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    AnonyNews 10.10

    [SIZE="4"]Stalemate at a close, man all harpoons.[/SIZE]


    The United States is having an epic week of win. First up, a New York Times front page article entitled "Breaking With Scientology" exposes Scientology abuses featuring Christie and Chris Collbran, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, and the one and only Tommy Davis. In it the practices of disconnection and forced abortions, the RPF, staff abuse in the Sea Org, and the Billion Year Contract are all discussed. This seems to have set off a chain reaction of epicness, with discussions on Scientology from ABC radio, NBC, and AOL News, to TIME Magazine deciding to repost their "Cult of Greed and Power" article on their website, to remind us that they were the OP. Truly, this is the beginning of the end.

    [SIZE="4"]Former Rugby player Joe Reaiche accuses Scientologists of abuse[/SIZE]


    The australian HeraldSun writes:

    Several Australians have spoken out for the first time about their experiences with the church, accusing it of forced abortions, holding slave labor camps and exploiting child workers.

    Former rugby league player Joe Reaiche told ABC's Four Corners program that he was coerced into spending $400,000 on spiritual books and being paid just $20 a week as an employee.

    He also accused the organisation, which counts Tom Cruise and John Travolta among its members, of preventing contact between him and his children after his expulsion in 2005.

    'The Today Show' Reports on Scientology [/SIZE]


    Following the New York Times' report on Christie Colbran's experiences in Scientology, "The Today Show" with Matt Lauer had Christie on for an exclusive interview. Prior to her interview, there was a segment describing Scientology's policies of forced abortions, even referring to their practices as "mind control." Epic. Win.

    [SIZE="4"]ABC's Four Corners - Scientology: The Ex-Files[/SIZE]


    Last monday ABC broadcasted a great documentary on Scientology, the Sea Org and the RPF. In it Ex-Scientologists and Ex-Sea Org members tell their story on how they became Scientologists, what they experienced in the cult and how they escaped them. Tommy Davis tries his best to make Scientology look good in the interview, but only makes them look more rediculous and/or dangerous. The documentary features Joe Reaiche, James, Liz and Fiona Anderson, Claire and Marc Headley, Laura DeCrescenzo, Hana Eltringham Whitfield and Peta O'Brien.
    To view this, visit the ABC website or watch it on YouTube.

    [SIZE="4"]Senator Xenophon calls to pickets outside Australian Parliament [/SIZE]


    After attending the Anti-Cult conference in Australia last week, Senator Xenophon now calls to picket infront of the Australian Parliament on wednesday and thursday this week.

    On the website of ABC News he is quoted "I think if we can get a group of people out the front of Parliament House and actually eyeball the politicians and knock on their doors on Wednesday and Thursday it would be very powerful."

    [SIZE="4"]VM's steal liquid from Haiti hospital[/SIZE]


    Watch in disgust as one of Scientology’s clueless “volunteer minsters”

    in Haiti, a young girl named Ellen Bennett, boasts about stealing water-filled bags from a radiology room to distribute as drinking water.

    While the water itself was not irradiated, when she removed the bags she stole vital equipment from a hospital, and in case these bags were used as a radiation shield, as it is rumored on the internet, she made the radiology unusable.

    Wise Beard man says on his blog Xenutv, the bags could also have been other vital supplies:

    Stopped in at the Urgent Care Facility across the street during my midshift “lunch” break and since things were slow, the radiologist was willing to chat with me….it’s more likely, due to damage to normal storage areas, the room was being used to store lactated Ringer’s solution, which is used for large-volume fluid replacement in trauma emergencies. Or possibly D5W, a 5% dextrose solution in water used for people with low blood sugar or high sodium levels.

    If it was Ringer’s drinking it shouldn’t hurt anyone, but the lack of it during a emergency trauma situation would definately be a problem.

    She is of the opinion that anybody taking hospital supplies without permission in an emergency situation, no matter how helpful they think they are being, should be tossed in jail and the key thrown away. No matter what was in the bags.

    [SIZE="4"]"Scientology Putting Lives At Risk"[/SIZE]


    Professor Patrick McGorry, a world-renowned mental health expert who was recently named Australian of the Year, has come out against Scientology, siding with Senator Nick Xenophon in requesting a senate inquiry into the Cult of Scientology. Good on you, Professor.

    [SIZE="4"]"Battlefield Earth" awarded worst movie of the decade[/SIZE]


    Now it's official. At the 30th Annual Golden Raspberry Awards "Battlefield Earth" has won 8 out of 10 Razzies, including one for worst drama.

    [SIZE="4"]AOL News: New Allegations Cap Bad Year for Scientology[/SIZE]


    After the New York Times Article AOL News also published an article about the recent situation of the Cult of Scientology. The interesting part in this Article are the numbers. It say on the AOL News Page:

    "According to the American Religious Identification Survey, 45,000 Americans identified themselves as Scientologists in 1990, and 55,000 did in 2001. But in 2008, that number plummeted to 25,000. It's well short of the millions of followers Scientology leaders claim, both in the United States and abroad, where the church often is not officially recognized alongside other religions."


    "If that trend continues, Scientology isn't likely to survive many of our lifetimes -- let alone the billions of years the church promises its "immortal" adherents."
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]WISE LEAKS[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    An XBOX HUEGE amount of WISE instructional documents, Contract Samples, and Handbooks have been leaked this week.

    First examinations of the instructions and manuals by the News Team show that Hubbard's 'Administrative Know How Tech' is no magic. Lots of documents cover crude basics of project management and process optimisation in step by step orders for dummies, encrypted in Scilon lingo. It needs 10 pages scilon-speak to reach the point. For example: When overworked, you work too much. Work less!

    Also interesting are the documents on WISE Royalty Payments, or the legal advice on how to avoid law suits by employees, also included in the package.

    [SIZE="4"]COS in the UK 'instructed' to withdraw flyer[/SIZE]


    The Advertising Standards Authority has responded to a complaint about the content of one of Scientology's handouts, specifically, regarding stress tests being available for a limited time. The ASA has instructed Scientology to remove this claim; if you see any leaflets still claiming this, be sure to inform the ASA immediately.

    Youth For Human Rights Representative Meets With Dead Senator[/SIZE]


    Youth For Human Rights Representative Meets With Dead Senator
    In an astonishing demonstration of Scientology's abilities, a recent press release revealed that members are able to contact the dead. Spurred by concerns of youth violence in Boston, Youth For Human Rights representative Kelly Riley reportedly met with Senator Ted Kennedy's office. A recent press release claims that Ms.Riley and Kennedy's office had a lengthy discussion about implementing the Scientology front groups lesson plans in to Boston and other Massachusetts schools.

    The problem is, Senator Kennedy's office is now located at Arlington National Cemetery, where the Senator has resided since dying of brain cancer in 2009.

    [SIZE="4"]Actor Jason Lee is Out Ethics for the Gays[/SIZE]


    Actor Jason Lee is Out Ethics for the Gays
    Scientologist Jason Lee was supporting low-tone homosexuals and their civil rights this week at Manifest Equality, which brings together GLBT artists in support of equal rights. We wonder if he knows about Scientology's views on homosexuals. Has he been shielded from such knowledge, or is he headed to Celebrity RPF?

    [SIZE="4"]Tommy Davis Two Years of Fail Compilation Video[/SIZE]


    It has been two very, very long years for the cult. Whenever the shit hit's the fan, the hero of Anonymous, Tommy Davis, was there to make it even worse.

    This thread is about making a video to commemorate the huge amount of fail Tommy Davis has brought to the table. A compilation video detailing his contradictions, lies, footbullets, and mad raving from the last two years. If you want to help with this idea check out the thread.

    [SIZE="4"]"Kids in the California Central Coast are Getting Narconon Education on Drugs"[/SIZE]


    ... says a Press release found on hoodnla by Narconon Vista bay.

    Quote: Ongoing partnerships were formed with the Santa Cruz County Sherrifs Department, the Santa Cruz County Meth Project, and Pajaro Valley Unified School District.


    Narconon kicked off by delivering drug education seminars to approximately 1,000 school children in a three day period. It is continuing with invitations being made to all local schools in the area to have drug education a part of their student experience.

    If this should be true, anonymous recommends to explain the true nature of this frontgroup of Scientology to the Sherrifs department, the meth project and the school district.

    [SIZE="4"]Right to Life organization upset over Scientology coerced abortions[/SIZE]


    Right to Life organization upset over Scientology coerced abortions
    Several Christian websites took on the coerced abortion tech within the sea org this week. Articles found on the Illinois Right to life blog as well as on lifesitenews, catholicexchange and the christianportal called the scientology policy "a horrifying form of abuse that goes on very prevalently"

    [SIZE="4"]CCHR at LibDem Spring Conference (UK: Birmingham)/[/SIZE]


    This week, it was revealed that the CCHR were due to have a stand at the Liberal Democrats spring conference in Birmingham, UK. Anonymous responded to this news immediately, sending harpoons to local representatives of the party, as well as various media organisations. The result? A few days later, an e-mail was received from the conference team, stating that the CCHR will no longer have an exhibit.

    [SIZE="4"]A challenger appears - HotGuysWithGuyFawkesMasks[/SIZE]


    Two weeks ago, we brought you news of the "Hot chicks with Guy Fawkes masks" blog. This week, we are pleased to be able to reveal it's counterpart, "Hot guys with Guy Fawkes masks." Now, whatever your preference, your tastes will be catered for.

    [SIZE="4"]London European Megaraid - Date discussion and planning[/SIZE]


    London is planning a new European summer Megaraid. Dates and themes will be discussed in the planning thread. This would be the Second Summer Megaraid in London, after the first on june 11th 2009 which attracted over 100 Anonymous from all over europe, and ended in long party night in the center of london. Planning is still in its early stages, but the thread is already very promising.
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    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Before we move to our new section, the protest forecast, lets take a look what happened last week.[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    On the US west coast, Anons in San Jose interviewed an Ex Scientologist and even got their picture twittered by a passers by. Furthermore, they’ve proven they can dance. Sacramento Anons have also proven they can dance, which can be seen on YouTube. In Tustin several Vulture Minister shirts, which originated in London, could be spotted. There was also an undercover Scilon that tried to interrogate them. Los Angeles encountered a lot of Sea Org members, but were supported by Torry Magoo and Graham Berry on site.

    In central US serious business was held in Minneapolis, accompanied by speeches and followed by a flashraid at the local Org. Nashville partied hard with their new fags and had great support from the public for their cause. Chicago Anons protested despite the rain and massively distributed flyers to the many passers by.

    The east coast had to fight with really bad weather. New York had hurricane like winds, but a bunch of Anons protested none the less and even had a wannabe sneaky Scientologist trying to take their pictures. Atlanta had everything from rain to hail and sunshine. The most strangest yet epic cake for L.Rons birthday was sighted here. In remembrance of Elli Perkins death, Anonymous in Buffalo protested in the cold wind and rain. Clearwater Anons not only had handlers, but also had a strange TV team along for the protest, which was the longest protest ever held by local Anons.


    Canadian Anons in Montreal had to deal with an assault on a harmless camera holding Anonymous. The man attaking complained about having his picture taken and wanted to call the police on them. Luckily nothing worse than a bit shoving and a lot of yelling happened. More on this can be found on WWP.


    In the UK and Ireland there have been some raids, despite the cold weather. Few Anons and less Scilons could be spotted in Belfast. Also good to know that the Org seems to be closing down. Anons in Cork held a three day raid and Manchester celebrated L. Rons birthday with caek, music and enturbulation. London Scilons were presented with a cake and card for Hubbards birthday. Both were accepted with a „thank you“, despite massive enturbulation. Cult Busters could be seen at site.


    In Germany the cold and wet weather lessend the number of Anons out on the street. None the less, Hamburg was out with the Cult Busters, despite the great outfits no Handler showed up. Duesseldorf Anons held a birthday protest for Ron at the local Org with music and dance. The raid in Munich was moved to the currently open CCHR exhibition.

    Further north, the swedish Anons in Stockholm successfully informed the public with massive flyer distribution.


    Last but not least, Anons in Sydney, Australia, raided for the lulz and also got a lot of passers by to sign a petition in support of the inquiry Senator Xenophon is currently trying to call upon Scientology.

    Good protest conditions all across the globe last week.

    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Conference "People without any rights within the system of L. Ron Hubbard" in Hamburg[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    The Workgroup Scientology of the Hamburg Ministry of the interior invites the public and Anonymous to another Symposium on Scientology. This time it is centered on the fate of people within the organisation under Hubbard to Miscavidge.

    The two day conference will take place form March 26th to March 27th in Hamburg.

    Like 2008 there will be very interesting Special guests like Hana Withfield and Jesse Prince, both high ranking defectors, who will talk about the early years and Miscavidges rise to power. Bruce Hines another ex-scientologist and former Sea Org Member will talk about his life within the sea org, total control and the role of celebrities within the cult. Blown for good author Mark Headly will talk about the Situation of the Cult today, and the Working conditions within the cult.

    Wilfried Handl, former chief of Scientology Austria and Markus Stuckenbrock, Brother of the recently deceased Uwe Stuckenbrock will add their personal Stories to complete the picture.

    One of the highlights will be a Speech by representatives of the Federal Commissioner of the Documents of the secret police of the former German Democratic Republic with the title:

    "People without rights in a ideologically closed systems - a comparison"

    AnonyNews will be on site to record the event and do several interviews with the guests.

    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]French three strikes law Hadopi (Haute Autorité pour la Diffusion des Oeuvres et la Protection des Droits sur Internet) has no effect on content sharing.[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    The French three strikes law against possible fileshares on the internet, that was highly appreciated by the Media content Industry in Europe seems to have had no effect. Independent surveys show that Peer2Peer sites are less frequently used, but the use of filehosting sites and downloads from free video streaming platforms has dramatically increased.

    All in all the surveys show that the law had the opposite effect than intended; there has been a total increase in file sharing of 3% since the law has been implemented.

    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Everything Else[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    To all those insurgents among you, the partyvan has come back and is finally updated to a usable level.

    [COLOR="RoyalBlue"][SIZE="4"]New /xenu/ board [/SIZE][/COLOR]


    Looking for an imageboard where you can post your Chanology related stuff? Look no more! Rockstarchan has installed a /xenu/board for for Chanology use.

    Just go to

    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Tool of the week - Audacity[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    Audacity is a freeware cross plattform recording tool, it is easy to use, supports the editing of sound files and exports recorded sound files in many target formats.

    It is especially useful to record voicefiles for video Voiceovers.
  4. Lady.Nonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Did You Know?[/COLOR][/SIZE]


    David Miscavige was teased as a child for his inability to play various sports. He claims it was due to his asthma and allergies, which were later allegedly "cured" by Scientology. Others suggest it was just because he's a bloody dwarf.



    If you don´t know how to do stuff, look for tutorials on youtube. Normally, you can find tutorials on everything there, from how to tie your shoes to the female orgasm.

    There are also some tutorials on this channel, about video making essentials and color keying.
  5. stc Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Thanks for putting these shows together, they're helpful.
  6. STC_SOCk2 Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Thanks, these shows are all fucking awesome.

    I'm not really fond of the name anonynews - it's kinda gay, but apart from that, it makes me very Tone 40.
  7. pooks Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Great work. Thanks so much.
  8. grumpus Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Thanks for covering the VM story. Ellen Bennett has (lol) DMCA'd all the youtube copies of her blabbling. Her full video is available on rutube, though.

    [ame=]Scientology Volunteer Minister Babbles about Haiti :: ????? ?? RuTube[/ame]
  9. Lady.Nonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Oh, I think I forgot to mention the special at the end of part 2. Here's a little preview from the preproduction. ;-)


    (Part 2 seems to have some encoding problems.. :-/ )
  10. JessieX Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Hi guys! Loved the "weather report" twist on the raiding. Would be cool if you actually did them like they do on the news^^ also the guy dancing on the left is HOOTTTT. Make sure not to forget norway^^
  11. urbanhawk Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    i am still liking these news reports of yours. One thing i want to point out though is keeping your audio consistant throughout the news report. For example look at the difference between the audio of the wise leaks and "COS in the UK 'instructed' to withdraw flyer" sections of the news report you can see what i mean. You also got those minor sections in between each artical where the audio goes away for a moment while swiching between the two and then comes back. You should work on minimizing that as well, perhaps fading the audio instead for those sections to make a nicer transition in sound at least.
  12. Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Great work team. The AnonyNews is something I look forward to seeing everytime I get on WWP.

    I can't wait for the next one.
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    I bet. Way up that tone scale, heh? Word clear AnonyNews, pls
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Lady.Nonymous Member

  16. anon0004 Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Yes you are right, there are some minor quality issues.

    It is a community project over 3 continents and at least 6 diffrent timezones, it is difficult to coordinate everything together.

    I am quite happy we made it thus far.

    Especially the voiceover is more difficult than it looks, there are many factors like the quality of microphone or background sounds that come in here, that produce noise which is difficult to edit out or to get on a consistent level throughout the video.
    Its also Time consuming. The recording as well as the editing.

    But you have a point and we´ll see what we can do.

    (I´m also sorry for my bad english in the Withdraw flyer section)
  17. Rockyj Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

  18. anonsparrow Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    I like the pictures.
  19. TypingChimp Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    I don't know what was lulzier: The news, the cracks in the armor of the cult that were covered in this issue, or the cover of "Gay Bar" by Electric Six. I take that back. The cover of "Gay Bar" was the lulziest. I literally lol'd. Excellent work.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    You guys do a lot of work every week to condense the big stories into a digestible length for people who can't follow the forums. Don't let the very minor sound thing be discouraging. AnonyNews is a valuable service, and people understand it's done by volunteers on their spare time. Your production values are already very good, and nobody expects you to be a professional media outlet.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    thank you, anonynews. very helpful.
  22. WagTheWog Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10


    2i28nma.jpg v4phr5.jpg
  23. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

  24. RightOn Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Anony News is just plain great
  25. sheeple Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    AnonyNews is awesome!

    As much as I think I'm keeping up with the news, I've been educated by every single issue.

    Keep on keepin' on plx!
  26. Rockyj Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Thought that was TOO funny too!
    I am in awe each time!
  27. theLastAnon Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Thanks for this. Watching them every week.
  28. Mutante Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Lovin' the images you post with the text summary :D
  29. Stalin Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Will AnonyNews chick marry me?
  30. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Manybe not, but maybe post pictures in the dome
  31. Stalin Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    I already posted my giant hairy nipple :(

  32. Shinythings Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    fucking cool, as usual
  33. PreOne Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    lulz at hearing myself so awkward :p. waiting for the next one. glad to see everyone likes what we're trying to do. :)))
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    what happened with the scientology news they wanted to put up? i thought they wanted to start a counter move? hmm. seems like we can conquer the world without anyone fighting back.

  35. anon0004 Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Well I see it as team training.

    They have annonced thier own Internet news, and it can´t be bad to exercise for the challenge
  36. Lorelei Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Another excellent AnonyNEWS video. TY!

    I LOL'd.

    Well done, GENTLEMEN.
  37. Gruezi Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    okay guys.
    we have: some people who do the voice.
    we have: some people to do some shoops.
    we have: some people strolling through wwp searching for newsworthy threads.
    we have: some people to correct grammar and spelling mistakes.

    we dont have: ^enough of those^
    we dont have: nearly any people to actually write the news

    so if you are in any kind of way able to read and kind of understand the first three posts of a thread and are able to copy paste the essential sentences out of it you are welcome to join the news.
  38. Lorelei Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    I WAS marveling at the variety of accents the AnonyNEWS talking heads were pulling off. :)

    You can PM me scripts for Grammar Nazi-ing. (Do you want me to GN the above scripts?)

    If I get my input mic and Audacity or Total Recorder werkin', I may be able to read some stuff for you and send it off in an MP3. Was not able to help with a prior singing project due to technical difficulties and a tight schedule (sorry, Wag The Wog), so that second bit may take some tinkering on my end to get going.

    P.S. Murphy offers to be spokesferret and do some go-go dancing, which strikes me as remarkably useless for your purposes. So you can write him off as a useless fertgot.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    Three and a half stars. Will read again.
  40. WhiteNight Member

    Re: AnonyNews 10.10

    nnneeeeeeddddd moarrrrr AnonyNews!

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