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  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Here we go again... *sigh*

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  3. anDarkangel Member

    i know its alot to view, but it is necessary to understand the bigger picture . Sorry its so much ,but i could never put this in words ,im no writer and if i was it had to write a novel that would be verry thick . (i guess)
    :)yeah ,we live in a strange fucked upp world , but there is good also , anonymous all of uss can make a difference .
    im not crazy, i am mad and sad for all the bad things going on . but i have hope in the power of all of us together ,but stil anonymous.
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  4. anDarkangel Member

    shhhhhh , dont . you not even had the time to see 1 /100 and think about it .
  5. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I understand the frustration, lots can be done without anonymity though, lots of sites for grass-roots protests etc. So not like scilontology eh. ;)
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  6. anDarkangel Member

    na not like that shittie bunch ;)
  7. RavenEyes Member

    Can this be a new meme PLEASE?!
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  8. anDarkangel Member

  9. Woogirl
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  10. Enturbulette Member

    Sorry but this shit is a lot more real, and sinister. This is a Nobel prize winning physicist, speaking on March 28, 2014 telling it like it is right now - chips have been developed by the military that can erase memories, and implant false ones. Scientists have actually figured out how to film and take snapshots of dreams. yes, our dreams. There is a lot more. You have to have the patience to wade through this nerd's terrible jokes and arrogance, to listen to what he is announcing to the world. It deeply sucks.

  11. incog712 Member

    One persons shittie bunch is another persons death trap.

    There's a lot in this world worth going up against. So much that's it's all too easy to get sidelined just by the overwhelming madness of it all. Best bet, take a good look at your own talents and abilities. Pick a target that works for you and apply those talents in whatever way you feel you can do the most good. Stick to it. Keep it legal but be relentless and you can make a real difference.
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  12. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  13. LOL FEMA Camps and Illuminati..

    Nobody here is retarded enough to go after fictional bullshit. Fuck out of here moonbat and take your bullshit conspiracy fairy tales with you.

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    Here is one action Anonymous can make! Demand China free Pu Zhiqiang for memorializing Tiananmen! Here are two takes on the tragedy on 4 June 1989, which took the lives of 300 Chinese civilians. Dui Hua says the military shot the demonstrators, while Sinomania says there were no deaths in the square. Either way, this needs a memorial in Beijing, China. Can Anonmous, in June 3-5, black out,,, www,,, and, with the protest, "Remember Tiananmen!," "Free Pu Zhigiang!," "Long Live A Free, Democratic China!," and "Build A Tiananmen Memorial in Beijing!"? How about this for a protest? It will be great! I tried to ask Global Times, that China should remember this incident, and they banned my post! This shows how pig-headed China's government is. Sorry for the long message.
  15. anDarkangel Member

    i know this man , seen alot vids from him . he a smart funny man . i like him .
    thanks .
  16. Sorry about this. Can I put mine in a China post? Thanks!
  17. anDarkangel Member

    China ? he aint from there bro .
  18. anDarkangel Member

    thats true , but it made a reaction by you(and others) and thats what i wanted .
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  19. System Member

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  20. TruthBeT0ld Member

    I believe anonymous number one goal should be the 1% and figuring out how to get to much money out of to few hands. ...bring the power back to us, the people. With that being said. Im willing to go with anyone that is willing to be a part of this. Thanks .
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  21. anDarkangel Member

    The power is ours , we have only see it and feel it , then we are more then anything . we "anonymous " the people of the world that hate dictators in anyway or form , bullies are also a sort of dictators , ists not what we want . we want a TRUE WORLD , where we all can say and do what we love . and becouse there are so many little hitlers in the world (in any form )
    we will be ANONYMOUS and fight all in are own way and as ONE for others who need help , just becouse we are HUMAN.
    WE CARE .
    I DO .
    im ANONYMOUS .
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  22. nevarmore Member

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  23. anDarkangel Member

  24. Sir Double Member

    Sooooooo.........when do we set things on fire?
    Sir Double
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  25. The Internet Member

    Sorry but no. Key word is “the future."

    Michio Kaku likes to say exciting futuristic things, maybe for the lulz or maybe for the cash.
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  26. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi guy. Here we are again.
  27. RavenEyes Member

    2 out of 3 posts you've made since joining are about arson.

    Enjoy your v&.
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  28. DeathHamster Member

    Be the change you want to see in the world. DIAF.
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  29. I love whenever these subjects come up, the "paint them crazy" angle gets thrown up.
  30. The Internet Member

    What claim is being wrongly painted as crazy?
  31. You can start with yourself. Faggot.


    People who believe in NWO/FEMA shit/Illuminati/9-11-01 Conspiracies/Zeitgeist shit aren't crazy. They are seriously misguided and pig headed because they don't want to admit they are believing in fiction. Using Occam's Razor dismisses 99% of their claims. The 1% is a fact wrapped in a sea of shit.

    Look, there is nothing wrong with being skeptical. However, these people make shit up and believe in fairy tales. They won't change or acknowledge counter-facts even when empirical data says they are absolutely wrong.

    Long story short: Being skeptical means accepting and acknowledging you are wrong when the evidence supports it. Something these moonbats refuse to do.

    These obsolete and disproved "Conspiracy theories" should never come up nor be taken even remotely serious.
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  32. Twinkle Member

    "These obsolete and disproved "Conspiracy theories" should never come up nor be taken even remotely serious."

    Not even the ones about the dreaded Illuminatti?
  33. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I think we handle moonbats as moonbats should be handled. Keep in mind some moon bat theories turn out to be true. Let me think of and example……uh….
    Here is a medical example. Doctors knew that ulcers were caused by Type A personalities and when a researcher suggested it was due to bacteria he was laughed out of conferences. Turns out he was right.
    Some of the FEMA stuff is correct as seen when we got the government plans for FEMA camps during civil unrest with plans for dissidents.
    Illuminati- I got nothing.
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  34. The major point to remember though in those cases is that they were proven right because of empirical data and unbiased research.

    Not this "DERP! I'm a faggot moonbat! Imma post a J00Tube video and write a blog of all this bullshit facts some faggot moonbat got off another faggot moonbat who was a janitor in Buttfuck, Montana that got supah sekret dox out of a military base in Europe! He never left his worthless post or Buttfuck, MT but majically got his hands on these dox! Oh and he probably wrote them too in a trance while high Jenkining!"

    FEMA stuff? Let me put it this way: Most moonbats get their small dicks mangled up over the fact FEMA had plans for all sorts of probable scenarios. From some retard country nuking us all the way down to a full blown retard alien invasion. One plan being the possibility that the Gov would have to detain terror suspects on US soil or the possibility of insurrection and dealing with ways to prevent loss of civilian life should some fucktards go full retard. (ie: Bundys and their faggotry out in Utah)

    That isn't "ZOMG! Tinfopil hat time NAO!". That is "Planning for a possibility (that may or may not actually happen realistically) and not waiting for shit to hit the fan then be caught with your pants down".
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  35. Zero Divided Member

    If I am wrong - then I am wrong. You are right about the media, the bullshit it portrays, and how twisted and misleading it can be if one believes it. Again, you are right to state belief is based on fact and not "concockted" bullshit. It was not my intention to make a claim without having "evidence that supports it". I will lurk moar, read posts, and threads prior to making a claim based on "skeptical and biased research". It is not so bad to listen and learn from a cantankerous asshole ramble about the 10" penis theory.
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  36. anDarkangel Member

    FairyTales? metal that melts and stay melting for 3 weeks ? You do know your stuff i see , so you proberly can melt gold with your breath huh? ya ya i see how smart you are , mister big mouth .
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  37. bAnon Member

    anDarkangel, you are my new anHero

    I just can't quit you.

    Don't stop believing. Hold on to your dreams.
  38. Rickglass Member

    *walks in*

    Oh hey what's going on in-


    OH NO

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  39. dwest Member

    For me its Scientology first, Logan River second and OpSafeWinter come this fall.

    Everyone is different but I want my energy devoted where it helps real people in need now.
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  40. anDarkangel Member

    Thats all i do , this anDarkangel . Im your anHero , may i be your anHero?

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