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    AnonyNews 10.8

    (Relevant lings + pix will be added later when I'm not on my netbook).


    Scientology hires investigative reporters to investigate investigative reporters

    In Fall 2009 Tommy Davis decided to hire investigative reporters for the Co$. He placed job ads, including in the Scilon Magazine "Freedom," in order to de-enturbulate press enturbulated scilons in Clearwater. He finally found three veteran journalists who (probably for zillions of $s) were willing to wreck their reputation. They suggested to SPT Executive Editor, Neil Brown, that they do an "independent" examination of the papers conduct, financed by the Co$. Mr. Brown did not believe in their independency thus refused to co-operate. Unlucky for Tommy; he would have loved to know what SP Times still have in their pipelines. Of course, the Co$ did not publish the paper, but mentioned that SP Times had made mistakes. The hired journalists have now requested the paper to be published. The radio interview with Tommy and other parties involved can be downloaded from WWP. Stay tuned at WWP's thread on this subject.


    Belgium Senator supports Co$

    Belgium Senator Hugo Coveliers, founder of the Belgium VLOTT party, which co-operate with the neo fascist party "Vlaams Belang," has benefited from the inauguration of the new Scilon EU-Headquarters in Brussels to be in the columns of a Flemish daily praising the sect. According to WWP sources, he has been Co$ lawyer for over 15 years. Maybe he knows how to salute David's dog...


    The Official 'Scientology Sucks Prank Contest' Thread

    Winners have been announced. The three winning entries, which secured themselves a combined prizepool of over $1300, as well as all other submissions, can be viewed on the contest's youtube channel.

    Today Tonight Monday 22 February 2010

    Australia's Channel 7 are showing a very good report about the Coffernz in Hollywood
    If you cant see it on TV, go to this Link


    Scientologists Win Rights Case in Russia - anti lulz D:

    Bad news everybody. After St. Petersburg declared the Scientology Center illegal, it seems that Scientology has won a Human Rights Case in Russia.

    "Russia's ban on the Church of Scientology is illegal," the European Court of Human Rights said Thursday in a binding ruling.

    The court said Russia cannot ban the Church of Scientology just because it has not been in the country for long, and awarded each of the groups euro5,000 ($7,270) in damages. The groups also received a combined payment of euro10,000 ($14,500) for costs, which they shared.

    Damn you Captain Europe!!!

    Scientology Twitter account suspended

    Anonymous is happy to see that Scientology's twitter account "has been suspended due to strange activity."


    Marty ready to die rather than deny con of Scientology to wifey

    Marty Rathbun is working on a book called "Moving On Up A Little Higher". On his blog, he gives us a little taste of his new book. It seems our little drama queen would have rather died than deny the lectures of Scientology to his beloved Monique. He says his presence as a SP alone would be enough to destroy her future in Scientology. Well, in that case we suppose that he should have got as close to her as possible.

    Cult Conference in Australia - XENOPHON

    It seems L. Ron Hubbard gets a sweet birthday present this year. The Cult Awareness and Information Centre is holding a "Cult Information and Family Support Queensland" Conference on March the 12th and 13th. Of course, Australian Senator Nick Xenophon will attend this conference as a guest speaker, so anonymous eagerly awaits what he has to say about Scientology, which he is officially opposing at the moment.


    COS attack on ADD forum?

    It seems Scientology has began to use the internet and join some forums. We were told that Scientology members have recently appeared on an ADD/ADHD board. In general, this board exists to provide support for people who live with the condition, or are the parents of people with the condition. Now, videos and documents which state that ADD don't exist - that the diagnosis is a lie and that those with the condition should just straighten up - have appeared. This was, of course, taken as a huge insult by many.

    New organization Chart of the CoS

    This is Don Carlo's extensively researched Org chart, just revised with extended notes. DC has put hundreds of hours into this project. The result is very likely to be the most comprehensive COS Org chart ever created.

    Wiki Link: Link

    Flag World Tour 2010

    They are already on the move. Check the list of all these towns to see if yours is on it. If it is, make yourself ready to enturbulate these events.

    Anonymous' Open Letter to Ms. McKee-Stovall

    After last weeks meeting with Delorme McKee-Stovall, the coordinator of San Jose's "Network for a Hate Free Community", Anonymous has prepared an open letter. This letter will not only be sent to her, but also to many local politicians and reporters.

    Anonymous thanks McKee-Stovall for offering mediation between Scientology and Anonymous but sees no other choice to decline this because in her flyers we were called dissafected members and also intimated that we are responsible for a number of crimes in her area. The San Jose Police had no idea of this, and didn't know about any bus burning terrorists in their neighborhood. In this context, Anonymous refers to the Fair Game order which says:

    "If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or any organization, always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace." (1)
    ENEMY — SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed. (2)

    Anonymous states that it seems impossible to expect real mediation from a group that offers these orders as sacred scriptures, and asks to stop these demeaning actions.

    In the following, Anonymous lists the items that will get you declared an enemy, an SP. This contains:

    9.Writing anti-Scientology letters to the press or giving anti-Scientology or anti-Scientologist evidence to the press;

    10.Testifying as a hostile witness against Scientology in public;

    13.Failure to handle a person demonstrably guilty of Suppressive Acts;

    23.Delivering up the person of a Scientologist without defense or protest to the demands of civil or criminal law;

    Church of Scientology Exit Survey

    The CoS Exit Survey Project is dedicated to the creation of a simple 20-question polling instrument for those who have left the control of the Church of Scientology, and publication of survey results online for further value-added statistical analysis and commentary. The Survey


    Due to popular demand, a site gathering all the pictures of hot femanons has been established. If you like the sound of this, google "hot chicks with Guy Fawkes masks."

    London, Feb 20th
    One London anon noticed a Dianetics/stress test table set up at a nearby station, and contacted others to let them know. Soon, a segment of the group arrived to innoculate the nearby public about the cult. Whilst there, a passerby borrowed the megaphone, causing further enturbulation to the stress testers.
    Later in the evening, Anonymous returned for the Celebrity Centre Fundraising event at Queen Victoria Street, which the Scilons furiously denied was happening to the police despite the leaked e-mail that was shown to the police. Much police education took place.


    Dev. Team splitting into two parts for a faster delivery. One for the application for the router, the other for Windows machines.
    Code will be available open source in 1-2 weeks.

    Project Freeweb

    Last week a new wave of protests took place all over the world. The new Project Freeweb has been unveiled now internet censorship is becoming an important subject for many Anonymous worldwide. After the three strikes law in the UK, and the access aggravation law in Germany, Australia also wants to implement censorship to the web. Thus a global protest was held on February 20th in many major cities.

    If you're even slightly interested in this, please participate. Even if internet censorship isn't an issue in your country at the moment, it will be as soon as the ACTA treaty is implemented.

    ACTA is an almost worldwide trade agreement, which will be similar to current DMCA, and is currently being negotiated behind closed doors. Currently leaked documents show that it is planned for countries that sign this treaty to implement ACTA regulations in their law. Furthermore, all internet service providers will be made accountable if one of their customers submits copyright infringing material to the web, thus forcing a deep packet inspection on all data transfered over the web - which means: no privacy.

    France Falls Under Internet Censorship

    THE FRENCH PARLIAMENT has buckled under pressure and approved the Sarkozy government's authoritarian plans to censor the Internet. Australia, Iran, Australia, Germany, and now France. Who's next?


    Suppressive Person Declare Order for David Miscavige. OTI

    V Helmut Flasch declared David Miscavige, the leader of the "Church" of Scientology, a suppressive person for perverting L Ron Hubbard's technology and other reasons. At the end of the 4 videos he announces that he and his wife will leave the official Church of Scientology and take a lot of their friends with them.


    Stern TV

    German TV show SternTV has produced a documentary following Lino Bombonato on his way out of the Scientology organization. This documentary means a lot of black PR for the cult, and helped with educating the public about the dangers of Scientology.

    It is available on YouTube with English subtitles.

    Lino is known to German Anonymous as persistent trol trough eg. his fraudulent DCMA claims on Youtube videos or his also fraudulent attempt to sell DVDs online. Doubts about his honesty remain.

    Lino on Stern TV, 17.02.2010 Part 1 of 3

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]
    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia]

    Today Tonight

    Australia's Today Night Show reports again about Scientology. The videos include an interview with Scientology's spokesperson Tommy Davis, parts of the LA press conference that took place during the LA Mega Raid, and pieces of interviews with the "stars" who are members of the cult. Actors like Anne Archer, Nancy Cartwright and Marisol Nichols use this interview to prove how absolutely clueless they are about what is really going on in Scientology.
    The sequel that followed the next day contains Scientology's spokesperson, Tommy Davis, voicing his opinion about Australia's Senator Xenuphon, and Senator Xenophon's answer. Senator Xenuphon finds Tommy's comments "pretty laughable". [/SIZE]

    All of you protesters who wish they had more handlers to provide some LULZ should be jealous of anonsparrow, who got 4 handlers all for himself on his solo protest in Washington DC on February 19th. The Scientologist handlers were very eager to tell that they had "NO DATA" about anything, and also showed how well informed they are when claiming that former journalist and long time Scientology critic, Shawn Londsdale, was an anon who protested with a mask. OSA member Silvia Stanard also seemed very amused and happy about his death 2 years ago. 127.6


    RIP, Rickrolling: YouTube Kills Original Video

    Are you sitting down? I have some horrible news for you. It is our unfortunate duty to report the sad passing of..ENTER RICKROLL VIDEO YouTube has removed the original "Rickrolling" video from its site due to a terms-of-use violation. Though there are other avenues through which to get a Rick Astley "Never Gonna Give You Up" fix, the original, the one that captured the nation's attention, the video that received over 30 million hits, is dead.

    Tool of the week

    Notepad++ What, another notepad? But I have an editor. Not this one: The Notepad++ is a very fast, multilanguage editor with tabs. Extremely useful for fast scripting.

    For Example: You don't have to launch your whole IDE just to edit some pearl code.

    (Alternatively) SUPER the Video converter.

    This piece of freeware converts from any given source video format into any given target format; no exceptions. Fast and reliable, cross platform.

    A must have tool for everyone working with digital video.

    Did You Know?

    Scientology was the first major group, church or corporation to be b& from editing Wikipedia. What a beautiful footbullet that was.


    Do NOT download/open any Images with the suffix dot-J-S.

    AnonyNews Team

    The News Team now has a dedicated German news subunit. The German News will be published on another YouTube channel shortly.
    And, as always, we are still looking for more willing participants with Photoshop skills and voice over capabilities. If you possess either of these and wish to be a part of the AnonyNews Team, please drop us a line.

    (Only 10 image a post? Fuken lame).
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.8

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    Re: AnonyNews 10.8

    Nicely done. thank you
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.8


    Due to popular demand, a site gathering all the pictures of hot femanons has been established. If you like the sound of this, google "hot chicks with Guy Fawkes masks." ]

    I want to know why is there NOT a "hot guys with Guy Fawkes masks" site?
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.8

    yes I agree! WTF is up with dat?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.8

    because balls touch
  7. Namenlos Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.8

    This is a vere good question. You better get to it then.
  8. Re: AnonyNews 10.8

    I was wondering if this had stopped being made! Glad to see that it hasn't!
    Keep up the good work.
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.8

    Makes me feel all dirty.
  10. Namenlos Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.8

    Nope, still busily being made behind the scenes! Unfortunately our video editors disappeared for a week, so we carried on gathering everything together ready for them. 10.9 should be uploaded very soon, too.
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.8

    I´m sorry zombie swine flu got us both at the same time.

    need to work on redundance.
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    ZOMBIe swine flu? Oh shi- do I need to get tested?
    Shit, after the last Loldon orgy half of us are gonna get sick :<

    Hah but yeah, let me know where you've uploaded the stock news stuff to and I can try and help with video editing if you ever need /b/lackup.
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.8

    Yeah we need to open a resource repository with all the project files.

    I´m working on that.

    I´ll also try to make simple to follow tutorials.
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    AnonyNEWS is fantastic. Please, keep 'em coming.
  15. Namenlos Member

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    Sounds like a plan.

    You're tutorials always rocks, but I know you guys have shit ton of other projects going on at the moment.
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    good as always but the one comment i have to make is that below the video you lay out all of the different news items and i would like to see links there to help point people to the different places that you are talking about.
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.8

    Namenlos - great work as always.

    Also, I request Anonynews go on a hunt to find Drunk Chelsea Guy for a more in-depth interview.

    Also, take your face off.

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    Fucking LOL
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    Is a start :D
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    What happened to RIP RickRoll?
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    <3 Anonynews.
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    Would have been nice if you'd actually read the bit RIGHT below the videos, before the text.
    You know, this bit.



    Whoever posted that PM me, I wanna send you pix &lt;3
    Or y'know, start a thread on wwp.

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