AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

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    AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    [SIZE="4"]LA press conference - Ex Scientologists speak out[/SIZE]


    On February 12, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA six former Scientology Sea Org members took the stage at the Steve Allen Theater to expose abusive conditions inside the Church of Scientology. The event was hosted by the Center for Inquiry West and held to commemorate the two year anniversary of the Project Chanology segment of Anonymous taking a stand worldwide to peacefully protest the criminal policies and abusive practices the Church of Scientology adheres too.

    The featured speakers at this phenomenal event included the following folks:

    Ex-Scientologists Marc Headley, Jeff Hawkins, Laura Decrescenzo, Maureen Bolstad, Will Fry, Nancy Many and critic Mark Bunker.

    Links to their speeches can be found in the video description.

    Tommy Davis blasts Catholic Online due to conference report[/SIZE]


    After publishing a report on the LA press conference, Tommy Davis wrote the publishers and expressed his severe opposition to their report. In it he attached material which should defend the legitimacy of Scientology as a religion. Further more he accuses them of promoting religious hatred towards Scientologists and that they appear to be acting as publicist for Anonymous, which he once again compares to the KKK. As Mr. Davis wished for "the truth" to be published, Catholic Online will continue to write critically about Scientology.

    [SIZE="4"]Tommy Davis gets trolled IRL[/SIZE]


    After the LA press conference February 12th three anons were leaving the Steve Allen Theater, and passed a car with none other than Mr. Tommy Davis himself inside. The Anon driving was fast enough to catch on and turn around, while the anon in the backseat pulled out the video camera. A third was in the front seat, and put on the GF mask. They pulled up next to him and started waving at him furiously. Anon think that they may have been going to Celebrity Center, but they passed it because they were being followed. They stayed next to them for about five blocks, waving the whole time. Footbullet man looked more pissed than he did at Martin Bashir asking him about Xenu.

    German Verfassungsschutz warning against Scientology front groups[/SIZE]


    The state OPC of Baden-Württemberg Germany warns against a cloaked subsidiary of the Scientology Organization. The campaign "United for Human Rights", which is extensively advertised for on the internet, was a "bold deception maneuver by Scientology" said Beate Bube, the President of the State Office, in an interview.

    Under the cover of Human Rights the organization tried to recruit members. The hidden recruitment action was mainly directed at children and youths.

    "People are supposed to come into contact with Scientology via topics that are considered positive", Bube told the newsmagazine "Focus". There was the danger of young, in particular idealistic, people unknowingly joining a subgroup of Scientology and being instrumentalized in a subtle manner." Bube pointed out that Scientology was "trampling all over the fundamental rights such as freedom of opinion and the universal claim of civil rights".

    [SIZE="4"]New EU Scientology HQ opened in Bruessel[/SIZE]


    Even though two cases of Scientology are being investigated right now in Belgium, the brand new European headquarters of Scientology was inaugurated in Brussels a few weeks ago. ‘Koppen’ was the first TV crew to be taken on an extensive tour. In the report, both the pro Scientology side of a 'Church' spokesperson, and the contra Scientology side in the form of an ex-Scientology member, are shown.

    [SIZE="4"]Anti-Anonymous fliers in San Jose[/SIZE]


    In San Jose, new flyers against Anonymous are being passed out by the Church of Scientology to inform their neighbors of these "hate criminals". The money for these flyers came from Tom Schulz & Mariana Bozesan, who receive tax money from the ecological minister in Germany through their site Time of Change. A lot of companies can be linked back to Bozesan and Schulz. The relationship between these two and Scientology is not yet clear, but Anonymous is on the case.

    [SIZE="4"]San Jose meeting with Delorme Mckee-Stovall[/SIZE]


    Anonymous members in San Jose met up with the "Network for a Hate Free Community" Coordinator Delorme MeKee-Stovall last week. The meeting was held to clear up any falsifications and claims that the local Church of Scientology has made. After 40 minutes, everything seemed to have turned out positively for Anonymous. But not long after the meeting Anonymous was asked by her to cancel the protest, and in return the flyers would not be distributed. Of course Anonymous declined and is now preparing for the shitstorm to roll up.

    All the interesting bits and details can be found in the thread on WWP.

    [SIZE="4"]Moxon vs Berry.. or rather Berry vs Moxon?[/SIZE]


    By filing a new personal law suit against Graham Berry on January 5, 2010 Scientology chief lawyer Kendrick L. Moxon Rick Moxon has fired a major foot bullet. The law permits Berry to show how Moxon engaged in crime, fraud and abuse to obtain the orders against him in the Berry and Pattinson cases. If Berry prevails the ramifications could be very significant. As you will read in his papers, there is overwhelming evidence in support of his claims.

    It may take some time to get all three volumes of exhibits scanned and uploaded so please be patient if you are interested in reading of a saga that even John Grisham could not conceive. This is one of those times when the truth really is stranger than fiction.

    [SIZE="4"]Ex-Sci Tommy Gorman's car gets vandalized after protest[/SIZE]


    After the Ex-Scientologists' press conference on February the 12th, the car of Ex-Scientologist Tommy Gorman was vandalized repeatedly over several days. The gas tank was filled with a white substance, bolts under the hood were unscrewed, and pieces were broken off. The police are currently investigating the case.

    [SIZE="4"]US Dep't of Labor Bibliography shows child labor in Scientology Australia[/SIZE]


    In Volume 1 of the 2009 "Annotated Bibliography of Child and Forced Labor Information," the US department shows, on the basis of the Australian "Today Tonight" show, that the Church of Scientology in Australia makes children work an 8 hour day in the Orgs, instead of giving them a proper education.

    This makes one wonder why the US does not investigate such matters in their own country, and only take any notice after a news team broadcasts a report about this horrible subject.
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="4"]Birmingham - Flashraid week[/SIZE][/COLOR]


    his week, Birmingham (UK) concluded their second extended series of flash raids aimed to keep the pressure on - last year, they did a solid week of raids. This year, they planned to vary their approach; in the month between the January raid, and the February Anniversary raid, they aimed to gradually increased the amount of flashraids: One the first week, two the next, finishing on a week of five raids. While various circumstances allowed for more raids some weeks than others, with some having to be postponed or called off, approximately 3/4 went ahead as planned - each time, the 'Stress Testers' were drove back inside the Org.

    [SIZE="4"]Chicago post game[/SIZE]


    In Chicago, a Scientology member grabbed the camera out of a protesters hand, unfortunately he would only give it back if he deleted the footage. Of course, no evidence of this is now available besides the testimonies of the then present Anons

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="4"]Las Vegas post game[/SIZE][/COLOR]


    Las Vegas Anons Enturbulated the opening of the Las Vegas Ideal (M)Org(ue) dispite the rain. During the sudden desert downpour deadly drippy balloon and umbrella tech were utilized by drenched downstat scilon handlers. Everyone's favorite scilon lawyer, Ken Moxon, was ithere, determined to catch Brave Agent Shootit, A.K.A. Cameranonymous, as part of his current lawfare ploy: a spurious TPO. Media reports repeated the Scientology claim of 1500 scilons in attendence, but first-hand estimates by Anonymous protesters on-scene, was that the number was closer to 300-400.
    Also, the old Class V org on Sahara is now closed, and for the past several months has been listed for sale.

    [SIZE="4"]Canada - policeman fired for posting Sci critical Ph.D. thesis online[/SIZE]


    Mr Arnaud Palisson, a former French policeman from the «Renseignements Généraux» or French Police Intelligence Agency, was interviewed by internet news outlet Quebec 89, on February 13th, on the subject of Scientology. He urged the Quebec government and media to investigate further into the practices of Scientology. Mr Palisson holds a Ph.D. on the subject from the Faculty of Law at Cergy-Pontoise University. After fending off attempts from the cult to hamper his work, Mr Palisson lost his job in French Police for publishing his Ph.D. thesis online at critique sur Scientologie, dianetique, Hubbard, et autres sectes (LRH) :. Now living in Montreal since 2005, he also published a book in 2003 called «Grande enquête sur la Scientologie – Une secte hors-la-loi» (A great investigation on scientology – an outlaw cult).

    [SIZE="4"]German president signs access aggravation law[/SIZE]


    After many demonstrations, petitions and criticisms in summer 2009 against this law, the German president Horst Köhler hesitated to sign it at first. The German Internet community hoped that he would deny this law, but now he has signed it. As of today, the German internet is no longer free.

    [SIZE="4"]New Anon video "Scientology's Volunteer Ministers Exposed"[/SIZE]


    After a week long thread on WWP with hundreds of posts Anonymous has posted a new video on YouTube in which the role of the Volunteer Ministers within Scientology is displayed. It starts off by showing Scientology officials explaining what the purpose of the VMs are, and where they have been to try and recruit new members. Many catastrophies such as Hurricane Katrina and the recent earthquake in Haiti are also detailed.

    This video should be spread by all Anonymous to uncover the lies that Scientology is spreading currently about their VMs.

    [SIZE="4"]Scilons posting photos on Religious Freedom Watch board[/SIZE]


    Tommy Davis didn't like it at all: The LA Megaraid, the press conference plus Anons greeting him from car to car. It seems this was his last resort: taking pictures of people protesting and then posting them on Religious Freedom Watch. OSA, being at cause over names, added those to the pictures.Special care is been given to Anons from the Boston and New York cells. It is clear that this is another attempt at fair game. This is a perfect way of Mr. Davis showing the public that fair game still exist despite him denying it many times in interviews.

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="4"]4chan has added three new boards[/SIZE][/COLOR]


    Besides the current well known and long term boards, three new boards have emerged on 4chan: International, 3DCG and Science & Math. Let's wait and see what these boards, especially the international board, will have in store.

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="4"]Tool of the week - nmap[/SIZE][/COLOR]


    nmap (network mapper) is a open source utility for network exploration or security auditing. It was designed to rapidly scan large networks, but works fine against single hosts, too; very good for a quick scan of a page.

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="4"]Protip of the week[/SIZE][/COLOR]


    Bringing blank signs and a big sharpie is always a good idea.
    You can make signs on the fly for specific situations that are particularly effective, especially when directed at individual Scilons - however, be sure you are aware of any local laws and/or by-laws regarding harassment.
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="4"]AnonyNEWS stonk![/SIZE][/COLOR]


    AnonyNews still needs more willing native speakers for the news. We have enough german speakers, but they can only pronounce "Wiener Schnitzel" correctly.
  4. JohnB2008 Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    The video starts off okay, but then it sounds like it has been dubbed over by a female British speaking girl, who doesn't really have a voice for radio; no offence.

    I love the usual German girl. What's going on ?
  5. PreOne Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    if you guy need a male voice i can supply it and add random accents if you wish. it'd be a good way for me to become involved deeper in the movement as well as to stay informed on anon news. pm if interested. good reporting by the way. :)
  6. PresidentShaw Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    As I have no internet temporarly, anonynews is a great way to catch up.

    Thanks for that.
  7. Mutante Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    Awesome again. Awesome always. Permission to sit on my face: granted.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    Thanks, good way to ketchup.
  9. Rockyj Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    TOO Awesome! I that you also added male Anon's & LOVE those accents! (though Fem Anon is better as far speaking more clear, sorry guys!)
    BTW, I have a very deep gravel gurdy voice (I sound like a cross between Janis Joplin, Rod Stewart & Kim Carnes) & if you ever need a English but with a Native American "rez" accent voice over let me know! LOL!
  10. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    Great stuff, thanks for doing this.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    I didn't have any problems.

    They say they are looking for more presenters.

    I am unable to record voice well, but I think it would be suitable to use text-to-speech software and dub over previously recorded meat bodies in front of the green screen before new backgrounds are added. I assumed that was the way it was being done already. (it always looks great btw)
  13. Tofuman666 Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    Love these reports.
  14. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    Awesome stuff Anonynews!
    All the Best

  15. Whorr Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    I'd be willing to lend my voice. Texan here, only a slight accent, but I do use y'all all of the time. xD
  16. Lady.Nonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    That would be great. :) PM me your GoogleMail and I'll invite you to GoogleWave, in which we edit our news.
  17. RedHeron Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    For your approval and viewing pleasure... something new for this?

    If it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but I thought you San Jose fags might appreciate something. PM me if you need anything else produced.

    EDIT: I failed... the attachment didn't work. NEXT!
  18. RedHeron Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    Try #2... attachmentfail on the last post, sorry.
  19. RedHeron Member

  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    i cant acces this file :S
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.7 (February 13th - 19th)

    Why not?

    I just tried it. You have to be patient for however many seconds, and it is in PDF format (free Adobe Reader, or there are other FOSS applications to read it if you want to research them out).

    But the download is working and the file does open after the download, so I'm not sure what the issue is.
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