Anonymous VS Sony: Sony Attacks YouTube Viewers

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Can someone explain 'chilling effect' to Herro?
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. slobeck Member

    Sony has gone down the footbullet route before. Remember this little gem? Sony BMG rootkit scandal This whole thing seems a little like more of the same. TBH, this type of shit seems to me to be far more relevant to Anonymous' efforts to support freedom of information than those stupid faggots at the WBC.
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  4. TheAnonFu Member

  5. Unpacker Member

    sony r just making more ennemies cuz of their bad decisions...attaking peoples privacy is craziness ..
    The number of hackers is increasing every day so better for sony , making a secured hombrew or just make a new console with daily update, hhhh
  6. ruben Member

    i heard that you guys are taking down sony playstation network.......
    is this true?
    if it is true than you guys are not just bothering sony but also alot of people around the world.....
    i mean i wanna play online :(
    if it is not true and it is just sony than i ask to go hack harder (but pls do not mess with playstation network).
    hope it will be over soon.
  7. Anonymous Member

    So basically you want people to fuck up a company but you still want to use its products. Wow, what a hypocrite.
  8. TheAnonFu Member

    ugh i want to play black ops soo much right now! but i gotta fight it we have to prove our point (ruben quit qqing u pussy lol :3) herp derp play with ur ps2 or wii or something derp herp
  9. TheAnonFu Member

    i mean unless if there is any other way to prove our point? like just hackin the people high up in the company or something but if there is nothing else then i understand
  10. jaguar17 Member

    i just want to play online so if you guys want to prove a point can you just find a quicker way because ive been doing research and this sounds like its going to be a long battle. Honestly i dont care who wins or loses i just want to play online. (So BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  11. Anonymous Member

    Well I guess if you really give so much of a shit about this you could throw out your PS2, your PS3, and every other Sony product you own. I'm just saying, if you are going to commit to something silly like this, at least do it balls out and not in a lame fag way where you want to both bite and eat from the same hand.
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  12. Anonymous Member

    I think just getting out the message that it's a faggoty corporation will do harm to their business, as people will start to get a bad association with their name, and will start buying from their competitors.
  13. goddamn I was waiting for someone to say it. God forbid you can't play video games for a few days....JESUS CHRIST what is happening to the world??
  14. Anonymous Member

  15. Anonymous Member

  16. Herro Member

    Hey guys, fail harder.
  17. Loki's spawn Member

    Don't fail when you're hard. Use Viagra.
  18. shit man, I need at least 300 mg!!
  19. Zak McKracken Member

    I've always found it more satisfying to play "Black Ops" on my PS3 than through hacking the gibson or going out IRL.
  20. Char. Limit Member

    I don't own a PS3. So I don't care. Hack away, faggots!
  21. A Challenger Member

    lol, who else thinks this will be about as prosperous as that time we went up against scientology? oh whats that? you dont remember? exactly.
  22. Zak McKracken Member


    We got Jason Beghe out.
    And Paul Haggis. And Jett. Don't forget Jett!

    Only 2 million Scientologists left to convert.
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  23. Eedd Member

    You posted a message on You Tube saying you were fighting for the gamers and none of Anonymous actions would infringe on the gamer so what changed ???
    After serving my country proudly for 10 years and watching good friends die in places you couldn't spell. I couldn't disagree more with what your doing you are no different to Saddam or Osama. It's a shame you are all a bunch of spoilt kids and havn't had a taste of real life then perhaps you'd realise what lifes about and just get on with it.

    I understand your delete this post because god forbid someone speaks up against you but hey thats life so suck it up.
  24. Char. Limit Member

    Right, of course. Because a bunch of people who are making it so you can't play PSN is exactly equivalent to the guy who killed thousands of people in New York, or the guy who killed thousands of people in Iraq.

    It's clear where your priorities are when you make those two equivalent. Sony-obsessed much?
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  25. Eedd Member

    I think your missing the whole big picture it's not about being not able to play, it's about having your constitutional right to do something you want to do removed by another person. both Sadam and Osama views were the western world was corrupt so they were going to do something about it sound familiar. They both thought they had the right to do what they wanted be it kill, murder, terrorise or break the law. So where is the difference ?? You are terrorising and breaking the law no difference except they had the balls to do it openly and not hide behind some plastic mask.

    You decided what sony was doing was wrong, you decided you didn't like it, so took it on yourselves to act, hmm sounds simular to certain communist regimes around the world don't like what someone is doing so stomp it out.

    They both payed dearly for it and i'm sure you will too.
  26. Char. Limit Member

    Here's where the difference is, faggot. Saddam and Osama killed people. THOUSANDS OF THEM. Anon has... shut down a gaming network. Which by the way you do NOT have a constitutional right to play. If you did, you wouldn't have to PAY for it. Oh, and before you assume that WWP = hackers, guess what.

    WE'RE NOT.
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  27. Eedd Member

    Last time I looked I didn't pay to play my games sony don't charge for the service. Faggot lol didn't take long for the usual trash talk to start, whats up truth hurt :)
  28. Char. Limit Member

    You think faggot is trash talk? Lurk. Moar.
  29. Herro Member

    You clearly used it in an insulting way because you're buttfurious. By the way, eedd's comparing the basement dwelling skiddies to sadaam or osama is fucktarded. However he is right about one thing- trying to take down PSN is a total, self-serving dick move.
  30. slobeck Member

    word clear "hyperbole" (not that you'll have any fucking clue what "word clear" means since you've been a member for all of a few hours)

    And then get your facts straight. Coming on WWP and BAAAAWING about how "WE" took down PSN and how a network being down, preventing you from playing your stupid console, makes all of anonymous and WWP in particular JUST LIKE Osama Bin Laden is, as Herro so gently put it, FUCKTARDED. Acting like you're SURE Anonymous and further WWP is behind the PSN network because you heard somewhere that Anonymous was mad at Sony shows you to be lazy where getting informed is concerned.

    WWP did not take down your precious little PSN. Anonymous DID NOT take down your precious little network either. If you want Anonymous' OFFICIAL WORD. Read before you come in all guns blazing like you know what it's all about on your FIRST DAY on WWP.
  31. Nick_Nolte Member

    GeoHot alledgedly used a PS3 SDK to help hack the console. If that's the case he did break the ToS and should be sued to the fullest extent of the law. These dev kits are for developers ONLY who have to paid big money and signed contracts to get one, and use it strictly for the purpose of developing a game.
  32. slobeck Member

    and it would appear that Anonymous has a problem not only with sony's legal action but with the very idea of a term of service that prevents you from hacking something YOU OWN

    think the betamax controversy in the 80's where it was found that recording a tv show and passing it along to a friend was FAIR USE. funny how then it was Sony on the side of freedom of information
  33. sucker Member

    Sony needed the addresses of those who watched the video because it brought it's case under Californian Law. California states it's law cover any activity, conducted under any server, that was accessed in California. It brought this law in, to tackle the problem of people gambling/buying medication/etc from websites outside of California (and indeed the US). Anyone who reads newspapers, instead of conspiracy threads, could have told you this. Sony was simply trying to prove jurisdiction of the courts applied. Everything else is paranoia and childish fantasy.

    If you were to look at this from a independent viewpoint you would see that the damage done by jailbreaking the PS3 greatly outweighs any benefit. Sony's actions in prosecuting were actually in the public good, and your actions in attacking Sony for defending the games industry, have hurt innocent people. You can hide behind the pretense that you are on the side of "freedom", but the reality is that most people on this thread are biased by the greed of wanting to play games for free. Your greed has twisted your perspective.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Now for real this topics are talked evrywhere you what do want to do ? hack sony? than some starts blaming! leave them alone? others will blame ! so in the end it dosent matter what u do or dont its wrong...
  35. Anonymous Member

    fuck you anonymous hackers it's a fucking console why fucking hack a company just to piss everyone off?
  36. Anonymous Member

    Your "constitutional right"??? Oh please. Baawwww some more, faggot.

    Yeah because a bunch of fat kids can't play PS3 it's TERRORISM! MURDER!


    Hey genius - Sony is a Japanese corporation. Still butthurt about Pearl Harbour too? LOL!!
  37. Saintless Member

    Mate,i dont wanna be offencive towards you talkin about a piece of history thats nearly 60 years old wich your trying to make a point with is just sad,Come up with somthing new oke?
  38. Char. Limit Member

    Lurk moar. Then you might find out "why fucking hack a company".
  39. Anonymous Member

    Hey - it was Eeed dragging "commies" into it - I made the comparison deliberately - the notion of "commies" coming to take over is as retarded as being butthurt over Japans war tactics.

    It's all ancient history, the sort of shit the PS3 won't teach you.

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