthias Fosse.


    [SIZE="4"]Danish article about the Internet Hate Machine [/SIZE]
    The Danish online newspaper published an article about Anonymous, in which Anonymous is mostly described as a bunch of evil genius villain computer hackers.
    The background check on all the information given was very weak; it seems, according to the article, that ALL of Anonymous is protesting Scientology and hacks every computer system that has ever come into existence, plus some that haven't yet.
    Despite having acquired a reputation as evil super villains, which is pretty cool, we've got to say that this doesn't look like decent journalism. If you would like to harpoon the article, the link is in the video description.


    [SIZE="4"]Canada: Some Love for Narconon [/SIZE]
    The newspaper Le Soleil, as well as other Canadian and Quebecian media outlets, have issued reports about the situation at Narconon and the experiences of David Edgar Love and others. Typical Scientology programs such as the 'Training Routines' are employed at Narconon, including one where you have to sit still for hours while being insulted the entire time, and some wages are apparently being withheld from employees. Mr. Love also said that any books which were deemed incompatible with the Scientology indoctrination were confiscated. He has filed complaints with Quebec's Labour Standards Commission and Quebec's Human Rights Commission, and backs his claims up with a suitcase full of dox. Apparently he is now in renewed settlement negotiation with Narconon, is experiencing great internal conflict, and is currently refraining from commenting to the media


    LRH birthday in Spain's "religious calendar"
    Yes, the birth of L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, appears in the calendar published on the website of the Foundation for Pluralism and Coexistence (Fundación Pluralismo y Convivencia), under the aegis of the Ministry of Justice of the Spanish Government, which promotes the activities of "religious minorities". The primary aim was to support all non-worship aspects of religious entities with acknowledged roots (Jews, Muslims, and Evangelicals). The concept of acknowledged roots was later extended to other groups (Buddhists, Mormons, and Jehovah's Witnesses).
    It seems the Foundation for Pluralism and Coexistence does not know the true nature of corporate Scientology. If you'd like to educate them, addresses to aim your harpoons at can be found in the thread.


    [SIZE="4"]Scientology Infiltrating Free Ad Site Uk - Harpoons need firing! [/SIZE]
    Scientology is running advertisements for its books on the UK website - Classified ads, place Free Ads. This is not uncommon since Scientology is a business, and businesses can advertise their products. The interesting thing is that they offer Dianetics 5 GBP cheaper than everywhere else. This could be an indication of how desperate they are trying to sell books that are freely available on the internet, or can be bought for less then 3 cents on big online bookstore websites.
    But anyway, Harpooning freeads about the dangerous cult materials they are advertising would be a recommended public service.
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    Re: AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12

    wow, these are still being made. Fucking wooohoo! Thanx you German bastards; you are fucking awesome.
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    Re: AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12


    [SIZE="4"]Scientology: A History of Violence[/SIZE]
    In a special series beginning Monday, March 29th, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360° takes a close and revealing look at the cult's leadership. Anderson will examine allegations that David Miscavige has for years beaten, kicked, and choked top members of the church. The series will also air on CNN International at 10 p.m. ET.
    Don't miss it!

    Article: Liberal Democrats being lobbied by scientologists in the UK [/SIZE]
    Last week we reported about the Liberal Democrats being approached by the CCHR, but it seems there is more to the story than we thought.
    The Guardian writes:
    Have the Liberal Democrats been taken over by the Flat Earth Society? This weekend, Liberal Democrat conference-goers will have to put up with being lobbied by the Church of Scientology over their war on psychiatry; previously the Scientologists have only paid to exhibit at Conservative conference.
    It seems that Scientology puts a lot of effort into political lobbying in the UK these days -- let's keep our eyes open for what they come up with next.


    [SIZE="4"]Ex RTC staff blows the whistle[/SIZE]
    It took her a while after leaving RTC to come forward with the sad facts. But despite recent contact from David Miscavige's Chief Obstructor of Justice, Janela Webster is speaking out. Janela is one more witness to David Miscavige's humiliations, torture and violence against his staff. One example: After one week of sleep depriviation Janela was very tired. In order to punish her for this Miscavige forced her to sleep in a bed that was arranged in the middle of the room where her colleagues were. As long as Janela slept her colleagues were not allowed to leave the room and sleep themselves. Janela still is a follower of L Ron Hubbard, though.


    [SIZE="4"]New Era needs "people who have skills in computers and internet websites" [/SIZE]
    Scientology's New Era Productions is looking for internet superheroes. Their leaked job advertisement, sent to Scientologists as an email, says:
    New Era is looking for people who have skills in computers and internet websites.
    We do have one post to man up in a specific area and the above competences are required.
    Your work will be to drive publics in on the orgs via internet mail order lines and create then expansion for the Churches of Europe and New Era Publications. Not only that, you will be responsible to actually generate inquiries using internet technology, you will be doing specific mailings and bring LRH tech into the hands of a people.
    Before you apply, it is recommended to read Mark Headley's book Blown for Good to learn moar about the working conditions inside a Scientology Enterprise, and to have a look at the lawsuit of former staff members against the Phoenix Org.
    Additonally, the job advertisement seems to suggest an email spam campaign, especially in that last sentence, so keep an eye on your spamfilter settings


    [SIZE="4"]US Human Rights Report mentions Germany for treating Scientology as a dangerous cult[/SIZE]
    2009 Human Rights Report: Germany
    It says:
    The government continued to deny recognition as religions to some belief systems, including Scientology;Federal and some state authorities continued to classify Scientology as a potential threat to democratic order. Scientology members reported the use of so-called "sect filters" by many associations and organizations, whereby eligibility for membership was contingent upon applicants' declaring that they do not belong to the Church of Scientology. State education authorities sometimes informed parents and school children of Scientologist activities in their school districts
    US Officials openly threatened the Berlin Charlottenburg district administration with a mention in the Human Rights Report if they would not remove a warning sign in front of the Berlin Org in 2009. The district administration did not give in, and the threat was carried out:
    The Charlottenburg district office of the Berlin city administration placed the posters in front of the Church of Scientology of Berlin on January 22. They displayed a large stop sign followed by a "warning" from the Charlottenburg District Assembly about the activities of Scientology in the area.
    This all demonstrates how great the influence of the Cult continues to be in the US today.


    [SIZE="4"]Fight to de-mask Montreal protesters[/SIZE]
    Fight to demask Montreal protesters pits cops vs. civil libertarians - News - MSN CA
    MONTREAL - The question of whether protesters should be banned from wearing face masks is pitting civil libertarians against Montreal's police force. Chief Inspector Sylvain Lemay said that if protesters are hiding their faces, they must be up to no good. Abby Deshman, a project manager at the Canada Civil Liberties Association in Toronto, commented, "In a world with Facebook, cellphone cameras and all-news television, there are many reasons people would want to participate but not expose themselves to the world. To force them all to reveal their identity would put a significant chill on this type of expression. In general, people should be arrested for what they do and not what they wear."
    The Montreal police force, which handles 1,500 gatherings yearly, estimates that between 95 and 98 percent end without any arrests. At the moment, it seems the police force will not be granted its demand, but no final decision has been made.


    [SIZE="4"]Updates on ASA situation in UK:[/SIZE]
    After an explanation from Scientology, the Advertising Standards Authority has changed its position and has stated that they no longer consider the flyer likely to mislead readers. In its explanation, Scientology stated that their claim that the test was "offered for free" and only "for a limited period" referred not to the famous Oxford Capacity Analysis test but to some other series of tests. However, Scientology was also issued instructions not to use the phrase "limited time" in future fliers.


    [SIZE="4"]OSA Spying on Freezone in Russia in 2007[/SIZE]
    Marty Rathbun has published an alleged OSA document dated 2007 and outlining an attack strategy against the Freezone in Russia. Among the tactics mentioned are infiltration; researching, investigating, and reporting possible crimes by these groups or their lawyers; and sowing distrust among different Freezone groups. According to the document, the aim of this strategy is to "TERMINATEDLY HANDLE THE FREEZONE IN RUSSIA AND CIS AS A SOURCE OF BLACK PR ON SCIENTOLOGY AND AS A TRAVESTY OF STANDARD TECH THAT RUINS PEOPLE’S SPIRITUAL FUTURE."


    [SIZE="4"]Australia: 2nd Vote for Inquiry Failed[/SIZE]
    The second attempt by Senator Xenophon to achieve a Senate inquiry has failed. The vote was 33-6 with one abstention from Liberal Senator Heffernan. Besides Senator Xenophon, the Green Party has been the only faction in the Australian Senate to support the inquiry. The governing Labor party, the Liberal party, and the Nationals all opposed his motion for various reasons. However, the Senators who spoke all agreed in principle that Scientology was a bad organization and that criminal acts should be reported to the police. The media response to this vote has been rather negative. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd reiterated in an interview with Channel 7 that he still shared grave concerns about Scientology, but was not supportive of an inquiry on account of his reluctance to interfere with criminal proceedings. He added that he said he would take further advice on the matter. Senator Xenophon, also known as 'the persistent bastard', said: "This issue won't go away".

    additonal link:


    [SIZE="4"]Athena School under attack for not disclosing Scientology links[/SIZE]
    Athena School under attack for not disclosing Scientology links - Ex Scientologist Message Board
    The Athena School, a small primary-to-high school in a suburb of Sydney, Australia, is under fire from Dr John Kaye, a Green member of the New South Wales Legislative Council, who wants the consumer watchdog organization to take action on what he considers less-than-honest recruitment attempts. The school has been sending leaflets to homes in Sydney, but has not made clear in them its ties to Scientology: it uses the so-called "Applied Scholastics study method". According to Dr Kaye, "The reference to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard is in tiny unreadable text. The only legible clue is a small mention of Applied Scholastics. Parents would need to go to Scientology’s US website to learn that this discredited teaching method was developed by the Scientology organisation." Tiny unreadable text? A person might get the impression Athena had something to hide.
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    Re: AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12


    [SIZE="4"]Leader of Anonymous lives in Colchester UK [/SIZE]
    The Daily Gazette, a small UK newspaper in Colchester, has recently published a story on its website about a woman who posted a video on YouTube, claiming that because she is transgender she has been receiving threats and insults from the "leader" of Anonymous, who she claims lives in Colchester. The newspaper reported this assertion as fact, and further went on to describe Anonymous as "a group of individuals in America who preach anti-gay, anti-black and anti-Scientology messages via the internet." Well, at least they got the anti-Scientology bit right. Over on RFW, posters gleefully quoted the story, claiming that "Anonymous seems to have no tolerance for all of humanity". In response, transgender Anon Delicious Trap posted a withering retort, writing about how she herself has suffered horrific abuse for many years, but that thanks to Anonymous she has made friends, and that her psychiatrist has finally granted her the gender reassignment surgery she has been fighting for for 10 years. Anonymous works and it helps people!


    "Is Kirstie Alley's New Weight Loss Program a Scientology Scam?"
    It has been rumoured online that Kirstie Alley's new weight loss program, Organic Liaison, is based on quackery preached by L. Ron Hubbard, and that the company has links to the 'church'. Alley has still not managed to reach her target weight, but has been pimping the new program on Oprah. Anonymous has found links between Organic Liaison LLC and Scientology. Specifically, the firm's accountant, Saul B. Lipson, is a known Scientologist whose company is approved by the church, and the board features Michelle Seward, an active Scientologist. It is thus suspected that the new program may be based on the purification rundown. The program's kit costs a massive $139 dollars a month, and includes many cheaply obtained ingredients such as vitamin C, folic acid, L-Tryptophan, fiber, green tea, calcium and magnesium.
    When asked on the Today Show whether her program was linked to Scientology, Alley flipped out, stating "That I would need to clarify or defend the intentions or affiliations of my LLC business corporation in the year 2010 is indicative of the intolerances that we as a country still need to overcome. However, after the Today show brought fringe bigotry and intolerance into the forefront of the national media I feel compelled to clarify [myself]. Organic Liaison LLC is not affiliated with the Church of Scientology or the world institute of Scientology. Here’s the deal: if I wanted this to be a scientology company exclusively, I would have made it that way. And I would have told the world ‘This is the first-ever Scientology whatever!’ I have nothing against doing that. It’s odd. You wouldn’t say, ‘What religion is Jenny Craig?’ No one knows and no one cares! It’s a cheap shot.”


    [SIZE="4"]Amy Winehouse turns to freaky cult[/SIZE]
    The Daily Star writes in an article on its website,, that Amy Winehouse has turned to the cult of Scientology. This was rumored earlier in 2010, after she was in contact with the Scientology front-group Narconon. Maybe Scientology will make her go to rehab for one of their legendary vitamin and sauna powered detox 'rundowns'.



    [SIZE="4"]London Megaraid[/SIZE]
    The date is still being decided by poll for the London Megaraid, so head over to the WWP planning thread soon to place your vote. Ideas are still being discussed, so make any suggestions you have in that thread as well. The last London Megaraid included protests at the normal spots of Tottenham Court Road and Queen Victoria Street, and a special trip up to Saint Hill, East Grinstead, topped off by a most epic post-raid party in Hyde Park. It has been suggested that a seminar similar the the one held at the Hamburg Megaraid could be organised, but with less fail and AIDS.

    Forecast (for what we know this week)
    • Düsseldorf, Germany: April 10th
    • Kansas City, MO: April 10th
    • Manchester, UK: April 10th
    • Nashville, TN: April 10th
    • Oslo, Norway: April 10th
    • Atlanta, GA: April 17th
    • Birmingham, UK: April 17th
    • Clearwater, FL: "FUCK THOSE COCKSUCKERS EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM!" (citizen's choice theme!), April 17th
    • Montréal, Qc: 17 avril 2010 | April 17th 2010
    • Portland, OR: April 17th
    • Boston, MA: MEGARAID, May 29th-31st



    [SIZE="4"]London, Hamburg, March 13th[/SIZE]
    London joined in on the Hamburg fun last Saturday and hosted its own "Operation Cultbusters" theme, which was very successful. It was leaked that there was going to be a Birthday Celebration for L Ron at Fitzroy House (the L Ron museum), but upon arrival there was not much sign of life within. After protesting for a short while and educating everyone in the flats opposite Fitzroy House about what they were living next to, London Anonymous returned to the Dianetics shop on Tottenham Court Road with a birthday cake and card for L Ron.
    At the post-raid it was announced that ZeroC, one of the most prolific members of London Anonymous, was moving away, and that a new record for most days of enturbulation was to be set to send him off, with that raid counting as number 1 and at least 9 days being the goal.


    In the last two weeks many successful raids were held.[/SIZE]
    In the US, San Fransisco and Los Angeles Anons both topped off with epic sign tech, which made Scientologists baw. Portland Anons proved that people will accept delicious cake even from masked protesters. In Detroit, the opening of the local Ideal Org was accompanied by a good enturbulating protest. Although short due to bad weather, Kansas City Anons were on the street protesting as well.
    The Canadian Anons in Kitchener held a smaller raid this time. It is suspected that this was due to cold and snowy weather. Nonetheless, the Scilons didn’t dare to show themselves. Instead many other lulzy crazy people came by.
    In the UK, Birmingham held a short but effective raid together with Anons from London and Manchester. It included massive flyer distribution and a complete close down of the local org. This was followed by some partying hard aka Buck Foris, with a brief detour midway through the post-game to troll a Scientology conference.
    The Anons in Edinburgh saw little of Scientologists at their raid, except when those decided they were in dire need of a smoke.
    And to beat the Berlin record of protesting 8 days in a row, London topped that with a full 13 days of protesting.
    (although that it is rumored that sparrow did 30 days in a row)
    In Australia, the Sydney Anons held a big protest with 4 ex-Scientologists, speeches, and lots of approval from passers by. Many wanted to join the raid, and even asked for masks. Furthermore, a lot of signatures were collected for the petition on an inquiry of Scientology. Melbourne Anonymous has also collected a large amount of signatures for the petition on their raid.


    [SIZE="4"]New ACTA Documents Leaked[/SIZE]

    Several ACTA leaks appeared on the Internet this week. As expected their documents indicate a grim future for the free exchange of information on the internet. The latest documents show that the implementation of a three strikes model is not optional anymore. The ISP will be forced to implement it. To be legally safe, the ISP is responsible for "Implementing a policy to address the unauthorized storage or transmission of materials protected by copyright or related rights of the online service provider's monitoring its services or affirmatively seeking facts indicating that infringing activity is occuring," which could mean EU-wide Deep Packet inspection.
    The new leaks can be found on La Quadrature du Net
    The official hearing in the EU parliment brought no new facts to light.
    The need for a seperate network, such as is the goal of Project Skynet, is a desperate one.
    If we want a free internet-like network, we must push Project Skynet further.

    [SIZE="4"]Wise Beard Man posts Video anonymously sent to him[/SIZE]
    Mark Bunker has uploaded an 18-minute-long video that is a compilation of very nice edited cutscenes of Scientology celebrities like Tommy Davis and Tom Cruise, as well as Exes. The video conveys a very clear message: that, in the words of the people involved, Scientology is a dangerous cult. The video is mixed with a nice soundtrack and it is all in all fun to watch. Check it out.
    (although longer than ben hur)
    [ame=]YouTube - Scientology: Why I Got Out[/ame]


    [SIZE="4"]Bribery Blackmail Coercion: Scientology and the IRS [/SIZE]
    A blog article about the Church of Scientology, its abuses, and its tax exempt status has been posted on the blog of Liam Fox, irreverencecafe, and on the site
    The article is nicely written and gives a short overview of Scientology's situation in the US, Australia and Europe, as well as its development over the last several years. It talks about the Xenu Story, gives examples of more-than-questionable Hubbard quotes, and lists a lot of links for further information.
    Even if you are well informed about the history and abuses of Hubbard's cult, this article is a pleasure to read.


    [SIZE="4"]"Nelson Mandela and The Way to Happiness" [/SIZE]
    Scientologists made a small sculpture of a dancing Mandela. Since they know his daughter Zenani Mandela they were given the chance to give it to him personally. Using this opportunity, they gave him a leather-bound Way to Happiness book, and told him that this little booklet is a powerful and very effective booklet, that it is non-denominational and has done wonders in the prisons in South Africa, that it has brought peace to some nations at war.

    We are still awaiting the feedback of Nelson Mandela so keep your eyes open and report it to the newsteam once you get his feedback in your hands.


    [SIZE="4"]"Scientology and L Ron Hubbard's Gay Son" [/SIZE]
    The religious blog goddiscussion has posted an article about Scientology's view of gays, focusing on L. Ron Hubbard's gay son Quentin, who was later edited out of all the Scientology videos he had been part of.
    The Church of Scientology regards homosexuality as a "contagious disease" and describes gays and lesbians as perverts who should be quarantined and institutionalized. According to Scientology, such "perverts" should go through extensive Scientology "processing" until once again, they have value as human beings. L. Ron Hubbard regarded them as a danger to society.
    If gays and lesbians cannot be cured of their so-called diseases, the church believes that they should be incarcerated in the Rehabilitation Project Force (Scientology Prison) for Life.
    L. Ron Hubbard's son, Quentin, was gay. Due to cruelty and violence from his father, Quentin committed suicide in 1976.

    There is also a video about the story within the blog entry made by doyle6315, who has produced many videos during Project Chanology.
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    Re: AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12


    [SIZE="4"]Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon III won't happen because of Scientology[/SIZE]
    In a New York Times Interview with the Artist Kenneth Anger, he states that the reason he "never tried even to publish [his sketches for a Hollywood Babylon III] is because there’s an important chapter on Tom Cruise, John Travolta and a few other people that are involved in the cult called Scientology. I don’t have the resources to get legally involved with them."

    [SIZE="4"]LRH quote of the Week[/SIZE]
    "There is this great big pair of boots & they are sitting right in the middle of this universe.They were awfully big boots & you could get down amongst 'em with telescopes. And you could look the length & breadth of 'em & find absolutely nothing inhabiting 'em. Other people would Drive Space ships through them and playing hopscotch on them and so on if they ever did see them and so on."
    full video:


    [SIZE="4"]Did You Know?[/SIZE]
    There is a special e-meter to use in their "secular" Education branch called Applied Scholastics for "word clearing". The new meter is called a Learning Accelerator. It's also used by WISE consultants.
    Since the e-meter is nothing more than a measuring device for electric resistance, be sure to carry your multimeter with you in case you try to learn something.



    First: read the emails from your webhost!!!

    Second: there is a large Resources and How To section on the WhyWeProtest messageboard that helps you in getting stuff done when you don´t have a clue how to do it. You can find threads there about nearly every topic concerning online and offline activism. There is one especially useful thread about how to build an Über-Planning-Site in less than 30 Minutes with the previously mentioned free social network host Ning.
    It is not only a detailed tutorial on how to get the site up and running, but also contains a lot of suggestions how to keep the site interesting and entertaining with free available tools and widgets. You will find graphic resources as well as reports about the experiences made with the aforementioned tools and techniques. See:
    Good examples of decentralized Anonymous sites with ning are:
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    Re: AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12

    THANKS so much for the excellent newswork!! :))))))
    AWESOME job!
  7. timthephoto Member

    Re: AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12

    waits all year while all three buffer, for un-interupted viewing :D
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    Re: AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12

    very imformative
    very nice
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    Re: AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12

  10. Intelligence Member

    Re: AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12

    David Edgar Love - Update:

    On Good Friday, Narconon Trois Rivieres settled all past monies owed and I signed a Release Document for this matter only.

    All other complaints are moving forward and there are no further negotiations between Narconon and myself.

    I retain all my Charter Rights and Freedoms; Freedom of Speech and Expression and continue to confer with Media.

    David Love
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    Re: AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12

    David Love - Media: Exposes Narconon-Scientology at Narconon Trois Rivieres.

  12. Rockyj Member

    Re: AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12

    Always impressed! Thank you for news updates on Co$ that I may have missed and for putting it all in context.
  13. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12

  14. John Steed Member

    Re: AnonyNews Double Feature 10.11 10.12

    Great work (as usual)!

    Also, thanks for the shout-out:

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